The Winter Queen: The Life Of Elizabeth Of Bohemia Until Sun 4 ()ct. £3 (£2). An exltibition ofover 50 paintings frotit public aitd private collections celebrating the life of Elizabeth of Boltetnia.

Little Sparta Until Stiit 2‘) Nov. Photographs by Robtti Gillanders taken iii the garden of internationally-renowned artist Ian Hatnilton-Findlay. The show includes collaborative works between the two artists. including artists' books. posters. prints attd postcards. See review.


Downstairs bar. 45 ~47 |.othian Street. 225 63 I 3. Mon—Sun Ham—5pm.

Ann Russell ls Slattern Sun 2—Sutt 30 Atig. A selection of new images by Australian artist Atttt Russell.

NEW TOWN CONSERVATION CENTRE l3a Dundas Street. 557 5222. Mott-Eri ‘)am— I plli'. 2—5pm.

The Building Stones Of Edinburgh Until Mon 3I Aug. Ait exhibition which shows where the building stones used to construct the New Town area of Edinburgh originated froitt.

black and white oil paintings by Myron Stout. Producing ottly a small amount of work during his lifetime. he would work on sonic paintings for tett atid twenty years iii the pursuit of perfection itt form

Amorpheus Until Sun 2 Aug. (Caledottian Hall). Daily [0am-5pm Abstract paintings by Oliver Marsden. See review.

Revenge Of The Cereal Killers Until Sun l6 Aug. (Exhibition Hall). A major exhibition highlighting some of the world's ntost devastating plant diseases. Glass Until Sun 27 Sep. (Glasshouses: Open daily l0am—5pm). Site-specific contemporary glass works by twelve international artists. inspired by the Glasshouses of the garden. Artists include Inge Patteels. Joan Holdsworth. Colin Rennie. Mittako Sltirakura attd Alison McKane.

THE ROYAL EDINBURGH HOSPITAL The Link Gallery. Mortiingsitle Place. 22‘) 3555.

Fusion Until Tue 28 Jul. The results of a special arts project run by Kate Gray attd Dale Rowe.


75--7‘) Cumberland Street. 557 I020. Mon—Fri l()ant--6pttt; Sat l()am—4pm. Kirti Patel Until Thu 6 Aug. Contemporary jewellery.

Summer Show Until Thu 6 Aug. Mixed paintings attd sculpture by invited gallery artists.


2] St Leonard's Lane. 662 l(tl2.

Mott- Sat l()ams-5pm; Sttit noon—4pm. Feline Forms Tue 4 Aug—Sat 5 Sep. Tigers. cats attd liotts on oriental rugs featuring the Pao-Tu tiger of Cltitta. tiger skins of Tibet and much more.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPS). Patriotltall Sttidios. off 48 llatiiiltott Place. 225 I280.

Maggie Milne I‘I'I 24-Wed 2t) .lul. New work.

Alison Pidoux l‘ti 3| Jul~Wed l2 Aug. New paintings.


4.3 Candletttaker Row. 220 I‘)l I. Tue-Sat nooit--6pttt.

Lost Until Sat 25 Jul. Karen lttghaitt's new series of photographs explores our fears for the safety ofchildreit through tiny liglttbox works of abandoned childhood objects. contrasted with black attd white photographs of the artist's extended family.


23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue—Sat lllttltlr—(iplll.

Impressions Of Edinburgh Until Sat 25 Jul. Prints on the theme of Edinburgh by members of the workshop along with invited artists.


l5 Rtitland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon—Fri ‘)attt~5pttt.

Napier University - Students' Work Until I‘I'I 24 Jul. A display of work by students attettdittg the BA (Hons) Interior Design Architecture course.

RIAS Festival Exhibition 1998 - Virtual Environments Mott 3—Eri 28 Aug. Ait exhibition giving the visitor the chance to design their own buildings using software developed by Integrated Environment Solutions. Accompanying the show. are examples of buildings which have been designed using this technology.


lnverleith House. lnverleith Row. 552

7 I 7 l. Tue—Sun l()attt—5pm.

Indian Botanical Drawings 1790-1850 Until Sun 26 Jul. Over 70 drawings from the garden‘s extensive collection on show for the first time front the garden's extensive collection. to mark the 50th anniversary of Indian independence. Myron Stout Until Sun 26 Jul. Early landscape studies. drawings itt pencil and

ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION Bakehouse Close. I46 Canongate. 556 669‘). Mon—Sun l lam—4pm.

The Scottish Parliament Architectural Competition Sat l—Sun 30 Aug. An exhibition of models attd drawings highlighting the international talent attracted by the cotttpetitiott to design a new Scottish Parliament.


The Pelican Gallery. I I.aut‘istott Place. 22‘) 3555.

Poems By Prescription Until Wed 29 Jul. Contemporary Scottish poetry created iii collaboration with graphic

design students front Edinburgh

College of An attd Glasgow School of All.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. I00 Princes Street. 225 I501. Daily l()aitt—6pm.

Mirrors: Adrian Davidson Until Fri 25 Sep. ()riginal framed mirrors by Northern Irish artist Adrian Davidson.


The Mound. 225 667 l. Mott-Sat l()attt—5pm1Stiit 2»--5pm.

William Gillies Centenary Exhibition Sat l Aug—Sun II Oct. A major exhibition cotttittemorating the centenary of the birth of one of Scotland's fittest 20th century artists. Sir William Gillies. The show contains over 200 paintings. many of them being exhibited for the first time since the l‘)2()s and l‘)30s.


I6 Dundas Street. 558 I200. MU!)--I‘l‘l 10am—6pm; Sat l()attt-4pm.

Summer Exhibition Until Sat l Aug. Ait exhibition of early 20th century aitd contemporary Scottish paintings.

Porcelain Cargo Until Sat l Aug.

British. European attd Japanese porcelain.


23 Cockburn Street. 622 6200. Tue—Sat l()am—6pm. (Eestival ()pettings hours: Mon-Sat l()attt—8pm; Sun noon—5pttt). Be Prepared Until Sat l Aug. A series of large colour images by photographer John Duncan which focus on the urban environment around his Belfast home. Richard Prince Wed 5 Atig~Sat 26 Sep. A solo show of work by American artist Richard Prince. He incorporates found images attd appropriated texts ittto large two-ditttensional works which conjure up a sense of particular eras itt America's recent past.


IO Stafford Street. 226 58 l 2. Mon—Sat 9.30ant-6pm; Sun noon—5pm.

The Art Of The Mirror Mon 3-Star 30 Aug. Recent works by contemporary British designers and makers.


University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 650 221 I. Tue-Sat l()am—5pm. Intelligible Lies Until Sat 1 Aug. Paintings by Victoria Morton. Carol Rhodes attd Graeme Todd.


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon-Sat

I lam—6pm; Sat I0.3()am—4pm. Highlands And Islands Until Wed 5 Aug. Recent paintings by John Watlittg.


558 3717. Mon-Fri l()atitr-6pitt; Sat I0am-4pm.

Edinburgh Festival Exhibition Wed 5—Sutt 30 Aug. Glasgow's Ewan Mundy Fine Art ltave set tip a temporary gallery for the festival. showing some of the finest examples of I‘)tlt and 20th century Scottish paintings. Artists include Sam Bough. William McTaggart. EC.B. Cadell attd many more.



I42 Canongate. 52‘) 4 I43. Mott—Sat l()aitt—5pm. Packed with historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of Edinburgh‘s past aitd its people.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4142. Mon—Sun l()am—5pm. All manner of archive material attd old toys relating to childhood through the ages.


I63 Canongate. 52‘) 4057. Mon—Sat l()attt—5pttt. The sights. sounds attd even smells of Edinburgh folk front the l8th century onwards.


2 Chambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Mott-Sat l()am—5pm (8pm Tue): Sun noon—5pm. £3 (U50); children free.

Art 8t Industry Ati educational attd fun interactive gallery that features everything front an Elton John stage suit to at Charles Rettttie Mackintosh bookcase.

The Ivy Wu Gallery This pertitanent gallery features a superb collection of artworks front Cltitta. Japan aitd Korea. with costumes. ceramics. furniture attd prints.

Chinese Lacquer Until 28 Mar 1999. A display of Chinese Iacquerware. the earliest of which is tttore than 2000 years old.

Photographic Display Sat 25 Jul-4 Jan l‘)‘)‘). Photographs by Niall l-lettdt'ie documenting tlte construction of the Museum of Scotland.

Furniture Of The Future Until Wed 30 Sep. A display ofcontemporary furniture by Rod Chisholm and Helen McCoig.


20 Castle Terrace. 343 2840. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm.

The Scottish Telecom World Of Communications This fully interactive. permanent exhibition looks at the history ofcommunication. featuring everything frottt Morse Code attd old-style telephones to computerised displays.


Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4‘)0I. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland‘s most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burtts attd Sir Walter Scott.




Kirkbank House. ()I835 850734. Mon—Sun I0am—5pnt.

In Your Element Until Sun 26 Jul. A selling exhibition ofcorttentporary applied arts for the garden by over 30 makers front Scotland.


THE LINE GALLERY 238 High Street. 0|506 670268.

listings ART

Bay Trees And Gold Until Mon 3 Aug. Contentporary works by Kirsi Neuvonen front Finland arid Maria Korusiewiz front Poland.



35 The Stirling Arcade. (H786 47‘)36l. Tue-Sat l()attt—5.30pttt.

The Pedestrian Until Sat 22 Aug. A mixed media exhibition of work by Paul Carter. Alan Cun‘all. Moyra Derby. Kate Gray attd Steve Hollingsworth including video. large-scale photographs. neon ligltt sculpture. paiittittg attd soundworks.


& events



Lunchtime Lecture Sat 25 Jul. l2.3()pm. Free. Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove. A lunchtime lecture during Gallery Week. focusing on the Scrolls Front The Dead Sea exhibition.

Adrian Wiszniewski Sat 25 Jul. 3pm. Glasgow Print Studio. The artist talk about his current work on sltow at the gallery.

The New Scotland Thu 30 & Fn‘ 31 Jul. Street Level. A two-day event discussittg Scotland's future as it approaches the new Scottish Parliatttettt. focusing on the cultural. economic. social aitd political issues.


Summer School 1998 Until Eri 2I Aug. Edinburgh College of Art. 221 6000. A range of courses iii the disciplines of paitttiitg. sculpture. ceramics. bronze casting. life drawing. printmaking. calligraphy as well as new courses etttitled Sculpture ()ut ()fl)mir.s attd 'I’lte (it/lies 'I'rut/t'tt'mi. Call 22] 6I II for ntore information.

A Woman In A Bed Eri 24 Jul. l2.45—l.l5pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Siobltati Dougherty talks about Rembrandt's paitttittg.

Hell Mon 27 Jul. l2.45—l. I5pm. Natiottal Gallery of Modertt Art. Lovis Corinth‘s paittting is discussed by Kett Neil.

Self-Portrait Wed 29 Jul.

1245— l . I5pm. National Portrait Gallery. Duncan Thomson talks about Sir John de Medina's paitttittg.

The Young Ascanius Fri 31 Jul. l2.45—l. I5pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Thomas Campbell's painting is discussed by Helen Smailes.

Meet The Artists Sat I Aug. 2pm. Et'uitmarket Gallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. Sittith/Stewart talk about their exhibition of new video ittstallatiott work. on show at the gallery.

Mona Hatoum Mon 3 Aug. l2.45—I.15pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. A lecture given by Jessica Morgan.

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group presents Gilbert & Sullivan's

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8th - 18th August 1998 Chaplaincy Centre Fringe Venue 23 6.45pm Ask about ‘The Zoo’ ticket ofler Registered Charity No: scooozm

23 Jul-6 Aug 1998 THE usr so