I Room available 11) llaytttat‘kel Ilat. All tttod cons arid car parking space. Stitt young professional 1; I90 pent plus bills plus (‘ouncil Tax. olfxl 337 5760.

I Large room available now iii central lidinburglr gay flatshare. £150 pent + biIIs. ('all 01314780293anytime.

I Fine double room on |)undas Street available for students from Sept tllllll

l)ec June. I~lat includes

Ray burn. microw ave. power sltow el'. wood/stone lloot‘s etc. £220 pcm excl bills. please phone (iiles 0131 556 20.32.

I A large yellow room I\ available for rettt III a gay- fiteiidly household lll (Itirotrtitills. sharing w itli three women I‘ot short term tsumtiieri or long term. Reirt £210 pctn + bills. (‘ontact Kim on 013l 556 9868.

I Lesbian/gay friendly wotnan to share a comfy home with one other pltrs dog. Situated by the sea tit Pot'tobello. l‘ront attd back garden Mtist Itay e a friendly and mature outlook. £275 pcm incl bills + ('fl'ax. Please call .lackie013l 66‘) 2006.

I Attractive, bright, single room available I/S/‘IS tn shared flat treat I’iotantcs t(ioldenacret. liully furttislted. all mod cons. £187 pcm plus bills. no I)SS. 0l3l 5.52 0290.

I Double room to let in Iii'tmtsfield flat. sharing with one otlter atid two cats. £240 peiti + bills. Itrrmediate etrtry. (‘all 0131 229 5727 alter 6pm.

I Flatmate required for' large room iii stutrning. bright. spacious 'l‘ollcross‘ flat. All iitod cotis. Stiit youtrg professional or mature student/postgrad. £250+ bills. Deposit + references required. Phone 0131 529 .3980 day or 01.31 228 9675 eve.

I Single room available in friendly. sutitiy. central flat. Must be young profor post grad. Free parking. all tirod cotis. £180 pem plus bills arid (71‘. ('all 0-111 57-1 183.

I Friendly, easy-going females wanted for two large rooms lll sunny. spacious. New Town flat. available I Attgust atid I September. Suit prof/ postgrad. £170 pctii + bills + (‘otmcil Tax. Tel: 0131 557 5879.

I Marchmont Stttall double room itr bright flat. sanded floors. nrost mod cons to suit n/s prof or post grad. to share with one other. £210 pctrr plus (Wax. btlls atrd deposit. Available 2 September. 0131 229 3057.

I Friendly couple seek double room in student flat. Reasonably central. from early September onwards. (‘all litnma or I)ati 013l 22S 6473.

I Two friends looking for two rooms III a relaxed environment. Reasonably priced cetrtralislt area. Happy to share with anyone. as long as they enjoy a laif. Pltone 0131 555 4-167 and ask for Slretla or etnatl slreiladoctfl‘hotmailcom

I Double room in Polwarth area to share w itlt two females. Available fioitt l0 Atigttst £130 pcm plus ('fl'ax and bills. ('all

ttl‘sl 6220221.

I Room in large Blair Street flat for friendly. easy-going flattnate. Central heating + usual mod cons. lintry end of July. £250/iiionth + (TI‘ax. Tel: 0131 220 4082 after 6pm.

I City centre Sitigle t‘oottl. Blair Street. Would suit gay- friendly postgrad. To share with one other. Minutes frotn I'niversity. £240 per rnotrth. Available late July. TeI Keith 01.31 255 8856.

I Double room in lovely .‘ylarehmont flat to share with one other. All mod cons. Suit n/s professional. .-\vailable mid August. £250 pctii plus ('fl'ax. bills. deposit. (‘all 0131 447 37.30.

I Spacious, single room available iti very comfortable three bedroom flat ill Rosebut‘n. l‘ully fitted and furnished. £200 pent itrclttditig bills. No deposit. no l)SS. Suitable for students. tntitiediate entry. 01292 317094. I Room wanted l-‘rieirtlty- student seeks reasonably priced. reasonably sized rootii itr Tollcross/Bt'untsfield area ASAP. 01.31 22“ .3386 or 01963 673968 after July.

I Single room iii friendly New-iiigton flat. £165 pctn + shared bills + (‘ouncil Tax. Available mid Atigtist. Deposit required. Ring Jim 0131 220 52.52 days ot' 0 l .3l 667 069.3 evenings.

I Large room available in friendly. New Town flat. vegetarian. n/s preferred bttt not essential. £220 pcm plus deposit. Phone 01.3l 556 34-11.

I Gorgeous yellow room lll expatisiv e S l-Idinburgh Irouse

w ith large garden. sharing w ttli three others. (’hocolate cake tiiakttig/apprecration skills a definite advatitage. Rent £180 pcm pltts bills. Tel 0|3l 66-1 9575.

I Room available lll friendly. brightly painted. extremely central flathsare Washing machine. modest roof garden. large kitchen. sitting room. Rent £210 pcm r bills. Available 1 Aug. 0131 556 72-16.

I Bright, sunny double room ill spacious. Iiritttslield flat. sitting room. (i(‘Il etc. Share with friendly professional female. N/s only. Available mid August. Rent £225 pcm. (‘all 01312295835. I Single room available immediately in llaymarket flat. All tirod cons. £160 pcm plus bills. Tel liileen 01.31 .346 43-13. I Female required to share large flat with professional couple. .\ltt\l lllse cats. £240 pcm. no bills. deposit required Tel ttl3l .l7s 050s.

I Room available III large attd friendly lirutitsfteld flat throughout August atid beyond. £170 per month plus bills. Tel 0| .31 22S 970‘).

I Wanted Rooiir lll easy -gotng flat/house ttr west Iidtitbut‘glr or near city bypass. 23-year-old professional female. nort- smoker. (ll-l I 9-16.1S-13.


I Gay-friendly person returned for llat sltaie tti I'tle area free run of llat ()w ll tootrr {11; Pet \\ eels. flit l‘lll\. LIL'PU\II retitttied Tel 01592 2050-15 or



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