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Feline (Chrysalis) -:::- -£::-

'/ fur the goth rock revrval yet7 Enter 552a?! singer with Feline and '..-c,..‘ran with a penchant for many rnus1al trarts‘ ‘.‘.hic h were last sported by the i‘ii€?S of All About Eve Which sn't necessarily a bad thinc; The forced

randeir ‘n same sonds from this

9 debut albinn can be a bit tiring and the rather bland melancholy of ’Not What It Seems' doesn't do Feline any favours On the ether hand, ’Just As You Are' has boot) boiling chorus and, at tzrres, {zenwne atmosphere is more Ctr-greet than theatrics Likely to be

u .. we who read both Kerranc; an) fan/res cal'etl th:nc;s l:ke

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Midnight on Refine—"i: \L’or‘ffedand (Columbia) a 2'. ‘a"tast"

c cater concept,

'1' t, F 'i:l:n';, earnest 'ock . z‘ . °.' tidied, earnest lyr-cs t .e-y' lswrtc h the listener off f.’ it 3t ' itnat, it's well-mannered,

that Iii} of ii rnirtd—nurnbincily dull adult pp ike 'Return To Sender' that acts as the Sixiljf'lflC Bizarrely, they keep on (flt,;,;lzl‘ ; in c:le little interludes of “titan; Lieepin'i and whirrinc; :n a

sc-c-rr 'eL; rantltrn manner There is a

(‘3 rr': er l";::e until ha fway through 'Safet‘,’ Clan 8"' when the sizf;litly

mena: ;‘a'c lie-ti xoc als liit the

middle e fight and eme";e lut‘p as a wet

UiBRRil i. we BUB. a x

115THE LIST '9 ~ :7 "W8

c;irl's blouse Thrs is unlike‘y to win new admirers or see old fans buyrnc; copres and handinc; there to i“(‘!' mates 'JT‘

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith/Roman Cand'e (Donne) 25.5 ‘gff ‘23:" 1-35 / 11:: ‘;§:' ‘-:§:' 1-‘:;'

Two re-issues antic 'patrnr; .".; "eased interest in the A'nerr: an sintier/sonowriter who has INTO". whimsical folk rock a ciood r‘anie courtesy of his Either/Or album and was Oscar r‘crrnrnated ‘37 "‘ s .ha“n:r‘.r: contribution to the Gear! l‘.’ ffffl‘fL’Pty‘ soundtrack about the who e {T'i‘jé‘ti t‘ ‘.'.as".". calculated to the nt" fietz'ee two albums are ("at ‘r:\"‘ (“e same

unaffected cloth wt“ every situeak "f

,,rcil,al,-l‘,'. e .' _.

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Feline: black nail polish may help your appreciation of this album

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Midnight without the need to mash the sentiment with cirunciey ourtars

Sc reaminr; Trees are as close to country blues as metal can possibly cget and Laneoan's solo career has borne thrs out \\":th Scraps At ll‘yrldr'ilty‘fl.’ he

s ipercedes his band for the first time IFS)

Lydia Lunch

Widowspeak (New Millennium Communications) 2:1:

A double CD corriprlation of the New York punk prrestess's c‘ollaboratne works whrc h confirms the apprehension that Lunch is respected more for her non-c‘onforn‘ist attitude than for her music or her poetry Like Patti Smith with eyeliner, Lunch has made some occasionally startlinci tracks, one of ‘.'.'i'i|(i". kicks off this 'Death Valley 69', the apoc alyptic primal scream she recorded with Sonic" Youth Nothinci else

rnatc h >s it, althoucih the cover of 'Diddy Wah Diddy' is fun Her work with her two most frequent collaborators Roland S Howard and Clint Rurn rancies from the |ll\,’()i‘.’ll)f] to the tedious which probably makes l”v/Ic.’c:'.'.’s;>eak a fair assessment of the Lunch menu (PS)

c oilec tron

his acoustic ciurtar captured {‘1‘ these intimate recordincis Almost as comfortinc) as The Wa/tons theme tune, these are sonc;s to p‘ay on the porch while you watch the clay (to by You could even imacizne :t was summer tFS'

Mark Lanegan Sc'aps At iv‘iidnight (Beggar's Banquet)


Arwther very fine album 3" >\'li€"‘|(ti'l Fiona Shepherd, Jonathan Trew

'\i\"')ii‘..'t‘."\'f‘fl 'ne'an.' .‘ ,txt" Olmg .‘\ ,.

The ;": kets a'e sf'i' aux/rake '8:

l t.,'.,c)y r1. ~l ... t ,

STAR RATINGS L"‘.lTiiSS<3bl€ . _-.: "if I‘ ()l)(j abo :’ the black r‘ir‘” = st.) 5 y J l t < ' 3 ~~'= :2: Worth a shot = Below average You've been warned

itt‘\, )‘ .4 [11]“ itilk c..(><i ct Iii,

and .' en Janslates' s a? ti

'r‘ath'w; ieto the ‘al:.':

c7‘ ,9 raris A?

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