REVIEW The Celtic Story

Glasgow: Pavilion Theatre, until Sat 5 Sep the “Ar The first question asked at many Scottish primary schools is, ’Which foot d'ye kick with?’ a question not likely to confuse the packed house at the Pavilion on the opening night of The Celtic Story.

And the Celtic story is what you get over a century of the club‘s history in just under three hours, with enough facts and figures to satisfy the most hardened anorak. But if a roll-call of Celtic glory-boys and a detailed list of their wins isn‘t your idea of entertainment, there is still much to enjoy.

In the first scene we are introduced to the Burns family, celebrating Grandpa's century, and before we know it we are being whisked through 100 years of poverty, unemployment and class- struggle, as experienced by an Irish immigrant family in the East End of Glasgow.

It's a story familiar to the Scottish populace, but told here with an unashamed Catholic bias; a bias which, to a neutral bystander, can veer perilously close to the bigotry the show takes great pains to denounce. Still, for the most part the inevitable topic of Celtic/Rangers rivalry is dealt with in a good-humoured fashion and one highlight of the show is a minister's sombre condemnation of sectarian violence at a young Celtic player's graveside. (The speech, delivered

with an admirable lack of embellishment by Rab Handleigh, was awarded spontaneous and heartfelt applause.)

Politics aside, The Celtic Story’s main objective is to entertain and entertain it certainly does. Though the first half is somewhat hampered by an overload of statistics, the second half mutates into the rip-roaring musical comedy the punters really came to see. The multi-talented band turn

we SW A churn“ fi‘ is

s». s In!» W ..

Left foot forward: The Celtic Story

their hand to every musical style the past century has to offer, while the cast take up the challenge with some show-stopping moments, particularly from the ball-breakingly bluesy voice of Karen Dunban

But the night really belongs to Jimmy Logan whose deadpan grumpy Grandpa steals the show. You gotta love him - whichever foot you kick wi’. (Lindsay Ritchie)


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