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Ashley Storrie

In our issue 336 we carried a review of the inaugural night of the Mad Cap Comedy Club at Sloane‘s in Glasgow's Argyle Arcade. In that review we made mention of the performance of twelve year old Ashley Storrie and stated that she cracked gags of a sexual nature. We also stated that Ashley was either drilled to crack jokes that she did not understand or that, conversely, she was well aware of the sexual nature of her gags which we indicated was either ’worrying' or 'downright disturbing‘. It has been pointed out to us that Ashley's act, contrary to our review, constitutes a twelve year old's view of every day happenings and is not intended to contain any sexual innuendoes. It has also been pointed out to us that Ashley writes all her own material and has not been coached or drilled by any third party as to the content of that material. We now accept that this is the case and apologise to Ashley for the upset and embarrassment that our review has caused her.



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Comedy is listed by date, then by city. Shows will be listed, providing that details reach our offices at least ten da sin advance of publication. Come y listings compiled by Simone Baird.

The Citizens' Company presents



by Friedrich von Schiller

Free Preview Thursday 13 August


before playing at Edinburgh International Festival

Tickets will be issued from 10am on 13 August at our Box Office on Gorbals Street

0141 429 0022

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Velvet Cabaret 'l'hc \1-lm Rumm. 53H Sanclnt'lmll Slit't'l. i331 I‘Jll.‘ 7 10pm. Slnml up lmm pin/c \\llllllll}1 L'Ulllt'tlldll (1.113: lllll \thc Slmlt'} H.l\\t'_\ impcrwlmlmn 1x .1 [.m- xlylu In ht'llllltl

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1m lili('l<;ulmScnll.1mllllt' lullmnng nlyhl .il l lpm

Ahoy, shipmates: Suzanne Fraser joins the Madcap Comedy Crew on Wed 12

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Mad Cap Comedy Club SIUJHK. .-\r;_'_\ lc ,-\Ic‘;ult‘. 357 5187.031!” [5 (L31). ’l‘ht‘ l-uur l’lgnu'n ul'lhc' .-\pnc';1l_\‘p\cc‘nmc ruling: mm 1mm,



Cosy Comedy Cafe Sum- Hui ltlt)\\ll\l;lll'\l. llnlluml Slim-l. (‘lmrmy ('I1)\\..“: 3 l 5‘). 9.30pm ltlnnlx ()pt‘ll N. illpml, L31, \Vccltl). l’;1|‘1'ul \ll'lll\ lm \lull. \\ uh support lmm 81mm \'.1lt‘ and lip-und-cnnnng guy cmmc Irv New ()Pk‘ll \pnl\ tll't‘ ;l\';lll;lhlt‘.


Cosy Comedy lfilh anc. King: Slrct'l. 5.“ H133. Rpm midnight. U. Nt‘xx mnnlhl} (unruly Inglll l'mm lht‘ Madcap ('mnul} (‘1th Including: \t‘il Slmcklt‘lml. (it‘ll) (haul and Sumnm‘ l‘mwr, lmpm. \kt‘lc‘llc'x and \lumlup.


Velvet Cabaret lllc‘ \k‘lwl l{1mlll\..<_‘ll $.1uclm‘lmllSllt't'l..i,ix JOHN. 7.1011111. Sketches and stand-up \\1ll1l{;ulm Scotland's i'c‘gulur c‘mnmly c‘i'c‘w. 'llk'kt'h gut' lrcc lml lllll\l lw lumkml m ilthilllL‘L' by calling: (ll-ll 333 3003. All L‘tlllL‘tl \t'l\l()ll ml Ihc' show I\ hinmlc‘uxl 1m lili(' lem Sc‘nlluml lhc‘ l'ullmx'mg night at

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