Splashing out

Clubland leaves Glasgow behind and heads for the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond for the MISH MASH SUMMER SPLASH. Words: Rory Weller

It‘s the kind of event that people talk about for years. Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. a night. at dawn and the pick of Glasgow soundmeisters. Mish Mash’s all-nighter ‘Summer Splash‘ - from midnight on 8 Aug through to noon the next day by the banks of Loch Lomond has all the makings of a classic.

Miin Mash as a club entity has been going for around three years. DJs ()scar Fullon and Nick Peacock have brought their antidote to blinkered club- bing to surprising and largely untried venues around (ilasgow a tapas bat”. the now defunct Basement. the Apartment (better known for its ultra-glam image) not to mention hazily remembered New Year parties in their recording studio. The music has been as diverse as the locations. splicing together house. Latin. jazz. hip hop. drum ‘n‘ bass and soul-like wires on a super high voltage power cable.

Such a standard could only be expected from a duo who. between them. have had almost three

Nick Peacock

seminal Sub (‘lub nights in the late 80s and are independently about to launch new recorded material. l’ullon has the first Mish Mash album. complete with a flurry of local talent producing lush future jazz and funk: while Peacock has his Universals Principles

project (along with Stuart MacMillan and Glen { (iibbons) getting the right nods from Roger Sanchez. T .losh Wink and (‘iilcs Peterson.

Out in force; Nick Peacock. Paul Booth, MC Nordon 8 Oscar Fulln ready for Mish Mash.

'The music has to be relevant to the time. If the sun's coming up in the morning you're not going to be giving it "Energy Flash"!

decades of DJing experience. Both are veterans of

The Loch Lomond all-nighter (or all-morninger depending how you look at it) is the first Mish Mash that they‘ve actively encouraged people to come to. Before it's pretty much just been a who‘s-in-the-know thing: handing out little silver business cards with nothing btit the name of the night and the venue.

‘We‘ve found that people have worked for us. they want something special and put the word around.‘ says Peacock. They've resisted putting Mish Mash on every week. keeping the events to monthly nights or special occasions. ‘We don‘t want it to become like Ground/mg Day. doing the same thing week after week.‘ Peacock continues. ‘We‘ve done that before and don’t want to do it again.’ adds Pullon.

Joining them at the indoor site practically on top

- of the loch will be Mish Mash resident Paul Booth.

MC Nordin. llarri (Sub Culture). Paul Cawley from Psy-phi. Goodfoot DJs and live jazz/drum ’n‘ bass musicians. the DS Murray Quartet. 'l‘here‘s just one sound system for the whole venue. with the idea being to drift in and out of the changing dance environment through the night. down to the loch. to your hotel room. or tent. to the barbie. even otit to the jetty for bit of skinny dipping. Peacock and liiillon think the chance to orchestrate Dls all the way through the night is an inspiring one.

‘The music has to be relevant to the time.‘ Peacock says. ‘lf the sun‘s coming tip in the morning you‘re not going to be giving it “Energy Flash". and you don’t want to watch a sunset and hear “Anarchy In The UK“. That‘s why you‘re a DJ. Music will take on a new meaning watching the sun rising over the loch.‘

Mish Mash Summer Splash is on Sat 8 Aug at Bothan, Ardlui (eight miles north of Tarbert) with buses leaving Glasgow from 11pm. See listings for ticket details or call 0403 498 644.



Rory Weller follows the career of Graeme Park.

Name Graeme Park.

Age Exactly 35 on 4 Aug

Place of birth Aberdeen.

Home now Liverpool

Famous for DJing at Cream, Hat ienda, Up Yer Ronson plus his piodur tioii credits.

How did he start Dling? He was working in the Selet't-A-Dist' itir'ord shop in Nottingham. The bloke who Owned it bOught a club calle’l the Garage and he started DJIIit] tlieie Ill 1983.

What kind of stuff was he playing? Initially he felt he was just |i'~;e a human jukebox, btit after a year he l)’ ( anie more experimental, rnixnig tip funky dance stuff With more OICUH) sounds. And then house happened? Iiider d, and he rode the wave, sayirir; that London wasn't really into the who, and it actually kicked off sooner in the North

His name is pretty much synonymous with the Hacienda: how did this come about? In 1988 he was releasing records as 'Groove' on his own Submission label, which caught the ear of Mike Pickering. Pickering asked him up to the Hac to play at the Northern House review and, when he went on holiday for three weeks in the summer of '88, asked Park to fill in for liiiii at his Friday night 'Nude'

This would be the Summer of love then? Right, and he was definitely in the right place at the right time He stayed on at this night for three years, and was pretty mu( li a permanent fixture in the HaCIenda until it (losed lastyear

He's got a radio show too, hasn't he? Saturday nights on the Galaxy ftvl Network, which IS handy if you stay in Manchester, Yorkshire or Wales, but not so good for us.

What did he do before all this? Quite famously he had a large number of very tin-Ditastic jobs, including working in a pea processing far tory and training to ber‘ome a bespoke tailor He was also a bit hot on the bass and sax, playing in various bands, but he won't tell anyone which ones

Est-E Graeme Park 015 at Colours, The Arches, on Sat 8 Aug He (urrent/y has two mix ('05 out: Massive and Miss Moneypenny’s Too Glamorous

For Edinburgh Festival Clubs

see pages 83-88

6—13Aug 19”? THE “ST 110