Glasgow listings

Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city. then b day, then alphabetically by title. Clu s will be listed, provided up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Glasgow clubs listings compiled by Rory Weller.


I 4th Dimension at Brel. 8.30—l lpm. Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Access at Bonkers. l lpm—3am. £3 (£2). New night downstairs at Bonkers with well respected Tunnel residents Michael Kilkie. Trevor Reilly and Simon Foy for tip-front house. Drinks promos. I B.E.S.T. at Bahaza. llplii»-3atii. £3 (£2). Jim da Best with his trademark mix ofcheese to please. Drinks promos.

I Big Karn's Party Night at Bennets. ll.3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). Karn Dunbar with 80s. 90s and loads of camp nonsense. Drinks promos.

I Brass Tax at Bar Sauza. Spin—midnight. Free. DJ Muchil with broody bass lines. phat and funky beats and Latino fuelled disco. Pre-club.

I Brown Sugar at The Bom.

l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Two rooms with DJ TNT in the front with R&B and swing while DJ Benji takes up residency in room two with more of a hip hop sound. I Budda at Btidda. Spin—midnight. Free. Nick Geminil with house crossing over into all sorts including drum ‘n' bass and hip hop. Pre-club.

I Chicano at Havana. 8pm—midnight. Free. The original Latin Dance DJ Nick Peacock with Latin grooves. Barrio beats and the latest Salsa from Cuba. New York. Colombia and Puerto Rico. Happy Hour until 7pm. Pre-club.

I Cheeze at Strathclyde University Students Union (Barony Bar). Rpm-3am. Free (open to students and four guests). DJ Phil with a proudly tacky and cheesy night ofgood time party tunes. Open all

I Cop at Arcliaos. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3). Busy student house night with DJ Vance and Domenic playing l-a-r-g-e club tunes to a young bunch while Tam ‘The Fuzz' (‘oyle does his indie/pop/kitsch stuff in the newa done-up Room 2. Drinks promos.

I Cyber Jazz at The Arches. l()pm—3am. £3. (i Aug and monthly. After the huge success of the last events the night now gets a regular slot mixing up live jazz and drum 'n‘ bass from DS Murray Quartet. the Ground Control DJs and video art mixing.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at Variety. Rpm-close. Free. Hatch and Jilkes of Knucklehead with a dubby mix of new dance and techno. Check otit their Pusher 13 night at The l3th Note continuing on every week. Pre-club.

I Donkey at The Cathouse. l lpm~3am. £2 (£1.50; free before I 1.30pm). lndie/grunge/industrial/chemical beats rock on a darker tip than The Cathouse's other nights. Drinks promos.

I Don't Front at The CCA Cafe Bar. ()pm- midnight. Jazzual. soulful beat music with DJs Ragged Robin and Paul (‘awlcy Pre-club.

I Free Flow at Glasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). ‘lpm-2aiii. Free. Keepin' it ieal with early Motown. ska. reggae. soul. JB super funk. Hammond jazz. 7()s disco to hip hop. new and retro guitar pop. movie soundtracks. trip hop and drum ‘n' bass with DJs Al Rutherford and Lindsey. Lager £1 a pint.

I Hi Karate at the Glasgow School of Art (upstairs). ltlpiii—2.3()aiii. Free. The Hi Karate duo of Neil McMillan and Andrew Divine kick tip the funky break beats to a large and loyal crowd.

I Hot Traxx at The Lime. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Seventies night with 70 drinks promos on vodka. beer. Pernod and Wild Tinkey

I Jengaheads Cul De Sac Bar. ‘)—l lpm.

109 THE LIST 6—l3 Aug 1998

Graeme Park (above) joins Seb Fontaine and the Logical Progression crew at Colours, The Arches, Sat 8 Aug

Free. Ali and Martyn of the Jengaheads with more of the same nonsense they are renowned for: big beats and a wee bit more. sometimes on four decks when they can be arsed to move the cappuccino machine out the way. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Loveshack at Fury Mtirry‘s. l().3()pm—3. 15am. £5 (£3). Fine indie. house and disco sounds downstairs with Chemical Beats (Chem Bros. David Holmes. Big Beat etc) upstairs. Drinks promos.

I The Lime at The Lime. l()pm —3am. £4 (£3/£2 before llpm) Student night with club classics in your house and garage style. Cheap drink promos.

I Papa Blu at Fiddler‘s Court. 9.3()pm—midnight. Free. Pre-club grooves and promos.

I Psy-phi at The Sub Club. I lpm—3am. £3. Phar ()ut's Paul Cawley embarking on a voyage of hip hop. drum 'n' bass and generally music with the futik. ()ne of the best of its type in Scotland.

I Pusher 13 at The l3th Note (ground floor). llpm—3am. £2. Weekly night from Jilkes and Hatch of Knucklehead (Art School. Sats) giving tip electro funk beats to a crowd following on from their Varietv pub gig.

I Richard Howie at Russell's Bar/Cafe. 8—1 lpm. Free. Richard Howie with deep. jazzy house. Pre-club.

I Rumble at The Garage. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Cardow and Ross with an exceptionally busy night of charty dance faves. cheap drinks and drunk students. Snovtasticl

I S y at Trash. llpin~3am. £4 (£3). Neil and Frog in the main room for big anthems and cheesy nonsense plus Disco Dan in Room Two. Dress tip in some sort of sexy/glaiiimy gear and you get in free. Drinks promos.

I Tchic at The Apartment. Midnight-3am. £3. DJ Tchico iVirunga) with a night of R&B. swing and hip hop. Drinks promos.

I TVR at The Velvet Rooms. llpm- 3am. £4 (£3). Dance and soul mix from DJ Skud in the main room getting away from the usual student cheese. All drinks £ l. I Wanna Play? at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3.30am. £4 (£2.50 with matric card). Student night featuring Kevin and Scott (Tunnel weekends) and Lisa. playing a mix ofclassic house anthems plus treasure hunts and w heel of fortune. Drinks promos.

l cuscow riiiuiivs

I The Ark at The Tunnel. llpm—3.3()am. £7 (£5). lfyou've got a new YSL shirt or Dolce & Gabbana frock and you‘re wondering where to go. it's gotta be The Tunnel tonight. Top class international DJ. producer and shop assistant Michael Kilkie. Scott Mackay and [ammo (Rhumba) take no prisoners in the main room for large-scale hard house dancefloor detonators. plus Duncan Reid and Simon Foy in Room Two. All drinks £l before 12.30am. Smart. stylish and glamniy.

I Bar 10 Rpm-close. Free. Stevie Donaldson and Bios with super quality minimal house and techno for a crowd making sure the weekend kicks off with an almighty bang. Pre-club.

I Bennets ll.3()pm—3am. £4 (£3). Grant Duff with an upbeat dance night. Gay.

I Born at The Bom. llpm~3am £5 (£4). Up-front house and dance anthems from George Bowie. Neil McKay and Steven Foy in association with MB. Red Bull and Smirnoff for a dressy club crowd. Drinks promos.

I Bonafide Love at The Cross Bar. Spin—midnight. Free. Reggae. ragga and soca from DJ Dirtsman. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Bonkers at Bonkers. llpiii ~3ain. £4 after midnight. £3 before. Club classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Nobble Whitelaw. I Budda at Btidda. 8pm midnight. Free. Solemusic's Stevie Middleton with laid- back garage and deep house. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Buena Vista at Glasgow School Of Art (downstairs). l()pni 2.30am. £3. A slice of Latin jazz. and funk from Mark and Michael of Delaney's Rhythm Section with Nick Peacock (Back To Jazz) playing the last Friday ofevery month.

I Bump 'n' Hussle at Bahaza. S,3()pm—3am (DJs from llpm). £5 (free before llpm). £5. Paul 'l‘raynor with house. RikB and soul classics fora dressy. drinky. jump about a bit crowd.

I Cul De Sac Cul De Sac Bar. ‘)—l lpm. Free. Anton and Doug with pie-club head phunk.

I Deep Fried at The l3th Note Club. llpm--3am. £3. The Kung Funk Collective with reggae. dub and mellow grooves on the ground floor and hip hop.

big beat and funk in the basement. Note that The l3th Note has now moved to Clyde Street and is open as a bar from 8pm.

I Elements at Bacchus. ‘)piii~niidnight. Free. Drum 'n' bass from the Elemental DJs Rob G and Keinal. Pre club.

I Exotica at The CCA Cafe Bar. ‘)piii--midnight. Free. Andy Divine and Hush Puppy playing an easy listening and sound track mix for a pre-Art School crowd.

I Fellatio at Bar Sauza. 8pm—midiiight. Free. Deep Philly ftiiik. house and garage. Pre club.

I 4th Dimension at The Baby Grand. ()pllF midnight. Free. Andy Young and Danny play jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Hellfire at The Polo Lounge (Trophy Room). ‘)piii--3am. £5 (£4). 7 Aug and monthly. Not only are they Scotland‘s finest fetish club. they're now officially the best in the country. with their award to prove it. Hellfire is a goth free zone. with music coming from the new residents The Loveless playing clubby house to the friendly. welcoming fetish crowd. Explore your darker side. Fetish dress compulsory.

I Katch at The Cathouse. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£2.50; free before ll.3()piti). Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical heats. grunge and contemporary indie. Drinks pt‘olttos‘.

I Lime at The Lime. llpin—3aiii. £4 (£3). DJ Caminy with house. garage and nu soul. Drinks promos.

I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm—3am. £3 (£4). An eclectic mix of good-time party tunes. Drinks promos. I Mojo at Mojo. ()pm-midnight. Free. DJ Scud (Reds/Velvet Rooms) with soulful garage and disco grooves.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic (downstairs at Miros). ()pm—midnight. The Sub Club‘s Thursday night resident and label boss of Fenetik Records down at this new bar every week for hip hop. drum 'n' bass and break. Pre-club.

I Parklife at The Arena. l().3()pm~3am. £4 (£3). Glasgow's first and foremost Britpop night. playing classic dance/pop/iiidie/retro/soul sounds from the (i()s to the 90s. Drinks promos all night.

I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge. llpm——3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle in main club