Ammspotlighting» FESHVAL PARTY

kickers from the low countries. , _ This week: Mam-"a Berghus. The List would like to thank all Our first featured performer is those. WhFO 39933er at the Amsterdam-born Martina Berghus (£323? 633:: figlztsyefat The (left, with compatriot Bennie Bartels). ' ' Berghus is one of five dancers (three Dutch, two Argentinian) collectively known as Club Tango 5. As their name suggests, they are masters of that most untraditional of Dutch dances, Argentinian tango. Club Tango S can be seen at the Fringe in Destino Tango, providing the moves to match the sultry sounds of Dutch tango orchestra Sexteto Canyengue. Berghus was a modern dancer when she caught the tango bug, and helped import the craze currently seducing Europe. ’In the daytime I was in bare feet, crawling on the

floor, and in the evening I was putting Jackie Clune

on my high heels to do tango,’ she Observer Assembly, 7August - 5

says of her conversion to tango - the September

dance so sexy Buenos Aires banned it. Fruit

(EllteCarr) _ The Spiegeltent, 3 - 8 August & 28

Destino Tango (Fringe) Sexteto - 31 August

Canyengue and Club Tango 5, Graffiti Jengaheads

(Venue 90) 557 8330, 72—37 Aug . .

(not 18, 25) times vary, £8.50 (£7.50). Leuvéflgfow ('memat'ona' ('be ‘6 The Arches Glasgow, 28 August Mika Observer Assembly, 7August - S September

Magicdrive Cas Rock, 22 August

Celtic Wah Wah Co-op Famous Grouse House, 12, 19, 26 August

Jenny's Chickens

. .. Famous Grouse House, 31 August a Miss l.ou Lou's Tap

' Dancing Extraveganza

Observer Assembly, 7 - 22 August

Trendy Wendy

Club Mercado, l4 & 28 August, Princes St Gardens, 22 August Tackno, Club Mercado, 30 August

Tri od Gil ed Balloon, 7 - 31 August

Well Oiled Sisters The Spiegeltent, ll, 12, l4, 17 August

The Water Carriers

Traditional dance. music and ancient ,Imyths fuse in Talipot Theatre's stunning and spiritual performance style. Hailing

gfrom Reunion Island - a tiny French

1; colony in the Indian Ocean Talipot's

i performers have toured all over the

.4' world, and make their UK debut at the

i Fringe with The Water Carriers, which

explores the role of that essential fluid

in our lives. Expect something you've

never seen before . . .

The Water Carriers (Fringe) Theatre

Talipot, Continental Shifts At St Bride’s

(Venue 62) 346 1405, 7—31 Aug (not Sun) 6.30pm,

£7.50 (£6).

and our wonderful comperes

Viv and Jill Gilded Balloon, 7 - 31 August

Adam Hills Gilded Balloon, 7 - 31 August

; “Ants Gluing}.

mm Siorrtnlmsn

6—13 Aug 1998 ms usr 11