i saw you CLASSIFIED I saw YOU

V I saw you working on Ship on Shore. Leith. Pierced eyebrow. Monday I3. Had coffee. blonde bondgirl. Fancy a big fat muffin sometime? Ship to shore. do you read me. Box No U/338/l.

0 I saw you gym. Commonwealth Pool. Mid twenties. dark Adonis. fit. six- footer. Me. big biceped bond girl. Fancy sharing a healthy carrot muffin sometime? Come pump my irons. Box No U/338/2.

. I saw you BIG BLACK MAN. 6ft plus. in Mambo Club last Friday. Worth more than your weight in gold! You can ring my bell sometime BABY!!! Box No U/338/3.

V I saw you male. the West End getting out of a black convertible BMW. 6ft+. very good moverl! Can hold your champagne though!! Let me help you!! Box No U/338/4.

O I saw you in The Rocking Horse every Saturday. Longish ginger hair. blonde eyelashes. 5ft l()in ish. Very good dancer!! Can't hold your drink though!! Let tne help you!! Box No U/338/S.

V I saw you getting out red MR2. george Street. Celtic armband tattoo. You dark wavy hair. Me fair maiden. I liked what I saw Box No U/NB/o.

O I saw you on the dance floor. You were amazing. Hope you go to the Liquid Rooms on 8th. I'll be there for midnight. If you dance your socks off I will buy you a Sauza and Lemonade or another way to look at it is fancy a hot sweaty night out with refreshment provided?

. We saw you black jacketed man itt Montpeliers at the weekend. Did you see us writing this ad? (You also had black hair. a black T-shirt and black jeans. . .) Reply to Box No U/338/7.

0 I saw you The Kris. 2| July. You white short sleeved shirt. dark hair. glasses. eating with friends. waiter took group photo. Me blue T-shirt. We looked. we smiled. Can we now talk? Box No U/338/8.

. I saw you funny. intense. orange-shined person at Viva. l8/7/98. You gave me your glittery heart and l chickened out. I most humbly apologise and thank you for jogging tny snog memories! Box No


0 I saw you pretty boy. you looked like a porn star. I got to know you and you are divine but your absence is cruel. I hope you make up my painted lollypop man. Box No U/338/l0.

O I saw you Mexican food and red wine. We laughed and talked. You opened my heart again. I hope to see you again. Your X shepherd and Belle. Box No U/338/l I.

0 I saw you Bee Gee boy. flashing your metal balls to all. There is a rehearsal overdue to arrange your dance technique for Dean‘s 70s and 80s party. Pull on your pimp boots. Box No U/338/l2.

O I saw you Angels in America. Niel; Cocteau Twins. Comme Des Garcons. opera. Waterloo. Wooster Group. Tone Deaf. Alex. nervous. drunk. panic. Would like to talk some more. Really. really beautiful. wonderful. wonderful. Box No U/338/l 3.

v I saw you as a hidden secret who loved to be known. Annihilate yourself with passion for me. Will you join my caravan and experience bliss. Light upon light. Box No U/338/l-I.

V I saw you FHC of Kelvinhall. you bounced high at T in the Park. JTl.. Shroomer. JB. DT and me wuv oooo. Can we meet for couch potato-ing and pisstakes at half past four? Box No U/338/l5.

V I saw you Linlithgow Palace grounds. Sunday evening. 26 July. You were doing your guide bit with a family of four. Your rover was next to my Peugeot. A portent? Box No U/338/16.

0 I saw you Saturday 25/7/98 in Prestwick. You buying. me offering advice. Want to discuss mirrors over coffee? Box No U/338/l 7.

9 I saw you Finger Doctor. drowning during a Hoodwinking frenzy. Also saw you shake but would never adtnit it. No more Heavy Soul 'cause you are the one that inspires me. Maltesers- in-a-box! What about the Skooshy cream and Tops gathering dust in my cupboard! Baby Z. x. Box No U/338/l8.

9 I saw you Alan at Blue Moon Cafe for past six weeks. Is a date with your most ardent admirer on the tnenu? Write or phone soon. Box No U/338/l9. 0 I saw you Brian. Cottiers. ages ago (20 March). You musician/gardener. me writer/teacher. We talked in a way I have never before or since. Let’s continue the conversation. Box No U/338/20.

U I saw you Isle of Bute Folk Festival. Two handsome devils jumped Waverely and dared to stay. Can't stop thinking about licorice pants. You were surrounded by five babes. Let‘s play again boys! Box No U/338/2 I.

U I saw you eye-candy girl at Sublime. l7 July. You ran off with my last lollipop. You look just as good in daylight. Try my new flavours? Box No U/338/22.

U I saw you Jane. in the Gyle. you stood out head and shoulders above the crowds. I was lost in your Joop! vapour trail. unable to make sense of today‘s fashions and designs. Just could not find that bizarre item. Thanks for your patience. Let me embrace you and buy you another hot chocolate. Go on. don't be shy. let it rip. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/338/23.

. I saw you Alan G.. the Mutton Birds concert on l3 May. Will you ‘come around' next time in August at the Attic? I promise we won‘t need 'The Ileater'. Box No U/338/24.

0 I saw you on 29/7/98 on the Motherwell bus. late afternoon. You. dark hair. dark eyes. dark leatherjacket. sexy woman. Me. auburn hair. blue eyes. bearded. speechless. I caught your eye as you came on and kept looking at you til I got off at Tollcross. I'd Iilke to see you again. Box No U/338/25.



. I saw you bottom of the Mound. Saturday I I July. cheeks to the sky. the moon shining off your lily white skin. I'd love to get to know your face as well. Box No U/338/26.

V I saw you mellow attd happy on Lindos beach watching the sunrise. be mine forever. but only in de bay. Box No U/337/I. 0 I saw you and l was born again on the 4th ofJuly. A close encounter on a train. I wore a pony tail. Do you remember me? Your necklace caught up in your long blond hair. ()n opposite sides of the isle we sat. The late train is another clue. I saw you. did you see me? Box No U/337/2.

V I saw you again after you left. Has there been too much water under the bridge? Is it too late? Box No U/337/3.

O I saw you T in the Park. dancing with a small friend near the front to Space. Beautiful brown eyes/hair with a blue flower bobble. Me sunburnt and smitten. Box No U/337/4.

. I saw you Annalise Sat l2 June. the day before I split for Jura. When I got back you'd just quit. Can you bare the sight of another cappuccino? Gavin. Box No U/337/5.

O I saw you handsome dark- haired guy. Delmonicas on own. Sunday l2. Spm-ish. You jeans. leather(?) jacket. drinking pint then short. You left too soon. Me: dark blue jumper. Fancy a drink together? Box No U/337/6.

O I saw you reading the news. You spoke to the with a soft Australian accent. It made me feel all tingly inside. Can't wait till we meet again. See you on Tuesday at Split on channel l8. Box No U/337/7.

. I saw you loads when we tried to be art students. Chris H. Six years later. Bez from Kez is going to try again in Edinburgh. Please please write/phone. Box No U/337/8.

O I saw you in R.G‘s. World Cup final. Vous - gorgeous

brunette barmaid. Moi femme.

brown top. specs. You distracted me from the footie. Mm-mmm! Let's celebrate with a French kiss tnon Cherie. Goal?!! Box No U/337/9.

U I saw you Jersey girl with big trouser pockets in Kelvingrove. You're a scared bunny crossed with a pig. Wear more appropriate clothes soon and look in a hotel mirror of my choice. Box No U/337/l0.

0 I saw you Jane in 8&0. looking lost in the copper piping. power tools and garden sections. No more DIY. your handyman is here looking for permanent contract. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. No job too small. The finger doctor. Box No U/337/l I.

V I saw you T in the Park Jungle Brothers. You beauty- marked breakgirl at front. boppin' yer sox off in green cap and coat with hood up. Me smiling uncontrollably with goatee. cap and cream jacket. You in my but now. (NB: Not the ned who offered you Buckfast!) Box No U/337/l2.

'0 I saw you Sunday l2 July. Virgin train journey. You: Reading to Birmingham. Me: Banbury to Edinburgh. You: ICU nurse. Me: ex-nurse. You me drink? Box No U/337/l3. 0 I saw you Breezhnekov Cornvalski. He is the Russian spy who has stolen my heart - but I kinda like it. Love your

0 I saw you and tried to

help. I thought you had hurt yourself. I realise I misheard you asking for s-OW-sar and lemonade. Sorry. Can I make up for it by get- ting you another -

I promise not to knock it out of your hand this time - It is too good to waste and so are you.

thieving wife. Box No U/337/l4. . I saw you Logan A. for seven years. iii the office. in the pub and always partying. Will tniss having you around. See you and Dunks at Hogmanay as usual. Box No U/337/l5.

9 I saw you T in the Park. Friday night black zone. Me with brother's friend. you from Borders. Outside tent on lilos. moved inside. later got interrupted. Didn‘t meet again. Box No U/337/I6.

9 I saw you cropped-haired beige-skirted spectre strolling past the Theatre Royal bar on a sunny Wed 24 June. A decade or so has passed and mysteriously you can still stop me breathing at ten paces - this is impressive but a bit hazardous. Whether it‘s final sympathy. fresh curiosity or neither. a message would be warmly welcomed BEFORE WE DIE! Box No U/337/I7.

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