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TOP TWENTY On page 4 we gIve our hottest mm for the very best FestIyal events takIng place thIs week. When you’re plannIng yOur FestIyal, start here.

THEATRE, DANCE, COMEDY and KIDS’ EVENTS To help your daIly plannIng, our coverage of theatre, dance, comedy and kIds' events Is dIVIded Into SIX tIme-bands, from 9am untIl late at nIght. Each sectIon covers the most InterestIng shows In that tIme-band

MUSIC. CLUBS and ART Each of these Is covered In a separate sectIon, thch you can find after the tIme-band sectIons Our coverage of FILM and BOOKS WIll begIn

next Issue, to c0InCIde WIth the start of the FIlm FestIval and the Book FestIval.

HIT LISTS: The first page In each sectIon Includes our maIn recommendatIons for that sectIon.

The List's Guide to the 1998 Edinburgh Festival

Welcome to the first of fOur specIa; FestIval Issues of The LIst As the only locally-based publIcatIon devoted to arts and entertaInmentS, we are Ideally plac >3 to help you decIde \\ hat to see The EdInburgh FestIval Includes several major festIvals, all talung place In August The EdInburgh FestIval FrInge Is the bIggest arts festIval In the nodd T‘nIs year, the ange staIts a week earlIer than In the past, runnIng offICIally 9~31 August, althOugh many shows begIn earlIer and/or end later The EdInburgh International FestIval, the Print FestIyal and the Book Festnal becIIn In mId-AIIcIusI and \VIII be covered In our next three Issues Other events we'll be coverInq Include the Mela multicultural festn'al, and the Flux festIyal of contemporary musIc (both part of the FrInget, plus the Jaxz & Blues FestIval and Planet Pop, an Independent rock and pop festIyal FInally, at the Castle, there's the EdInbuIth MIlItary Tattoo Well, what are yOu waItIng for7

1‘: IF,

'll-l' It‘sil. t'

Eati’n out guide

REVIEWS AND PREVIEWS Events that we have reVIewed are assessed for qualIty, and gIven one to five stars accordIng to how good 0ch mm thInks they are Our preVIews hIghlIght events

Except Aug 10, 17, 24, Sept

2 TIIELIST 6—13 Aug 1998

Assemva Booms

Aug 1 - Aug 30 @11=45nm Aug 31 - Sent 5 @10:


Box Office

54 George 8!. Edinburgh

"or 01312262428


ma in}: lawn?”

Dally Mall




ll W


PAPBJI P 0 Will... -- The 5,913 To Venn: J3 Milo To The Titanic!

a Girl:

thch we have not been able to reVIew before the FestIval, but thch we thInk WIll be worth seeIng. PreVIews are not gIven star ratIngs.

FREE TICKET OFFERS We have secured a supply of free tIc'lcets

to see c‘ertaIn recommended shows Readers can claIm these on a fIrst come, first served basIs See pages 31 and 33 for full deIaIIs

FESTIVAL LISTINGS SUPPLEMENT InsIde thIs Issue, and In each of the next three Issues, you'll fInd a fully comprehensIve, pull-out cIuIde to every event talcrng place durIng the week

TICKETS 8: INFORMATION Full detaIls of all the practIcalItIes you need to know can be found on pages 38 81 39 of the FestIyal LIstIngs supplement EATING OUT GUIDE WIth tlIIs Issue only, we're egIng away Our annual FestIval EatIng Out GtIIde, thch gIves full detaIls of places to eat around the CIIy, IncludIng speCIal openIng hours for the Eeshval



7-3] AUGUST 8.00PM FREY'EW.¢..WG PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550