T/Je Doric Tavern

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“the wine list is of gargantuan proportions... t/Je sizeab/e men a s/rorr's a lot of

thought, range and creativity” 1".:\'l'l.\'t; .\.\'o l)rtr.\'r\'r\'t; t}? in 1 9‘)‘

0 Choose from the Ma cartc or set menu. hoth providing a large choice ol vegetarian. fish and meat dishes 0 Sr! lune/r: 2(toursei9x15. 3 (Iotrt‘s‘c £1 17%

Set Dinner: 3 (must-1:17.23

E .

12. noon till 1.00am. Food served 12 noon till 10.30pm 0 THE DORIC TAVERN & MCGUFFIES BAR 15/16 r\'1.-\RKl-‘.'I' S'I'RH: r~ lir)r:\;nt‘tz(;rt till] 11)l~i Tel: 0151 225 108-1 Fax: 0131 220 089-1

L'111.11II'1.11CI)t)l'1c(" compost-1‘. tutorn

the best of Betty Jackson,

Ally Capellino, Jasper. Margaret Howell, Tehen,

Marimekko, Vuokko,

Donn Frankfurt, Transit, AO.

Kenzo Jungle, Schneiders, Inscription Rykiel and

Cecile Jeffrey. Shoes by Accessoire, Scarves by

Georgina Von Etzdorf.


Bu)...er ..: moms?!

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557 40/15


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THEATRE DRE‘\.'1E‘.".’

A Soldier's Song

C‘tl',"’.138l("‘sr‘rtt'876".}(‘t‘21d'3 one-man SE1",‘.'.§ nra‘y ran're trorn Anrrrzal Far/71's prortl‘esres of polztrta'r hetrayai, to the gamer-pat lied poetry of Under Milt ltr’oezr’, htrt l‘i's hase-lrne rntrredrents are

alwavs the same stronq storylrnes, lush l

lyrrt‘rsrvranrl l:t1(‘1\’-It.‘ltt“1(‘lllOIIUH A SfT/IZ.’/(‘/"S Story .s'trt Ls to the re( rpe

and .‘trlfrls a long-held arrrhrtron Erqht

\vnvlrr'l'IHLi'w1'1':K’V‘t'l‘./7‘.l.’Z-ll Shh"),

rt tr arm-k rpm s [all Kar‘cr War


.’l. -' 12:1.” ,'1 l " :\ unratlt‘tl l') l11t‘ ‘i. . t‘. . (1 ti: Kritit'1l‘ctl, (11‘(1 Ii~;; trir )tt 1;, 0 v- i out

" has vet/armed the srrnplrr :tr;

ef rlr=':.>r:':ar‘ e that has hetorrre hrs trart'e'r-a'i. 1" a {hurt} on starte rs a “w .‘.ra':t--'1t‘eop'etirtornernto rrry 'rrt,.rrr::1et then rrnaornatrondtr

t1 '1. '1r».= '111l1('\:11\y' for me was (‘r’i‘.l‘~,17}!lt'1l1‘«t1\.‘.’1)l1(1lll)'\(‘11' never 1- tut“) heen tr war But thrs rs where the strenuth at Ken‘s narrtrnq torrres rrr 1i't‘ttttt‘)(‘ he rrmkes rt so './rr.r:d The more attotrnts t read, the more rt moved me and the more I was ahle to hrrrro that errratron to the prete'

When herrw threatens tor)\'("r\.‘xh("1rtt, hfat l: htr'rrrrtrr‘ stetrs at as a t:-:'r>'.e( trve

1 t' r J .r I1r\’,..<1)tt‘rs

take a" atro‘rente .nto thrs \'rorid, t-.‘.'l‘.t",' the rrrterrse enrtrtrerr, and then step wart a'rarr‘. er's:at1re:l "3o t‘rn able in separate n‘ryseit from :t, but by God I'm :n there whale i'rn rn there '

refrahe Stewart‘

3525?? A Stride/’5 Serrg «Fr/noel th' Mastersw: Prt"(it/Llr't).’18', Obsert er Assf;err>.";r"jr' r‘y’entre 3’ 226 2428, 9 Aug; 5 Sep (net 76, 77, 26) 77 30am, [9/58 “f 9/1” ,7‘ Prerrrer'x 8 Aug, [5


The Wild Party [TOO1(1'3(".'=Otl§8l1(1l'I‘C'lTOl to handle" tame the degree .n Arrrerr(a rrr 1928, and r‘~:=r'ra:kah1y Tie ‘//V:/ Party retriarned hanrtert trntr‘ 1997 SC: rt

All that jazz: The Wild Party

rorrres to pass that 70 years after rt was Wrrtten by Joseph Monurre

Marr h, thrs sophrstrcated Jazz poem (rn syntopated rhyrrrrno (Otrplets to he pre< rse‘) rs herno performed for the frrst trrne When asked Just how dehatrt hed a 1920s play er| seem to 90s atrdrenres, drret tor Jtrlra Srrrrth advrses you to ’hrrno a partner or remarn frustrated '

The prete features two vatrdevrlle (haratters, Qtreenre and Burrs, played by Klarr'ra Carr and Warren Krrrtrtrel, who host sard wrld party, The parr play a Collertron of over thrrty oddball artrstrt‘ types who get up to all sorts of mISClttOl on the surreal art deco set

Award-wrnnrna drreCtor Smrth's synoper rs that 'all rs not what rt seems" and the frnal unexpected twrst :S hound to shock and strrprrse (TraCy Grrffen) £3? The l‘r/r'ld Party (Frrnge) The Moose People, P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, .9 37 Aug (not 70, 24) I2 45pm, [7 50/93 50 ([6 50/175 50) Prevrew 7