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Best of The Fest! and SELL OUT SHOWS in ’97 H O N G KO N G


presents A NEW SHOW for ’98

An Inchcape Youth Theatre Initiative

Who’s Afraid of monsters?

A group of children sneak into the forbidden forrest and find themselves

in a world of fairies, goblins, witches, ‘little people’ and...the monster! 20 Hong Kong students combine dance, drama and music in a fast

paced one hour extravaganzal!

“don’t feel you have to take a child to see this show...

...Revitalising” The Scotsman ’97

“exuberant... groundbreaking” The List ’97 “imaginativer choreographed” TES ’97

“acrobatic and balletic” The List ’97

7 - 14 August 1 1.45am £5 (£3)

Venue 34 . , The Famous Grouse House 5 Chambers St. Box Office: 0131 220 5606 Info: Wonder 0141 553 1055

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6—13 Aug 1998 me usr 41