The index lists every show appearing in this week's List alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist’s name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.


Effigies And Ecstasies: Roman Baroque Sculpture And Design In The Age Of Bernini

National Gallery Of Scotland 90 Family Credit Collective Gallery 4, 89 Glass Royal Botanic Garden 90

Hooded. Bared Fruitmarket Gallery 89, 9O Miracles 5 St Stephen Street 89 Mona Hatoum National Gallery Of Modern Art 89

Richard Prince Stills Gallery 4, 89 Slattern Ann Russell 90 Small Miracles

S St Stephen Street 90

William Gillies Centenary Exhibition Royal Scottish Academy 89, 90

Colours Of Love Club Mercado 84

Ego The Shooting Gallery 86 Fire Island The Vaults 84 International Club Festival TeViot Row 4, 83. 84 Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar Bar 84 Manga La Belle Angele 84 COMEDY Adam Bloom Pleasance 60 Alan Davies - Urban Trauma Observer Assembly 63 Amnesty International: Just A Tickle Observer Assembly 7 Argentina 78 - The Director's Cut Sad Obsessive Brothers 50 Arj Barker Pleasance 63 Ballistic The Purple Pineapple Show 76 Ben Norris: Sitting Room Only Calder's Gilded Balloon 76 Bob Doolally's World Cup Memories The Stand Comedy Club 61 Boothby Graffoe Pleasance 4. 53, 55 Brendon Burns Knows Heaps Calder's Gilded Balloon II 64 Jason Byrne - Camping On The Moon Pleasance Cavern 66 Charlie Cheese's Jacket of Badges Southside 74

The Circus Of Horrors Circus Of Horrors Big Top Conversations With My Agent

53. 61

Pleasance 48 Dave Gorman - Reasons To Be Cheerful Pleasance 36 The Dope Andy Smart 35 Ed Byrne - A Night At The Opera Calder's Gilded Balloon 4 Ennio Marchetto Pleasance 68 Frank Lynn Ferguson 55 The Frisky Piglet

Piglet Productions Ltd 35 Gawk-A-Go-Go Brand X 76 Greetings From Hollywood

Cyndi Freeman 12

Hitchcock's Half Hour -

Psycho Vertigo Disco

Pleasance 47, 50 Holmes Alone James Holmes 3S Horses For Courses Peepolykus 50 I Don't Know If You're

Familiar With The Voodoo Phenomenon Of Zombie, But... Universal Grinding Wheel 48 Jeff Green Observer Assembly 35 Johnny Vegas: Selling Out

Calder's Gilded Balloon 4, 7 Jongleurs Comedy Clubs

Observer Assembly 73 Junior Simpson

Observer Assembly 70 The Last Big Iguana Competition Chunky Nimfot 55 Man Of A Thousand Heads

Kevin Gildea 58 Martin BigPig: Funny Ha-Ha

The Stand Comedy Club 61 Martin BigPig: Funny Peculiar

The Stand Comedy Club 61 Michael Smiley in Re: Cycling Calder's Gilded Balloon 57 Mike Gunn - Good Grief

Pleasance 74 Mitch Benn Southside 70 Mrs Nosey Parker Jenny Eclair 60 Noise And Other Announcements Geoff Boyz 74 No Contest

The Stand Comedy Club 68 No Spleen Carolyn Cohagan 74 Phil Kay Calder’s Gilded Balloon 73 Dave Gorman - Reasons To Be Cheerful Pleasance 32 Richard Herring - Playing Hide And Seek With Jesus Pleasance 50 Rich Hall The Shame Spiral Observer Assembly 4, 63, 66 Rob Newman

Observer Assembly 74

Rudy Coby - The Coolest Magician On Earth Calder’s Gilded Balloon

at the Palladium 4, 7, 63 Scott Capurro - Brain Souffle Pleasance 4, 47 Sean Cullen - Wood, Cheese And Children!

Calder's Gilded Balloon II 68 Sean lock Pleasance 64 Sean Meo: Catch 23 Pleasance 76 Stewart Lee Pleasance 68 There's More To Life Than

Meaty Eyes

Christie's Comedy Cellar 55 Tommy Tiernan: Undivine Comedy Pleasance 12 The Very Best Of Scottish Comedy The Stand Comedy Club 35 Viv 8: Jill Calder’s Gilded Balloon 58 What Lesbians Do . . . On Stage

Clare Summerskill 73

98.4% DNA - Being Human Desoxy 43. Car Maintenance. Explosives And Love Donna Jackson

Destino Tango Sexteto Cayengue and Club Tango S Rockaby/Rowdies The Shamans Sadie Potter The Kosh

The Water Carriers

Theatre Talipot

44 76 11 50 48


Under The Kilt And Under The Stars

Famous Grouse House


Professor Branestawm

Turning Heads 38 Who's Afraid Of Monsters?

Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival 38


An Evening With Howard Marks

Pleasance 35 Blue House Spiegeltent 8 Kamikaze Freak Show

Calder's Gilded Balloon 64 Mika - Ahi Ataahua (Beautiful Fire) Observer Assembly 73

Between The Lines

Calder's Gilded Balloon 49 Catriona MacDonald and

Annbjorg Lien

Famous Grouse House 82 Ceilidhs 77 East Winds Graffiti 78 Flamenco Puro Al Andaluz

Graffiti 77 Fruit Spiegeltent 82 Huckleberry Cas Rock 80 Larry Garner

Caledonian Brewery 77

The Mad Professor Cas Rock 80 Mediaeval Babes

The Far Out Venue 77

Ricky Ross

Calder’s Gilded Balloon 77

Richard Wood

Famous Grouse House 77


Famous Grouse House 77

Steve Harley

Observer Assembly 4, 77

Terem Quartet Graffiti 11

Trout Fishing In America

Spiegeltent 80 THEATRE

Adolf Company Theatre 27

The African Julius Caesar

Theatrum Botanicum 68

Airbase The SOCiety Theatre Co 48

Alice And Mr Dodgson

Tall Stories 50

Apples And Snakes Pleasance 76 Autocrat Scottish International

Presents te POOKa 8, 76 Babes With Blades

Footsteps Theatre Company 30 Between A Rock And

A Hard Place

Cambridge Footlights ' 57 Big Mary

Frantic Redhead Productions 39, 43 Bi Now, Pay Later

ARTTS International 38 Blood Below The Window

Bruce Morton 73 Bluebeard's Castle

Merlin International 4, 53 Circus Ethiopia

Circus Of Horrors Big Top 18 Confessions Of A Justified Sinner Brunton Theatre Company 57 Crave Paines Plough 64 Disco Pigs Corcadorca 4. S3

Dumped National Youth Theatre 58 Easy Access (Solo Remix)

Claire DOWie 43, 45

Emma. By Jane Austen

Gilded Balloon Productions 49 Fascinations From The Crowd

feCUnd Theatre 53 The Flowers In The Park

Alternative Shadows 27 Forbidden Games

Fran Landesman 60 Gargantua Grid Iron 4, 63 A Ghost Of A Chance

Maverick Theatre 74 The Good Fight

Calder's Gilded Balloon 43 Hair Nena Productions 30 Hamlet In The Mirror

Theatre Workshop 66 The Hole Fresh Milk 30 Hollywood Screams TOO -

Talkin' Turkeys

Guy Masterson Productions 57 Honestly HOIpOIIOI 48 An Immaculate Misconception Djanus Theatre 43 The Impressionist Mari Natsuki 70 It's Jackie Jackie Clune 73 Jordan Mona Buffini 55

Kill The Old Torture Their Young Traverse Theatre 4, 53 The Kissing-Dance or She Stoops To


National Youth MUSIC Theatre 55 Krapp's Last Tape RSC 47. 48 labels Company Theatre 53 Lakeboat DaVid Mamet 4, 43

The Last Obit Angela Pleasence 44

Letter To A Daughter

Observer Assembly 45 live Bed Show Sooety Anonime 74 The Mighty Boosh

Cambridge Footlights 57

Myra 8: Me Northern Theatre Co 47 Nothing But Pleasure

David Benson 44 OJ. Othello Cosmic 45 Once Derevo 4 Perfect Days

Traverse Theatre Company 4. 43, 44 Princess Sharon

Scarlet Theatre 8. 64 Richard III

English Shakespeare Company 38, 39 Room Belladonna Productions 58 Rum and Vodka

Lucid Productions 66 ScapinlA Dickens Of A Christmas Shoestring Players 39 Shaved Splits

Observer Assembly 47 Shylock

Guy Masterson Productions 44 The Sinking Of The Titanic Kesselolski 8. Fiske 49 A Soldier's Song

Guy Masterson Productions 4, 38, 39 Tooled Up - Stephen Powell Pleasance 45 Tales From The Women's

Locker Room Senga Women's Theatre Company 47, 51 The Tempest Activated Image 73 Transmission

1157 Performance Group 64 The Juggler Traverse Theatre 4. 47 The Wild Party The Mouse People 38 The Wrestling Masked Man Productions 39

The Year Of The Pig Haileybury 49 You Dance The Swords Alone Cerebus Theatre Company 66

6-13 Aug 1998 THE usrs