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COMEDY REVIEW The Circus Of Horrors

Warning: this show features fleeting nudity, a cruCIfied dwarf and more political incorrectness than you could shake a severed limb at. Otherwise it's fairly harmless family entertainment if your family goes by the name of Addams.

Directed by Pierrot Bidon, creator of Archaos, it's not an endless stream of sell-mutilating freaks such as those favoured by Jim Rose; although one gruesome act, The Wasp Boy, gets a lengthy, stomach-churning solo spot.

Mainly, though, it’s joky gore, a bit of nudge-Wink Innuendo, songs in the vein (ouch) of Alice Cooper and traditional circus skills given a macabre twist. Indeed, most of the shocks are defused by the sheer good- naturedness of it all. (Alastair Mabbott) The Circus Of Horrors (Fringe) Circus Of Horrors Big Top (Venue 50) 554 3037/226 2428, 7—37 Aug, 7.30pm. [12/[70(£9/£8).

COMEDY REVIEW Bob Doolally's World Cup Memories

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Imagine the dress sense of Harry Worth, the delivery, scatology and bIbulousness of Dave Allen and the archival nous of Bob Crampsey. You are almost arrivmg at an image of Bob 'The Gob’ Doolally. Bob's encyclopaedic, voddy-soaked knowledge of the great game extends to not realising the difference between Spurs and Tottenham and keeping his World Cup memories in a mini-


Though at times Irritating the running gags and the over- exaggerated commentator Speeali grind - it Is also very funny Doolally's comparison of Craig Burley to Wullie, and his notion of tilari- Zizr: ail» showmg faith In the dead Ronalrlo are prime examples. (Brian Donaldson 2% Bob Doolally’s World C up New mans (Fringe) The Stand CO/iiedi’ C(11): (Venue 5) 558 7272, 7 30 xii/fir, 7.30pm, £5 ([4)

COMEDY REVIEW Martin BigPig: Funny Pecufiar its: air In biblical parlance, Martin BK}qu :s an hairy man. That beard's real, folks so are the tattoos, the nipple ring and the bayonet. During his show, BigPIi; wrll demonstrate just how real they all are But don’t be put off (except by the squirmtastic nipple ring demo), for Martin BigPig Is an hosmahle man, who shakes hands and exchanges amicable banter wrth his audient e BigPig’s show Is structured around a range of props. Each has a special function; and several won’t feature in his daytime show, Funny Ha-Ha, which is sunable for kids. And lo, BigPIg is an humorous and oft an hilarious man. (Andrew Burnet) Martin BigPig: Funny Peculiar (Fringe) The Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5) 558 7272, 7 -30 Aug int): 17) 7pm, [5 ([4). % Mart/n BigPig: Funny Ha-Ha (Fringe) The Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5) 558 7272, 8—30 Aug (not 77) .’2 30pm, [5 (£4).


The Circus Of Horrors: it does what it says on the label

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