Arjy bargey

Last year, the Fringe virgin Arj Barker popped his cherry and regaled audiences with tales of an American abroad. This time he feels a little more at home.

’My Dad is trying to take over my body,’ observes Arj with more than a hint of worry. 'He’s manifesting himself in my waistline. He’s trying to become me. I got it under control, but I have to exercise otherwise my Dad will take over.’

Some of this paranoia could be down to the fact that Arj is speaking to The List in Amsterdam. We've heard that their cigarettes are stronger than British ones but, more likely, he’s simply suffering the usual worries that afflict the young when faced with advancing age. Arj, it would seem, is a little older and wiser than the ingénue who charmed the Fringe last year. His gentle, wide-eyed observations earned him a Perrier newcomer award, since when his life has been a bit of a whirl. Not content with touring Europe and the States, Arj has made several TV appearances and will appear in a Stephen Poliakoff drama on the BBC later this year. He’s moved from San Fran to LA and got himself a place in the home of the stars on Venice

Beach. ’lt’s almost like the whole Baywatch scene in a way. You won’t get any work done if you sit near the

window,’ he chortles, happily.

But all such bikini fun pales into insignificance next to his debut appearance on The David Letterman Show in the States. ’People aren’t so aware of the Perrier award in America,’ considers Arj. 'But if you say that you’ve been on Letterman then people offer you food

and invite you to meet their sister.’



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Horny devil: Arj Barker

So Letterman is more of an aphrodisiac than a Perrier

’Well, I had a pretty good time up in Scotland last

year,’ he grins. ’l was crazy about this girl (awww, sweet!) and then she dumped me (shame!) and then I met another great girl! (hurrahl)’

Pay Mr Barker a visit - your girlfriend will love you for it. (Jonathan Trew)

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She's got a lot to answer for has that Kate Moss. The cameos in Primal Scream videos are pretty cool, but she can’t be forgiven for inflicting the

Fat's all folks: Gargantua

tyranny of the waifish waistline on a choc-guzzling world and making anyone who doesn’t resemble a pipecleaner with cheekbones feel like the Michelin Man on a Mars Bar bender

Thank the skies and munch the pies, then, for Grid Iron theatre, whose

Gargantua ~ ’a comedy of bodily functions’ - is set to tip the scales of foody fashion in entirely the opposite direction.

'lt's a lot to do With the way food effects Our lives, how food can form the weekend, can make you fall in love, can make you feel Iustful,’ says Grid lron's Judith Doherty.

Loosely based on the myth of Gargantua a giant famous for his enormous appetite which Rabelais turned into a bawdy satire, Grid Iron have deVised a promenade production which celebrates indulgence, sensuality and celebration itself.

Appropriately for the company who sold-out a run of The Bloody Chamber in the spooky subterrenea of Mary King's Close at last year’s Fringe, Grid Iron are performing Gargantua in The Underbelly, seven atmospheric rooms in the bowels of the Central Library. Get on down. (Peter Ross)

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8pm —10Pm

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6-13 Aug 1998 THE usrss i