Rudy Coby

Homicidal clowns, saucy robotic nurses and cutting your own legs off with a chainsaw it's all in a night’s work for Rudy Coby, the self- styled ’coolest magician on earth’, who makes his UK debut at the Festival this week. Blowing away the idea of a traditional magic show like a bunny in a top hat full of napalm, Coby plays the character of Labman, a scientific super-hero, whose boffin buffoonery is an excuse for increasingly spectacular magic tricks and illusions. Coby is an American phenomenon thanks to two cartoonish TV specials and his own range of comic books. Now you can check out his mad-for—it scientist shtick for yourselves. Rudy Coby (Fringe) Calder’s Gilded Balloon At The Palladium (Venue 26) 226 275 7, 9 Aug—5 Sep, times vary, £8 (f 7).

Just A Tickle

Comedy and injustice are not obvious bedfellows, but civil rights organisation Amnesty International has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with the hot names in humour. This year’s Amnesty fundraiser at the Fringe is in honour of two Burmese comedians, U Pa Pa Lay and U Lu Zaw, who told one joke too many at the Myanmar government’s expense and are now languishing in jail. Stars appearing on their behalf include Jenny Eclair, Sean Lock, Ed Byrne and Chris Addison, compered by lovely Alan Davies. You will buy a ticket. You will attend. You will laugh. Otherwise this young lady will have to examine you . . . Just A Tick/e (Fringe) Amnesty In ternational, Observer Assembly (Venue 3) 226 2428 (tickets also available from Amnesty, 557 8279) 70 Aug only, 77.30pm, £72.50 (£70).

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6—13 Aug 1998 rue usr 7