Resurrection Man

Actor Stuart Townsend beauty on the outside, beast within provides the focus for intensity in this latest take on Northern Ireland’s 'Troubles’. It's Belfast 1975, and Victor Kelly rises to top dog (of the rabid variety) in a Loyalist gang. His vicious exploits with a razor-sharp knife cause the city’s Catholics to look twice over their shoulders and a local journalist to get dangerously close to the story. Townsend’s dark eyes are like bottomless wells of psychotic energy, but when the camera isn’t on him, the story meanders. (Alan Morrison)

Resurrection Man is available to rent on PolyGram Video from Mon 70 Aug

I'm with the Bureau.

Agent Willmore.


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The X-Files

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In his debut novel, James Flint carries three characters and their associated lives with apparent ease. Jennifer seduces Judd and then, years later, Joel. The result is a child, Emma, with two biological fathers and three strands of DNA, but physically unusual and with a greater consciousness than the norm. The book is an excellent philosophical satire, constantly

. drawing lines between

machines and humans all observed from orbit by Russian space dog Laika. While occasionally dipping heavily into scientific

Forged Metal

The number-crunching, power-lunchrng world of the London Metal Exchange seems an unlikely starting point for an expose of post- perestroika explortation of Siberian miners, but that’s exactly what Forged Metal reveals. When high-flying trader Alexandra Brookes visits Russia to broker a deal, she doesn’t realise she’s just a pawn in a place where double-crossing and violent recriminations are the only currency. Glasgow-born Lesley Campbell's debut is a taut thriller which, while nothing new, convinces in its depiction of the literally cut-throat world of international trading. (Dawn Lindsey)

Forged Metal by Lesley Campbell is published by Bantam on Thu 73 Aug, priced f 9.99.

explanation, the story moves along rapidly, drawing people and events

together to reveal a larger picture. (Simone Baird)

Habitus by James Flint is published by 4th Estate on Thu 6 Aug, priced f 16. 99 hardback/f 10.99 paperback.

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