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s mensr 13—20 Aug i998

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Cartoon counterparts at the Edinburgh Festival. This issue: Scott Capurro and Mr Garrison

()lcay, we admit it, the link between the abrasive gay comic and the right—Wing,

~ hoidei'line-psychotic teacher is a tenuous

Wv one, but they both use glow puppets, all

‘1 right? Capui'ro’s new ac t, Brain Souffle is a

comedy about murder and date rape With hand puppets, while Mr Garrison daily corrupts South Park's young minds with the help of the WM Mr Hat. More unlikely, however, is that Capurro would subscribe to Garrison’s view that 'gay people are eViI right down to their cold, black hearts which pump, not blood, but rather a thick, vomitous Oil that clots in their pea-sired brains which becomes the cause of their Nazi-esque patterns of behaVIour.’ (Peter Ross)

House Of Usher

Rumocir has it that filmmaker-cum-d:gital artist Dawd Palser locked his actors in cupboards and fed them charcoal biscuits And apparently this is not unusual when working on Edgar Allen Poe's classic of doom and gloom, The Fall Of The House Of Usher People often go mad, says Dalser, whose film version ’a fusion of digital art and sOundscape’ A IS an update Of Steven Berkoff’s stage adaptation of the classic. Using state-of-the-art technology, Palser’s production is to get big-screen treatment With showmgs on Princes Street Gardens' open-air screen Brace yourself for digital spooks (Susanna Beaumont)

The Virtual House Of Usher, Princes Street Gardens, 79


Take two Barcelona-basc-id artists, one a dancer With architectural leanings, the other a Visual artist With a taste for gadgets. Add a classically trained British dancer and a commissioned score from a modern French composer, and vol/al, one Festival dance enigma Out of this European aitistic buffet, savour the music’s poetry and delicate shading, the diverse Visual referent es of the designs and the gentle irony of the subtle movement language And wonder if you'll ever work out the meaning of the title . _

(Don Morris)

Zuiri/uniols'a (International Festival) Company/a De Dansa Gelabert-Azzoparcli, Edinburgh Playhouse, 473 2000, I7 81 l8Auc}, 7. 30pm, ,[5 [22

Mark Lamarr

Too right-on for The Word, too hacked-off for

Shooting Stars, sleek, seeemg SOs throwhriCk. grease

Junkie Mark Lamarr should f=t "iol‘t in at the Fringe Fronting Edinburgh Nights sort of lne list on telly for the second year running, tarnavxr volt focus his

impress-me glare on the \.'~. or d's b'ggest arts festival

and, doubtless, he horr h'y cruel to any 'wacky' street

performers who dare to step on his blue suede shoes ‘This year I'm hoping to ext)eriei‘.ce even more suh- standard student Shakespeare, guitar-Juggling Australians and xxhite-‘ac eci "times, says Lamarr Witheringly iPete" Ross‘

Edinburgh Nights, 88(2, «’8, 79, 2.7, 25, 26 81 28 Aug,

7 8i 2 Sep, 7 7 750m

Mar/c Lamarr hosts Best Of The Fest (Ff/ligt’l The Palladium il/enue 26' 226 2 l S 7, until l4 Aug, 70pm, l7 79AM}, ll 30mm, [91.8