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The structure of The List has been altered to make room for on-the-spot coverage at the Edinburgh Festival. But there’s still enough going on in Glasgow to turn your nightlife upside down.


122 UNKLE 135 Frontlines

James Lavelle talks exclusively to The List about . . 131 Letters working With Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, DJ

Shadow et al. 130 Film 129 Film index & listings

78 Bis 122 Music

Manda Rin and the boys reach stage two in the 121 Record reviews Teen-C sound. 120 Rock & Pop listings llmtt Ihtiimaii iii “iv Avengers Jazz “Stings

. . . 118 Folk & World listings 28 Sp|rltuall26d 118 Classical & Opera listings

Jason Pierce takes space to a universal dimenSion. "7 Theatre

117 o &D Ii i 19 Culture rama ance st ngs

Hip hop is in the charts, acid house is in the 117 comedy

mainstream but is the Edinburgh Festival 116 Clubs

getting street smart? 115 Clubs listings 112 Venues

111 Art PLUS: 111 Gallery listings

The Avengers girls get on top (135); 109 aassified Tupac Shakur is Gang Related (130); 109 Recruitment The Future Engineers shift up a gear (116); 104 Fiatshare

_ _ Robert Redford rides in on The Horse Whisperer (73); 101 I Saw You

" "-'-i-".$l=*i""t0'§"i"-’ Rob Newman writes for The List (36)

Your essential guide to the best shows . at this year’s Edinburgh Festival and Fringe E starts at the other end of the magazine

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