Jack Lemmon

Following successful one-to-ones with the likes of Martin Scorsese, Moviedrome presenter Mark Cousins has secured the first major interview with screen legend Jack Lemmon in twelve years. They will discuss classics like Some Like It Hot (seen here, with Lemmon and Tony Curtis in drag) and The Odd Couple, and get the lowdown on why Lemmon turned down the role of the Sundance Kid. ’I never wanted to be John Wayne, but when I saw Jack Lemmon in The Apartment, I knew that was the kind of man I wanted to be,’ says Cousins. ’He is the best kind of 20th century male.’ (Peter Ross)

Scene 8y Scene With Jack Lemmon, BBCZ, Sat 75 Aug, 10.40pm.

Pagan Kennedy

The Exes

Attempting to write the great rock ’n' roll novel has been the undOing of many a y0ung writer, and your heart may well Slnk when you find out that The Exes is another story about aspiring twentysomething musiCians in America's ’alternative' music scene, But don't be put off, The Mist in the tale is that the band of the title is made up exclusively of ex-lovers, and the ins and outs of their emotional lives make this a far cry from the usual one boy and his gUitar CIIChéS, Pagan Kennedy has created a Witty and intelligent book which fully lives up to her reputation as Boston’s answer to 00ug|as Coupland, (Brendan Wallace)

The Exes by Pagan Kennedy is published by Simon and Schuster on Thu 73 Aug, priced [9,99,

~.;r or Sptnstors shortlisted tor the Orange Prize

Banjo- Kazome

The N64 has been trading on the reputation of Go/denEye for too long Here to change things is Ban/o- Kazome, a 3D platformer that may be as good as the mighty Super Mario 64 Typically, for Nintendo, the cute factor is cranked way up You play Banjo, a huggable Honey Bear who teams up With KdZOOIE‘ ta Red Crested Breegull, natchl to rescue his kid sister Tooty from eVIl hag, Gruntilda Okay, it's more vomit-inducmg than a candyfloss curry, but Banjo-KaZOOie is action- packed, graphically superb and looks set to JOIl‘. the Nintendo pantheon tPeter Rossl

Bari/o-Kazooie for the N64 IS out now, priced [49 99

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