The SweetHereafter .

What makes for a great piece of film writing? Witty Woody Allen one-liners? Smart Tarantino pop culture monologues? In Atom Egoyan's transcendentally moving The Sweet Hereafter, it's there in the way that the backstory to characters, their heartaches and the tensions between them can be conveyed in a few lines within a short scene. In the film Ian Holm plays a lawyer whose 'mission' to represent the parents of a group of children killed in a car crash forces him to consider his own troubled times with his daughter. This is one of the most emotionally precise films of the 905. (Alan Morrison)

The Sweet Hereafter is available to rent on Alliance Video from Wed 79 Aug.


Bar Ce Lona

So, the weather's not been an exact replica of the Costa Del Sol climate. In fact, it’s probably been warmer and drier north of the Arctic Circle, but what the hell. If you want to add a little Balearic bounce to your paso doble then sashay down to Sauchiehall Street for the opening of Bar Ce Lona, a new bar/restaurant that has taken its inspiration from the likes of Gaudi, Picasso and Dali.

Operating on two levels, Bar Ce Lona hopes to add a splash of Mediterranean style to the thus dreary summer. The furniture and fittings all exude the kind of off-the-bendy-wall Gaudiesque design that looks truly mind-warping, and entry to the bar is, naturally, by way of a bridge. Downstairs is more of a restaurant space with a pan-European menu taking in everything from tapas snacks to more substantial meals. Now you can go loco somewhere a bit more local. (Jonathan Trew) Bar Ce Lona opens at 427 Sauchiehall Street (332 2528) on Sat 75 Aug.

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