Turn for the better

I like the way you've separated out what’s on in both Glasgow and Edinburgh during the Festival period. In past years, I remember feeling that the Glasgow events were lost in amongst the Festival deluge, but the ‘upside down' idea makes the divide more distinctive and, I'd say, easier to use. I don’t go through to Edinburgh much, so I can pretend that everything that's on at the Festival is just an additional section conveniently placed at the back of the 'real' magazine. Peter Matthews


Stars and gripes

Several publications seem to have breathed a sigh of relief with the release of Armageddon, heralding it as the best of the Summer blockbusters. Well, I went along and, despite the fact that it is excrting and the effects do work, I felt rather uncomfortable wrth the subtext.

Okay, I can already hear other readers groaning. 'Subtext': what is this, Sight & Sound? Movies, particularly those from Hollywood, are just about switching your mind off and munching on popcorn, aren’t

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they? No, they’re not. If they introduce a political level, however jokingly, it has to be taken seriously when the film Will be seen by millions 80055 the world.

Bruce Willis's first appearance in Armageddon has him hitting golf balls from an oil rig at a Greenpeace boat. How America will laugh. Willis then goes on to save the world from a meteor. How America will cheer. Oh yeah? Well, try to remember that Greenpeace are doing more to save the world in real life than any overpaid

Hollywood actor could ever hope to " achieve. Sharon Moffat Glasgow

Rights of Spfinger

Where do the Independent Television Commission get off rapping the knuckles of ITV for showing Violent episodes of the Jerry Springer Show before the watershed?

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Sure, the guests have punch-ups, but they're all a bunch of grit-munchin', beer-chuggin', sister-lovin' rednecks anyway, so who cares if they beat each other to a greasy pulp? Springer's show is fantastic entertainment (you can't beat two guys with mullets squaring up at lunchtime) and the perfect antidote to Ricki Lake's anodyne empathon. Go Jerry!

Rosie Hartley


Editor: Hmmm, is the future of TV real/y trailer trash punch-ups in a studio environment? Let’s hope not. But after catching the young Ricki Lake in a TV screening of Cry Baby recently, we ’re likely to veer towards jerry too. Have some Smirnoff Blue to celebrate.

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