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Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 5151 Tower Records Argyle Street. 204 2500.

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 227 551 1.

Virgin Princes Street, 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge.

226 7010. ’. _ y.“ .. Assembly Rooms George Street. ~ y g“. . O: .\ w 220 434‘) t . . . a __ ,

I Headswrm float to the top at The Cathouse, Thu 20 Aug. m = t'mtm. John Street 55: 1895. 9pm. iii-cc. I Flatfish NB‘s nut. Haliitoral Hotel. I Rock'n'roll'n'R'n'B Dance Night

1 Students and guests. Interesting post- Princes Street. 550 2414. ‘).30pm. Soul 1 liourhon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 01-11. Glasgow punk guitar sounds trom Angelica. it and hlttes outlit. ; ‘)pm. £3. Take your partner for a jiying

I Voices King 'l’ut's Walt Wah lltit. St Vincent Street. 321 527‘). S.3()piii. £3.50. I Cantanlt and Squander Pilots The 13111 Note (Kile. King Street. 553 1033. ‘)pm. £1.

I Temporal Shift. Beretta and Smudge Dolby l‘tii'y Murrys. Maxwell Street. 221 (i511. ‘)pm. £3 (advance). £4 (door). including entry to the post-gig cluh.

I Gringo, Livewire, Stonedog and Sponge Strawheri'y l‘ields’. ()swaltl Street. 231 7871. ‘)pm. £3.

I Shah-malt Kilkennys. John Street. 553 3505. ‘)pm. l‘i'ee.

I Terrorvision Rico's. Ann Street. (ireenock. 01475 783 705. £7. No age restriction. The pop metalltsts return with slightly more sensihle haircuts and an litlwyn (‘ollins-produced single ‘Josephine'. playing Scotlanth more neglected gigging locations hel‘ore returning next month to play a higger tour,

I Live Music ('ayei‘n liar. Stt'athclytle liiiiyet'sity lTnion. .lohn Street 553 IS‘)5. ‘)pm. l'i'ee. Students and guests.

I Live Music The Hall llar. Woodlands Road. 504 I527. ‘)pni. l'i'ee.


I Cherry Pickers Attic. Dyers (lose. (‘owgattn 225 S 3S2. 7.30pm. £3. Senti- (itllil t'ttc‘kel's.

I Sweet As Nli's liar. lialiiioral llotel. Princes Street. 550 341.1. ‘).30pm. l‘tink‘ and acid-tan.

I Mara l‘iscal and l-ii'kin. Hunter Square. ‘).3ll[)ltt. lice. .-\c‘titt\1lc‘ litilk- trick

I El Cometa10 ls'ulu's .la// John. Henry ‘s (‘ellar liar. MorrisonStreet. 331 1388. 10pm 3am. £11.Altolattnotiink tan.

I Tin Comic/Cinnamon Skin/TBA Vaults. \iddi'ie Street. 558 ‘)053 ‘)ptii. £3.

I Huckleberry/The Amphetameanies/Policecat l’l.iiiet l’t‘l‘. (‘as Rock. \Vest l’oit. 22943-11. ‘)pm_ £4. Brass tinged pop tor a knees-tip night out.



I Pink Monkey Bird, Superfluff .tnd Workshy King 1111‘s \Vali \Valt lltit. St Vincent Street. 331 537‘), S 30pm £3 50 local hand tiiple hill.

I Spong, AWKB .tnd The Creeping Charlies .\'ice 'n' Slea/y. Sauchtehall Street. 333 9032. ‘lpltt.

I Hullaballoo (hand (He ()pty. l’aisley'l'ol|.-13‘) 53‘)o. "stipm. czsti ' t£l.50 tiiemheisi. ('otintty sounds.

I Buzzer, The Kennedys and The Third Way 1‘01} Mtiri'ys. Masyy ell Street. 331 o5! 1. 0pm. £3 50 t;ls1\.111(k'1. £-l tdooi 1. including entry to the post~gig cluh

I Angelica and George McGregor

t‘ay etn Bat. Stiathclyde l'niy ersin

iiientoi'y seryes.

I The Cobramatics Meetiuttls. High Street. 552 2135. 10pm. l‘ree. R&ll.

I The Magic Blues Surfers Meetiuills Way Out West. Kelytnhaugh Street. 221 556‘). ‘).30 mi. l-‘ree.

I Bad Influence Springwell lnn. Kirkiiitilloch. 775 0570. ‘).30pm. 1-‘ree.


I Seattle Nll's Bar. Balitioi‘al llotel. Princes Street. 556 241-1. ‘).30pm. Popular local comho.

I Swirler Kulti's Ja// Joint. Henry‘s (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 331 1285'. 10pm 5am. £5/£~l. l-‘tinky six piece. I Bis/El Hombre Trajeado/Sour Tooth l’lanet l’op. ('as Rock.\\'es1 Port. 22‘) 43-11. ‘)pm. £5/£.l.50. Return of the Sweet Shop Ayengers. See preyiew in l-‘estiyal music section.



I The Slide, Melon and The Honeyflys King 'l'tit's Walt Walt lltit. St Vincent Street. 231 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50. Another 'l'ut's triple hill of local acts including the hrasli po ) ol'lhe lloney‘llys.

I The A ba Revival ltourhon Street. George Street. 552 01-11. 7pm. £5

l‘).50 with dinner). ()ne ot' the many trihutes to the tah Swedish popsters and their litiroyision legacy.

I TrampaS(it‘;tllt1()1c‘()pt'}. l’aisley Road loll. -13‘) 53‘)(i. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.50 iiiemhers). ('otintry.

I The Rough Kutz, The Amphetameanies and Newtown Grunts Nice 'n' Slea/y'. Saucliieliall Street. 333 ‘)()37. ‘)piii. .-\n eyening ot' ska and punk mayhem. including local ska stipergi'oup 'l‘he .-\iii ihetanieanies.

I The Twisted Me ons (‘axei'n Hat. Strathclyde l'niy'erstty 1'nion. John Street 553 IS‘)5. ‘)pm. l-ree. Students and guests.

I Hip'operation .\1e(‘tiuttls way ()tit \Vcst. Kely inhattgh Street. 331 550‘). ‘).30piii. l‘ree.

I The Dazes \\'.t\ys. (Kindleiiggs. 553 S717. 9.3111‘111. tree.

I Nimmo Brothers ts’ilkeniiys. .1011” Street. 553 3505. 5 7pm. l-tee.

I Die Happy Kilkennys. John Street. 5.52 3505. ‘)_30pm. tree.

I Bad Influence (‘i-atgntailtcti. (‘titiihet'naultl 013% S50 5 31 ‘) 30pm tree.

I Open Stage The Hall 13;tt.\\'oodlands Road. 5o4 1537-1 Spin l~tee 'l‘uin tip. pltig in. play on.

I Live MUSiC 'lihe 11.111 13.11. \VtititllantlS Road. 504 1.537. 9pm. l-iee

Edinburgh I Liquid Lunch/New Rising .-\ttie.

Dyers (’lose. (‘ow gate. 335 S383. 7.30pm. £3. Tickets 111 adyance t'roiii Ripping. Douhle hill of local dance

1t ic k.

I Mara linsign liwart. 521 l.awiiiarket. Royal Mile. 225 7441). ‘)pm. l-i'ee. Acoustic folk-rock.

I Tim Amann Quartet Ktilu's Ja/J. Joint. Henry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288, 10pm 5am. £5. l‘resh from the Montreux Ja/z l‘estiyal.

I Chi/pit Family l’lanet Pop, (Hts Rock. West Port. 23‘) 4341. ‘)ptii. £4. Acerhic rock.

Glasgow I Smackvan The 13111 Note (.101). ('Iyde Street. 331 (1111111102553 1038. 10pm. £3. (ilaswegian recluses and creators ot' ‘atmosplieric soundscapes' and the like who has e .i douhle .-\-side 7-inch otit at the moment on Sano Mttsic. Worth inyestigating. particularly hecatise they don’t cotne ottt ot' hiding yeiy olten.

I Swelling Meg, Peeps Into Fairyland and Eska The Sunday Mullet. The 13th Note (’al'e. King Street. .553 1033. 9pm. £2. 'l'wisted folk-tinged melodrama t'i'om Swelling Meg and l'S-iiillttenced garage rampaging trom the entirely contrasting liska.

I Screwed! 'l'he (‘atliotise. l'nioii Street. 2-18 (iotlo, 7.30pm. £5. A local hand show case eyent with the line-up to he continued. 'l'liere w ill he in e groups appearing on the night,

I One Root, Regorge and Trench .‘s'tee 'ii' Slea/y. Sauchiehall Street. 333 0037. ‘)pm, Don‘t know anything ahotit these hands hut it sounds nasty.

I Rambling Fever (intuit ()le ()pt'y. l’aisley Road loll. 43‘) 5390, 7.30pm. £2.50 l .50 memhers). ('otintry.

The Honeyflys sweeten-up King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 15 Aug.

lesson and then ptit your newly-acquired skills to use on the dancelloor to a soundtrack ol the R&B and roek'n‘roll. I Djinni, Riverdog and Soft Porn Eddle Stt'awherry liields. ()swald Street. 321 7871. ‘)pm. £3. line-up of local hands.


I Jazz Biscuit Kulu's Ja/l. Joint. Henry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm 3am. £3. Jan. inipro.


I Acoustic Night Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)o37. ‘)pm. (iet'ry l.yon.s hosts his weekly open stage. with tree heer tor participants.

I Live Music (‘ayern Bar. Strathclytle t'niyersity t'nion. John Street 552 13%. ‘)pm. l‘ree. Students and guests.


I Fireball 8 Attic. Dyers ('ltise. (‘owgate. 225 S382. lam. £1. 11 you're feeling supersonic iii the early hours. check otit these local rockers.

I Benson (‘ommon (irotinds. 2 North Bank Street. 220 1-110. 9.3Upttt. l‘i'ee. t'nplugged.

I Mara World‘s lind. 4 High Street. 556 3038. ‘).30Ptii. l‘ree. Acoustic folk-rock. I Altered Beats 98 Preview Phase 1 Kulti's Ja/l Joint. llenry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 321 1388. 10pm 3am. £3. Drum ‘n‘ Bass The Jan lileiiient.

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