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Artisan 98

Forget basket-weavrng and ma( rame Alt/sari Is all about contemporary crafts for the modern age. Warhol-inspired textiles, ”.o\.'.er' olor k’ lamps and futuristic furniture feature in what has become the largest speCIallsed crafts festival in Europe, whtc h takes Ill the 155 exhibitors, from glassmakers t0 Interior designers, li‘.(‘ldl-\‘.’()l‘l<(‘l8 to textile designer's. This hat IS by Sally Arm Provan, one of S<ot|a't(l's most uoterl mrllmers, whose creations cross the Rohm Hootl look With the stylishly outlarttlltsh, BOund to turn heads lSUSrilth Beaumont»

Art/San 98 (Fringe) Edinburgh Internat/ona/ Conference Centre r‘/e/lue 796) 225 2059, 79-23 Aug, 7 lam 7pm, [5 ’l/l(/tl(/(‘S catalogue»

Dmitri Hvo‘rOStovsky.

. Don't let the looks deceive you. In Verdi's I Masnadieri, Dmitri Hvorostovsky is "a nasty piece of work. The

Russian-born baritone sings the part of Francesco, an utter villain who cheats his brother out of an inheritance

and locks his own father up in a tomb. When the production visited in Baden-Baden in June, the Financial Times reckoned Hvorostovsky 'charts a confident course from unscrupulous aristocrat to conscience-stricken desperado'. There's obviously fire beneath that cool surface that could ward off the coldest winter in his Siberian homeland. (Alan Morrison)

Masnadieri (International Festival) The Royal Opera, Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 473 2000, 19, 21 & 24 Aug, 7.15pm, £5-E50.

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