Be awed and inspired by the Jengaheads - Wed at the Living Room and Thu at Cul De Sac Bar

I Mojo at Mojo. 9pm—inidnight. Free. DJ Scud (Reds/Velvet Rooms) with soulful garage and disco grooves.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic (downstairs at Miros). 9pm--midniglit. The Sub Club‘s Thursday night resident and label boss of Fenetik Records down at this new bar every week for hip hop. drutn & bass and break. Pre- club.

I Parldife at The Arena. l0.30pm—3am. £4 (£3). Glasgow‘s first and foremost Britpop night. playing classic dance/pop/indie/retro/soul sounds from the (i0s to the 90s. Drinks promos all night.

I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge.

I lpm—3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle in the main club with 90s club and indie or down in the Trophy Room with Ina for a more commercial mix. Gay. Special Pride events all weekend.

I Radio City at The Attic. l0.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). The original retro cltib. playing Stax. Motown. Stones. The Who. etc.

I Rapt at The Apartment. | lpm—3am. £8. Jim Da Best playing a wildly eclectic mix of big tunes. crossing genres like nobtidy‘s business.

I Sabroso! at Havana. Rpm—midnight. l-‘ree. (‘lub (‘ubana's Duncan Kane and Shannon Shiell joined by Ana and Farah for a wide range of hi-NRG Latin and tropical lloor-shaket's from teclino-merengtie lo the latest Latin rap. y ia smooth salsa and retro Latin grooves.

I Salsa Sabrosa at The l3lh Note (‘ltib (basement). Spm—l0.45pm. £4 (£3.50). Karen l’asi takes her massively popular Salsa classes from The Lime down to The |3lli Note eyery‘ Friday night. Beginners welcome. Pre-club. Free tickets available for the club that runs afterwards.

I Shag at Fury .‘yltiri'y‘s.

llpm 3. I 5am. £4 (£3). The sexiest. cheesiest tunes ever from Mark and James G.

I Skank at The Hall Bar.

0pm midnight. Free. (‘rucial vibes guys getting you ‘irie for the night ahead' apparently. \Vell handy for their Bedsil do e\ei‘y other Friday too.

I Spectrum at Archaos. l0pin<3am. £7 (£5). latest outing for the (‘olours crew. with hour e for a glammed-up crowd from residents Jon Mancini and Geoff Monlford. Hip hop in the first bar. Drinks promos.

I Strathclyde University Student Union l0pm—3am. Free. (‘heesy dance and indie in l.e\ el 8 and The Dark Room.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. 9pm—3am. £5. Party night with 60s sounds.

I Tangent at The Sub Club. llpm—3am. 15 Aug and fortnightly. £7 (£5). More love atid guts from the Tangent crew ofA-inan and Panic who are now firmly established as the credible Friday night alternative mixing up funky house. techno and a whole bunch of weird shit.

I Tchico at Russell's Bar/Cafe.

X—l lpm. Free. DJ Tchico with R848. hip hop and swing.

I Trash at Trash. llpm-3am. £5 (£4). Busy. easy going night with funky house in Room ()ne from Stevie Smith and street soul. swing and classic grooves in Room Two from D.) Grahame.

I Un-cut at The Arches. l lpm~ 3am. £5. New weekly night that replaces the gaping hole left by Slam's recent departure. Slam are executive producers of the night and it‘s got their seal of excellence. with hotshot D.) Q in residence every week. joined by (‘raig and Graetne of Soma‘s Silicone Sottl and Laurence Hughes.

I Velvet Rooms l0pm- 3am. £(i. Alan Ronald in Room Two with an open mix from house anthems and disco lo soul. Martin Hesketh in Room ()ne playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.


I Archaos at Archaos. l lpm 3am. £8 (£6). Chris Harris and AJ. llll\ tip garage and house for a busy. moderater dressy crowd. with Scott and Geoff playing cltib classiCs in Room Two. Paul Tray nor plays R&B. sw mg and hip hop in Room Three.

I Bar 10 9pm midnight. Free. Busy hard house pre-club w ilh Nick Peacock and guests.

I Bargo llpm-midnight. l‘l'L'L'. Dancey pre-club night with guest l).ls from some of the better underground club nights in the city.

I Bennets ll.30pni 3am. L‘mfii l).l Sara with a good dancey Il)l\ Drinks promos. (iay.

I Born at The Born. llpm 3am. to t £5 ). Stevie Smith. Keith Py per and guests with funky house and garage at this new dressy yenue. Drinks promos.

I Bonkers at Bunkers llpm 3am £5 after midnight. £4 before (‘ltib classics at this after-office hang-out with residents Day id ('ampbell and \obble \Vliitelayv

I Budda .il Budda. .\pm midnight l'l't‘t' Solemusic's Stey ie for garage and deep house Drinks prointw l’i‘e-cliib

I the Cathouse l0.30pm- 3am. £4 (£3.50; £2.50 before ll.30pm). Three floors of rock. grunge. contemporary indie and indie dance. Bil cheesier and more accessible than before. Drinks promos.

I Classic PM at Fury M urry's.

llpm—3. l5ain. £5 (£3). Club classics in the tnain room with DJs Jim Downie and Sean Webster. Quality indie music from Twister upstairs at this generally studenty

I Club 69 Rocksy’s Basement. l0pin--2.30am. £5. Martin. Wilba and Barrie of Rub-A-Dub play the best atid deepest from the underground. joined frequently by guests of high standing. Well worth the taxi fare out from the city. but note the midnight curfew. Aug l5. live show from live Human'. San Francisco hip hop outfit with live double bass. drums. other instruments and DJ Quest. I Cool lemon at The Arches.

l lpm—4am. £ l0. l5 Aug only. Paterson and Price bow out from their monthly night at the Arches to focus on a forthcoming weekly event in town. For their finale they welcome dowti the legendary Felix Da Housecat. (Aphrohead. Radikal Fear etc) who will definitely turn tip this time despite a couple of no-shows a few years back. See Hitlist.

I Cul De Sac Cul De Sac Bar. ‘)--l lpm. Free. Spin-back king Jim Hutchison from Teknotis with hard house and techno. Drinks promos.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). l0pmr late. £3.50 (£2.50 Glasgow School ()fArl students). Andrew Divine and Htish Puppy with Northern soul. Hammond grooves. bubblegum pop. wah-wah funk. Moog power and chemical breakbeats.

I Electric Cabaret at The Apartment.

l lpm-3am. £8. Saturdays here take on a new direction as Cris Biguni takes over the night along with ()scar every other week. Latin fever iii to big beat and then moving on to funky house. Note that the regular night isjoined by Mish Mash ol) the last Saturday of each month.

I Free Form at The 13th Note (‘luh lllptll—~3attl. £3 (free before I lpm). Steven and Paul Watt with two floors of soul. Latin. jau and funk. Note that The 13th Note has now moved to Clyde Street and is open as a bar from 8pm.

I Heat at Tin Pan Alley. llpm 3am. £5 (£4). (‘ominercial house at this city centre venue.

I the Garage l0pm- 3am. £6 (£4); £| off before I lpm. An honest-to-goodness top night oiil with charty dance sounds downstairs from Dave Ross and alternative sounds in the attic.

I Home Cookin' at Baba/a.

5.30pm 3am (DJs from llpm). £5 (free before llpm). Pumping mix from Grahame Wilson of funk. rare groove and hip hop.

I Knucklehead at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). l0pm--lale. £4 (£3.50 Glasgow School of Art students). l'nderground electronics presented by dein l).ls .lilkes and llatch. lnlo its fourth year and consolidating itself as the club to hear true funk technology. Freaky dancing actively encouraged.

I Lime al The Lime. llpin~ 3am. £(i (£4). l).l Fill with a commercial clubby llll\ plus £l drink promo.

I Lure at Bar Sail/a. Spin midnight. l-ree. l).ls Ziggy and Bob get housey for a crowd heading off to Archaos alid the Sub (‘ltib Pie-club.

I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge.

l0 illl‘m 3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo l ounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ lna with a camp has of housey faxes and anthems. oi down in the Trophy Room with John for x0s pop. punk and new w ay e. Gay.

I Revolution at Hayalla.

Spin iindnighl. l'i'ec. l).l Tchico of \'irunga with his liisly Latin sounds.

I Richard Howie at Rtissell's liar/(K'ile. 3 HP”) l'l't‘t' Rlclltll'tl How Ie \\ Ill) deep. ia/Iy house

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Four play

Lars Sandierg records for Same as Funk D’Vot‘d and Dls around the world. He’s currently working on a new Chaser album with Nigel Hayes and remixes for Josh Brent, Sterac and Scott Grooves. Here are his four essential tunes.

Chris Nazulti: 'Butterfly EP‘ (Tweakin') 'Double pack from new San Francisco label. House with funk undertones!

G-Flame 8. Mr G: 'Who Knows' (Metalbox)

’Advent-produced quadruple pack of house grooves. Something different from the guys which works really well.’

Envoy: 'Where There's Life' (Soma) ; 'This isn't out yet, but it will blow you : away when you hear it. Stunning.‘

Anthony Rother: 'Warm 8" (i220) ’I heard this on a tape at a party and it took me months to track it down. Deep techno wrth warm pads and filtered congas.’

l 300 Aug 1998 THE L|3T114