I saw you


V I saw you working on Ship on Shore, Leith. Pierced eyebrow, Monday 13. Had coffee, blonde bondgirl. Fancy a big fat muffin sometime? Ship to shore, do you read me. Box No U/338/l.

V I saw you gym, Commonwealth Pool. Mid twenties, dark Adonis, fit, six- footer. Me, big biceped bond girl. Fancy sharing a healthy carrot muffin sometime? Come pump my irons. Box No U/338/2.

V I saw you BIG BLACK MAN, 6ft plus, in Mambo Club last Friday. Worth more than your weight in gold! You can ring my bell sometime BABY!!! Box No U/338/3.

V I saw you male, the West End getting out of a black convertible BMW. 6ft+, very good mover!! Can hold your champagne though!! Let me help you!! Box No U/338/4.

V I saw you in The Rocking Horse every Saturday. Longish ginger hair, blonde eyelashes, 5ft 10in ish. Very good dancer!! Can't hold your drink though!! Let me help you!! Box No U/338/5.

V I saw you getting out red MR2, george Street. Celtic armband tattoo. You dark wavy hair. Me fair maiden. I liked what I saw. Box No U/338/6.

V I saw you looking

really fed up. Do you thirst for an exciting and refreshing change?

You bring some lemonade, ice and a slice of lime and I will bring the Sauza. Let me reawaken your senses.

V We saw you black jacketed man in Montpeliers at the weekend. Did you see us writing this ad? (You also had black hair, a black T-shirt and black jeans . . .) Reply to Box No U/338/7.

V I saw you The Kris, 21 July. You white short sleeved shirt, dark hair, glasses, eating with friends. waiter took group photo. Me blue T-shirt. We looked, we smiled. Can we now talk? Box No U/338/8.

V I saw you funny, intense. orange-shined person at Viva, 18/7/98. You gave me your glittery heart and I chickened out. I most humbly apologise and thank you for jogging my snog memories! Box No U/338/9.

V I saw you pretty boy, you looked like a porn star. I got to know you and you are divine but your absence is cruel. I hope you make up my painted Iollyp0p man. Box No U/338/IO.

V I saw you Mexican food and red wine. We laughed and talked. You opened my heart again. I hope to see you again. Your X shepherd and Belle. Box No U/338/l l.

V I saw you Bee Gee boy, flashing your metal balls to all. There is a rehearsal overdue to arrange your dance technique for Dean’s 70s and 805 party. Pull on your pimp boots. Box No U/338/ 12.

V I saw you Angels in America, Niel; Cocteau Twins, Comme Des Garcons, opera, Waterloo, Wooster Group, Tone Deaf, Alex, nervous, drunk, panic. Would like to talk some more. Really, really beautiful, wonderful. wonderful. Box No U/338/ l 3.

V I saw you as a hidden secret who loved to be known. Annihilate yourself with passion for me. Will you join my caravan and experience bliss. Light upon light. Box No U/338/l4.

V I saw you FHC of Kelvinhall. you bounced high at T in the Park. JTL, Shroomer. JB, DT and me wuv 0000. Can we meet for couch potato-ing and pisstakes at half past four? Box No U/338/IS.

V I saw you Linlithgow Palace grounds, Sunday evening, 26 July. You were doing your guide bit with a family of four. Your rover was next to my Peugeot. A portent? Box No U/338/16.

V I saw you Saturday 25/7/98 in Prestwick. You buying, me offering advice. Want to discuss mirrors over coffee? Box No U/338/I7.

V I saw you Finger Doctor, drowning during a Hoodwinking frenzy. Also saw you shake but would never admit it. No more Heavy Soul ‘cause you are the one that inspires me. Maltesers- in-a-box! What about the Skooshy cream and Tops gathering dust in my cupboard! Baby Z x. Box No U/338/ 18.

V I saw you Alan at Blue Moon Cafe for past six weeks. Is a date with your most ardent admirer on the menu? Write or phone soon. Box No U/338/l9. V I saw you Brian, Cottiers, ages ago (20 March). You musician/gardener, me writer/teacher. We talked in a way I have never before or since. Let's continue the conversation. Box No U/338/20.


101 I'll! usr 13-20 Aug 1993

V I saw you Isle of Bute Folk Festival. “No handsome devils jumped Waverely and dared to stay. Can't stop thinking about licorice pants. You were surrounded by five babes. Let's play again boys! Box No U/338/21.

V I saw you eye-candy girl at Sublime, l7 July. You ran off with my last lollipop. You look just as good in daylight. Try my new flavours? Box No U/338/22.

V I saw you Jane, in the Gyle. you stood out head and shoulders above the crowds. l was lost in your Joop! vapour trail, unable to make sense of today‘s fashions and designs. Just could not find that bizarre item. Thanks for your patience. Let me embrace you and buy you another hot chocolate. Go on, don't be shy. let it rip. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/338/23.

V I saw you Alan G., the Mutton Birds concert on 13 May. Will you ‘come around' next time in August at the Attic? I promise we won’t need ‘The Heater'. Box No U/338/24.

V I saw you on 29/7/98 on the Motherwell bus, late afternoon. You, dark hair, dark eyes, dark leather jacket, sexy woman. Me. auburn hair, blue eyes. bearded, speechless. I caught your eye as you came on and kept looking at you til I got off at Tollcross. I‘d like to see you again. Box No U/338/25.


V I saw you bottom of the Mound, Saturday 11 July. cheeks to the sky, the moon shining off your lily white skin. I‘d love to get to know your face as well. Box No U/338/26.

V I saw you Moray at Central Hall last August. Remember me: the small blonde sitting next to you? Dvorak stirred us up. Let's meet again for passionate music with the Youth Orchestras. Box No U/339/l.

V I saw you James from Edinburgh. We spoke on Monday 3 August. I didn't cut you off, please phone me back. I still want to do your cleaning! David, Glasgow. Box No U/339/2.

V I saw you gorgeous, dark- haired postwoman of Polwarth on your round and at my door with large envelope. Can't wait for my special delivery. Me female, second floor and smitten. Box No U/339/3.

V I saw you Thursday 30 July, Anitquary, Stockbridge. Tall, dark-haired bloke, eyebrows, sidebums. My dream come true, Dodgy D&G T.shirt. This short- haired,bespectacled babe wants to buy you a drink. Box No U/339/4.

V I saw you wearing green ball dress on the Royal Mile 20/6/98 with a young gentleman in full Scottish national dress who was having some difficulty with his neck apparel and two quite charming virtuous ladies. Box No U/339/5.

V I saw you bottom of Leith Walk crossing road in front of my white car. You knitted jumper, big flower! Me exotic bird. You grinned. Let’s meet for beer. Box No U/339/6.

V I saw you in Waterstone‘s buying books and sending flowers. Where have you gone? I miss your smile. Box No Ul339/7. _

V I saw you at The List Festival party - Spag and Caroline. I‘m glad you had a hangover all day Friday that's what you get for having holidays! While I‘m here - happy housey! Love Abi xxx Box No U/339/8.

V I saw you at The List party; thought you had a great look. Haven't I seen you on the wall at Cheynes? Box No U/339/9.

V I saw you Lybbey Knee at The List Festival party and then Newcastle on Saturday. Did I mention I love you? My life is just so much richer etc, etc. Box No U/339/10.

V I saw you at The List party. talking in affected London accent. We all laughed. Box No U/339/I l.

V I saw you mummy on Sunday for two hours. You deserter, I hope you‘re guilt ridden for days. Guess what? Fringe Sunday is this Sunday!! I love you mum it was ace to see you. Hope Brewsey's feeling better. Box No U/339/ 12.

V I saw you Bill Wyman, at The List party. Also Richard Marx, Howard Marks. Karl Marx, etc. The years have not been kind. Box No U/339/l3.

V I saw you JoJo Thomo at The List party. We were drunk as skunks in bunks so what do you think about that Jo - eh? Box No U/339/l4.

V I saw you Pootle Burger all over - all thru the weekend. Thank you for a smoochy. yummy, lovely, kissy weekend. I do love you. It's spicy chicken Chico! Kiss. kiss. Box No U/339/15.

V I saw you I heard you

wanted to meet me for a drink. How about Bar Sauza on Saturday 22nd - 9pm. I will order two Sauza and lemonade’s. I hope that

one will be for you.

V I saw you waiting on your friends outside CC Blooms, l Aug and then in Stockbridge. Fri 7 Aug. You - black leather jacket. blond hair, great smile. but complained that you were not tall enough. I was the tall dark haired guy who you thought wouldn’t go for such a small guy...Remember, you grow a couple of inches lying down! Fancy giving it a go...? Box No U/339/ 16

V I saw you every day wife of mine - you‘re mind-bogglineg beautiful, and so am I. A match made in heaven? You bet it is, although my portrait in the attic is better than your‘s. Sleeping in the office tonight, so see you soon. Dorian G. Box No U/339/l7.

V I saw you Big Bird at The List Festival party. You - star maker. Newcastle would've been very dull without your sparkles. Love ya Caroline. U/339/18.

V I saw you the greatest friends. I was the scary looking Crystal Tips character. You were all great. Thanks for an amazing birthday. Bring it all on again soon. The Black Wood. U/339/l9.


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