If you haven't heard of these people yet - you soon will.

12 mursr 13—20 Aug 1998


Chris Addison

If you want to know anythrng about the hum0ur of up-and- comrng Mancunran comedran Chrrs Addrson, don’t ask the man hrmself. ’I don’t Irke to thrnk about rt,’ he says. ’I’d rather not analyse why what I do rs funny. It’s Irke takrng a radro apart can you frt rt back together agarn and rf you do wrll rt work?‘ But rs y0ur comedy observational, rs rt Surreal7 Genral? Do you strck the boot rn? Is rt confessronal . .7 'Um . . . all of the above. For me rt’s Just what rs funny. It’s Me from a Northern, mrddle-class perspectrve.’ The 26-year-old former Northwest Comedran of the Year orrgrnally wanted to be a theatre drrector, but smce fallrng rnto comedy three years ago he has notched up appearances on most of televrsron’s stand-up showcases, contrrbutrng to the hrghly- favourable pre-Frrnge babble about hrs stand-up shows. Whrch you heard about here frrst. Sort of. (Frona Shepherd) Chris Addison (Fringe) P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 9.30pm, f9/f850/f8 (f8/[750/f7).

What A Gas! (Fringe) P/easance, mm 37 Aug, 8.55pm,

[ 9/f 8. 50/f 8 (f 8/f 7. 50/f 7), a/so at George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 662 8740, 28-37 Aug, 70.45pm, f9 ([8).

Eliza Carthy

When she was nomrnated for the 1998 Technrcs Mercury Musrc Awards, Elrza Carthy was srmply keeprng up a famrly tradrtron. Her mother, Norma Waterson -- the doyenne of Englrsh tradrtronal srngers lost out to Pulp two years ago. Thrs year's Judgrng panel descrrbes the y0ung Carthy’s v0rce and frddle on Red Rice as ’blowrng Irke a breath of fresh arr through thrs d0uble-album of Englrsh folk and dance musrc, past and present.’ Carthy recently moved to Edrnburgh. 'I came for the musrc,’ she says. ’It’s really eclectrc here'. We asked her rf the nomrnatron’s had any effect. ’Well, rt's only been a week,’ she laughs. ’But yes, these places that prevrously weren't rnterested are all phonrng back tryrng to book the band.’ Catch her only Festrval performance rn the caprtal’s musrcal meltrng pot wrth one added bonus: a support set by the crazrly excellent post-classrcal Mr McFall’s Chamber. (Norman Chalmers)

The Eliza Carthy Band (Fringe) None Of The Above (an Out of The B/ue Production), Bongo Club (Venue 743) 558 7604, 76 Aug, 77pm—5am, [5 ([4).

Peter Kay

Peter Kay can’t talk rrght now. ’I’ve Just been outsrde parntrng me Clap-o-meter and I’ve stood on a narl. I have to go to hOSprtal,’ he drawls. 'But don’t worry, rt's JUSI for a tetanus shot. I’m not gomg to have my foot amputated.’ It’s Just another lucky break rn a short career packed wrth them. The chunky Northerner leapt from open spots to wrnnrng the So You Think You’re Funny award at last year’s Frrnge, and has smce enjoyed a range of career breaks rncludrng appearances rn Coronation Street and a supportrng slot on Mark Radclrffe’s Shire Horses t0ur. In hrs new show, Kay catalogues the strange world of weddrngs where uncles are always drunk and DJs rncomprehensrble. He should know he used to 5pm drscs at receptrons. ’I jUSI played musrc and sard, “the cheesecake’s nrce”,’ he says. ’I never breakdanced, nerther. But I drd moonwalk aCross the buffet.’ (Peter Ross) Peter Kay (Fringe) P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 9.35pm, £8.50/f750 (£7.50/f650).