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youth culturc in Britain in thc ‘)()s. It is no\\ \\ idcly inl'lucncial in its own right.

and not just in lashion just look at thc number of prodttctions and cy‘cnts it has inspircd in this ycar's lidinhurgh l‘ic‘sliVitl.

Bc \yary. hoyycy‘cr. of any productions that might hc simply

jumping on thc ‘cluhs + drugs = cool~

handyyagon. lnstcad. scck out thosc productions taking a scrious look at clcctronic nuisic and thc dancc culturc. Questions oycr thc commcrcialisation of what was oncc a moycmcnt and thc inanc classifications to which thc music is now suhjcctcd arcn‘t only lound throughout the .llixmugs and thc .llu:iks: thcy'rc thc talking point of many a post-cluh dchatc (for those still ahlc to hold a multi-syllahic conycrsation). Spin/Hick. a mixed mcdia production by lnl‘latc at thc liringc.



With hip hop back in the charts and acid house fondly remembered a decade on,

has been

sucked into the mainstream. But do club-themed shows at the Fringe balance cool with compromise? ‘.

“aims. Simone Baird

Within a single decade, clubbing has grown to become the essence of youth culture in Britain in the 905


looks hack to thc British acid housc days oi 88 and cxamincs thc \yay thc sccnc has sincc cyolycd and diyidcd. Lindsay l’ugh. scasoncd cluhhcr and co-dircctor. rccogniscs thc groyying conccrns that many hayc. "l'hc timc is right to do thc production noyy.‘ shc says. "l‘hc qucstions \yc raisc makc it morc appropriatc.’

'l‘hc backlash against ‘corporatc cluhhing’ and thc ol‘t ridiculous diyisions \yithin dancc music as a \yholc don‘t go unnoticcd hy thc hig namc [)Js intcryicyycd on scrccn in .S'piu/mrk. "l'hcy \ycrc all so anti—split and anti~mcdia. in l’act.‘ l’ugh continucs. "l'hcy l'clt that thc mcdia had pigcon—holcd a lot of musical typcs and were rcsponsihlc for all of thcsc diy'isions.‘

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