Clockwise from top: The Koolest Artist Exhibition; Sunbreaking From Root Down (Mirrorball); The Berlin Love Parade as seen in Modulations; a comfortable guy in Spinback; Juan Atkins, cited by Modulations as 'the greatest of the Detroit techno producers and the most important'

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Mirrorball. the strand of the lidinburgh lnternational l’ilm l’estival that for years has championed the music video as an art form of its own. is screening an American documentary titled

.‘l/Iudu/(ltimts. The film traces the global evolution of

electronic music. looking right back to the early 2()th century for the start of it all.

‘ln the film we were trying to present this new music as the incredible cultural phenomenon that it

is.‘ says l.uko from (‘aipirinhzr “As we say in our

brief. we want to entertain the converted and convert those that think it is just a passing phase.’ (iauging feeling at grassroots level in various countries. the brief states that the film also 'explores the tensions surrounding the explosion of a once underground phenomenon into a vast money-making enterprise.‘ This year. Mirrorball also reflects the resurgent interest in all things hip hop. As .\1irrorball programmer Zoe Turner notes: ‘There is a definite renewed interest in the hip hop culture. I suppose it is all about trying to find the newest thing. The youth industry is always so reliant on these new concepts

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and recycling them.‘ The quality and variety of the shows at the Festival is evidence that. although popular culture might be tickle treating streetstyle as this year‘s fad the hip hop fraternity is not. They place their origins back with the first rappers twenty years ago. not with the moment Run l)M(‘ hit Number ()ne with a Jason Nevins remix.

With dance culture now soaking into the mainstream and hip hop in the spotlight. the pressure is on the numerous Festival events to live up to the hype. With the original ravers and clubbers well passed their teens. the shows must be more than shallow excuses to rekindle past memories they'll have to address serious issues as well as provide the high standard of entertainment that those into electronic music or hip hop expect.

Spinback (Fringe) Inflate, Southside Courtyard (Venue 16) 667 2212, 9—15 Aug, 8.30pm, £4.50 (£3.50). Modulations (Film Festival) Filmhouse 2, 623 8030, 19 Aug, 10.30pm, £6.50 (£4).

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Cool Heat Urban Beat One or the bid "tins this Festti.a‘ hrp not) 'n a uante-otf ".‘..Il‘. an 1 tap Frrnge, Carder s Gut/(red Ba//oon at Tne Pa/r’ad/un‘ "fienue 26' 226 275 7, 78 Aug 5 Set) not 2.1 Aug or" Sep, tithes ran,

[9 50 t£8 50!

Night Town Extetlent theatre set at a London tratn statroe and follomn ; the t nara< ters around '2 Hrgnly retommendeo, not only for the ele< ITOHK soundtrat k Frrnge, Cambr/dge Unn’ers/ty ADC, C (Venue 79t 225 5 105, untr/ 37 Aug (not 79 or 26),

8 45pm, [5 5014 50!

Paperback Kultyer Dante Theatre who hold workshops on Sat 22 and Sun 23 perform hrp hop and (ontemporary dante to musr< by Brother J Frrnge, Ku/tyer Dan< e Theatre, Famous Grouse House rVenue 34) 220 5606, 75 22 Aug, 5pm, [7 ([5)

The Club Two brothers seart h for the all-trme hrgh In Clubland Fr/nge, Tor/(hed Theatre Company, The Chap/army IVenue 23' 662 8882, 27 37 Aug, 70 70pm, [S (3.50;

The Tempest The young theatre group do a drum ’n' bass take on Shakespeare Fr/nge, Act/vated //nage, Bed/am Theatre (Venue 49) 225 9893, untr/ 22 Aug mo! l6), 72 20am, [5 ffdr

Free Tibet Documentary on the '96 benefrt (on(ert, ieaturrng Be(k and The Beastre Boys Fr/m Fest/vafi Fr/mhouse 2, 623 8030, 27 Aug, 7pm, [6 50 ([4;

All American Drre< tors promos, mostly satrrrsrng the R 'n' B and hrp hop vrdeos we're subjected to Fr/m Fest/val, Fr/mhouse 3, 623 8030, 27 Aug, 9pm, Fr/mhouse 2, 26 Aug, 70 30pm, [6,50 ([4)

Streetstyle Inspired by skate Videos, a fresh (ut on street (ulture Fr/m Fest/val, Fr/mhouse 3, 623 8030, 23 Aug, 9pm, [6 50 ([4;

Community Service The premiere of a twenty minute Mo'Wax vrdeo, some cool art and heavyv‘xerght DJs Honeycomb, 225 5062, 24 Aug, m/dn/ght Sam, [5

The Koolest Artist Exhibiton The Koolest Artist and the Skeleton Artrst present the cutting edge of therr (ontemporary art St Mary’s Schoo/, York P/ace, 23 30 Aug