Fear & Misery of The Third Reich sublime pleasure Stirling Youth Theatre Baby Love scary chaos pain and delight That Golden Moment Out of six billion beings that inhabit the planet, one billion have at this point died or are contemplating death. Two billion people are being born or are contemplating bringing life into the world. Three billion slog it out day to day. Then there is the one who just simply waits and watches .... .. My Mother passionate Pooh & Friends Taihen egocentric world Activate Theatre Co Quicksilver Theatre Nyeusi Theatre 00. comedy and audience participation Genesis delight Heretic Theatre Tigger Mass Productions warm and intimate Collusion The Man Who Thought He Was Going To Die EXTRAORDINARY TRUE LIFE EVENTS wonderful visuals The Opium Eaters Elizabeth Pugh fecund hardboiled Brouhaha Kaos Theatre UK An hallucinogenic comedy from an internationally acclaimed all female comic trio merciless l'm Not F inished...Yetl Monkey Business Contracts Hamlet in the Mirror -Hamlet en el Espejo the overall experience is definitely a trip Outhouse Productions The Man Who Thought He Was Going To Die One Man. larger than life, crashes around inside an extraordinary piece of theatre. A cocktail of words, sound and light shaken but not stirred Mass Productions symbolic dance The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband local tribes people Dracula Balloonatics heat Fascinations from the crowd Manuel Dionis-Bayer m & Vodka Kaos Theatre Lucid Productions Fascina

: all know a story. an e questions. LOVE. SEX. DEATH. Sex and religion are the path to travel around heaven and hell. one of this years most exceptional small scale theatre events Do we chose our lives? Or does life chose us? Who writes the contracts? The astonishing journey of one girl’s search for freedom from the Altered States

of America where only her dreams keep her alive. fighting for triumph. You dwellers in the city come play with the children of the night. a delightfully dark look at adultery, lies. deceit and jealousy, that proves once and for all that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. An extraordinary display of physical storytelling at its finest. Young actors committed, gay and bisexual tell it from the heart. fecund Theatre a magic show of hellish proportions After hours @ TW a classic horror story with expressionist impact and insidious intimacy Claire Summerskill The days of DYKES whining on about humus, homeOpathy and holistic healing are over.... The Lesbian of the 90’s is far more likely to be into lipstick. leather or just plain lust! Buckaroo Boudoir After hours @ TW dazzling The kind of KAOS that only the devil can bringl A hedonistic mix of Persian Boudoir and Georgian Coffee House. Live music from Tim O'Leary, Edinburgh’s leading fiddler. Wild live video jockeys from Delta Video and masses of classic games from backgammon to Buckaroo. The pulse of the Fringe in the heart of the New Town. An award winning venue including award winning and innovative theatre from Dublin to Japan to Liverpool to Spain to Glasgow to the USA.. Cafe I bar open all day and especially for 1998 introducing late night experiences of a very different kind. sorted. . 0131 226 5425.

Theatre Workshop 9.31 Augtlst 1998

13-20 Aug 1998 rue usm