London‘s Almeida Theatre Company and physical comedy

duo The Right Size take on a big Brecht.

Alcohol is used endlessly as an excuse for bad behaviour. And in Brecht’s typically class-conscious comedy Mr Puntila And His Man Matti, a few swallies effect a Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation in the lord of the manor. Directing the Almeida Theatre/Right Stuff collaboration, acclaimed actress Kathryn Hunter invites us to rethink our preconceptions of Brecht as 'dull, dour and finger- wagging'.

Set in Finland in the 19305, at heart, the play is an exploration of the relationship between the master Mr Puntila and his servant Matti. A friendly, humane pussy cat when drunk, in his sober moments Mr Puntila is a cruel, arrogant tyrant who wreaks hell on the lives of his workers, especially long- suffering chauffeur Matti. But while Matti gets on with the daily grind, it is Puntila who goes in for a spot of navel-gazing and considers carrying out some personal self-improvement.

'This play is not a dry lecture on capitalism or Marxism. Rather Brecht humanizes the issues,’ believes Hunter, who has spent much of her acting career on the Lecoq- inspired work of Theatre de Complicité. ’It looks at how politics affect the minute-to-minute negotiations in our relationships with each other.’

After the huge success of last year’s hit Do You Come Here Often? Right Size duo Sean Foley and Hamish McColI seem to be morphing into a kind of Morecambe and Wise of modern comedy. They are an inspired choice for a play that, as Hunter explains, could just as easily be about two brothers as about master and servant.

Brecht foot forward: The Right Size

'Because they (Foley and McColl) share a ten-year relationship they can explore and express the relationship better than most actors could, both physically and emotionally,’ explains Hunter. And in spite of, or perhaps as a result of, his large wealth, Puntila is as much a prisoner of the system as those in its lower reaches.

One of few actresses to have played the title role in King Lear, Hunter draws a parallel between Puntila and Shakespeare’s tormented monarch. 'Through Puntila, Brecht is trying to ask what is man’s true nature? The real question we are trying to explore is: How do you go about becoming a human being?‘ (Claire Prentice)

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