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Oscar Wilde fathered generations of camp comics and dinner party wits, but he also had two biological sons. One of them considers his notorious - father’s legacy in this poignant and slyly comic monologue about the trials of having a genius in the family. James Walker gives a stunning performance as the young Vyvyan Holland, torn

theatre ° dance 0 comedy

drama, the power of this production belies the youth of the company. Quadrant Productions have nothing to declare but their potential. (Hannah McGill)

a Born to be Wilde (Fringe) Quadrant Productions, C Too (Venue 4) 225 5705, until37 Aug (not 76) 72.20pm, £5.50 (£4.50).

KIDS REVIEW Dance Base Workshops s: a 33!

’The floor Is my friend,’ says Wallace Sulley from Man Bites Dog, as he encourages eight pre-pubescent girls to hug the parquet.

After a twenty-minute warm-up, and some basic breakdancmg steps, the music gets going after 35 minutes. It’s about having fun, and being safe, whether or not you can do it isn’t a big deal. They try out lots of basic stuff, hoping kids will consolidate and practise at home later. Who would have guessed Michael Jackson's moonwalk was so easy?

Wallace is enthusiastic, funny and 200% full of street cred, and the kids warm to him immmediately. Different dance companies will take future workshops. Bring trainers, shorts or



Play Wisty For Me: The Life Of Peter Cook

Matthew Ferret and ieremy Limb are Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in flay Far Me

Peter Cook's career started to fail at about the same time as his tiver. in Play

Wisty For Me Matthew Ferret and Jeremy Limb explore his life and work from both before and after this dual breakdown. His story is told through his comic characters: Derek and Clive, E. L. Wisty and Sir Arthur Street:- Greebling ail make an appearance, as does his partner Dudley Moore.

played by Limb. However. aithough the creations are Cook's, the material is

all original, including the music. Upper-Middle Class Blues is a particular treat, described by Perret as a ‘failed Elvis impersonation'. The general consensus about Cook is that he didn’t fulfill his early

between pride and shame and ever in the shadow of his father. Both an insight into the legend of Wilde himself and a bittersweet family

For a

Joggers and a Willingness to try stuff out. (Gabe Stewart)

a Dance Base Workshop (Fringe) Famous Grouse House (Venue 34) 220

Fun Family Day Out

come to

118m -—

Laze. graze and

be amazed- hundreds of Fringe I performers. music. comedy. circus and theatre

. T all for free.

V‘ ' Non-stop entertainment.

Ag < _ great food and fresh air.

16th August



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as THELIST 13--2o Aug 1998

promise, due to his problems with drink and drugs. Perret and Limb take a different position. 'We‘re celebrating his seif~induigence,' explains Ferret. 'I-ie did fulfill his potentiai. he just did it very eariy on in his career, and spent the rest of his life enjoying himself. and there's nothing wrong with that.‘ (Kirsty Knaggs)

a Play Wisty For Me; The Life Of Peter Cook (Fringe) Perret And Limb, Pieasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 23 Aug, 72,30pm, £8/£ 7 (£6/f5).

5606, 73 Aug, breakdancing with Fresh Mess Dance Company, 14— 79 year olds (some movement experience required); 22 Aug, hip hop with Ku/tyer Dance Theatre, 7 7—75 year olds, 23 Aug, 76—27 year olds, 9.30am, £2.

children and the childishness of power struggles. However, it suffers from frequently eschewing chills in favour of easy laughs. It also lacks a powerful central performance: Paul Hunter as Richard is simply solidly professional.

Any attempts to parallel the Jamie Bulger tragedy just don't work as Richard's death is, oddly enough, the only one presented With any poignancy. Still, it edges into three star territory through sheer audacity and a few inspired moments that should stay With you for a long time. (Rory Ford) 3 Richard III (Fringe) English Shakespeare Company, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 23 Aug, 72.30pm, {8/0 (£6/f5).


Richard III

k. .fi.

It's Shakespeare’s greatest Villain, but not as we know him. This production reinvents Richard as a malevolent infant, the playschool bully backed by an army of toys. The central idea underlines both the universal cruelty of

Angelic Voices presents...


Uplifting music & dramatised love story of daring wartime exploits and tales of Vienna & Hollywood.

6—3I August, l0.45 (I I.SS) (not Sun)

Also energetic. highly acclaimed ‘COME ON EVERYBODY SING', voice and singing workshops for novices & experts alike.

‘Life enhancing‘ - The Scotsman. 6-3I August, 9.45 (l0.35) (not Sun)

Starring international dramatic soprano Marie Hayward and Scottish saxophonist Andrew McNeill.

As seen on Austrian TV.

CToo St Columba’s by the Castle 0 Johnston Terrace °Tel: 225 SIOS