The index lists every show appearing in this week's List alphabetically. by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name. this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.

MIT Artisan 98 Edinburgh International Conference Centre 10 Carl Andre Royal Botanic Garden 4. 90 End Of An Age Paul Graham 90 The Koolest Artist Exhibition St Mary's School 20 Mona Hatoum National Gallery Of Modern Art 90 Nature Morte The Bongo Club 90. 91 Regeneration Tom Jenner 91 Richard Prince Stills 30. 90 Sliding Forms Cameo Cinema 91 Stanislav Kolibal Edinburgh College Of Art 91 Uta Kogelsberger Demarco European Art F0undation 90 Virtual Environments RIAS 91 The Virtual House Of Usher Princes Street Gardens 8. 90 The Winter Queen National P0rtrait Gallery 91 BOOK FESTIVAL

Alan Hollinghurst Studio Theatre 99 Alan Titchmarsh Post Office Theatre 99 Alasdair Gray And Angus Calder Spiegeltent 98 Ali Smith/Jill Dawson/Louise Doughty!

Kathryn Heyman Spiegeltent 98 Ariel Dorfman Studio Theatre 97 Bel Mooney And Jonathan Dimbleby Post Office Theatre 100 The Big Advance - Josie Lloyd. Brad Meltzer And Patrick Janson Smith Spiegeltent 100 Brad Meltzer And Christopher Brookmyre Studio Theatre 100 Carl Dierassi Post Office Theatre 99

Don Paterson. Gillian Ferguson And Roddy Lumsden Spiegeltent 98 Iain Banks And Ken MacLeod

Post Office Theatre 99 Irvine Welsh Spiegeltent 4. 97 Janet Street-Porter Spiegeltent 99

Jeanette WintersonIAlan Spencel Candia McWilliam/Ivan Klima

Post Office Theatre 97 Marsha Hunt And Pagan Kennedy Spiegeltent 97 Patrick Gale And Christopher Whyte Post Office Theatre 98 PD James Post Office Theatre 97 Struggling To Be Heard: An African Evening Post Office Theatre 97

Buckaroo Boudoir Theatre Workshop 7. 85 Fabio Manga 84

Going Places The Spiegeltent 86 International Club Festival TeViot Row 85 Lift The Vaults 85 Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti 85

Modulations Premiere Party

The Honeycomb 4. 85 ABBArration The Stand 45 Alan Davies Urban Trauma Observer Assembly 58 AI Murray Pub landlord - Keeper Of

The Pint Cosmic Pleasance 4. 34. 55 Andre Vincent - See Me...Hear Me...

Bite Me! Pleasance 70. 72

Baddiel 8i Skinner Get Back To The

Very Essence Of The Edinburgh Fringe Pleasance 40 The Bert Fershners

Calder's Gilded Balloon 66 Beaver Pitch Hudson And Pepperdine 43 Bill Bailey Calder's Gilded Balloon 65

Chris Addison Pleasance 12 Conversations With My Agent Pleasance 44 The Cream Of Scottish

Calder's Gilded Balloon 69 Dave Johns Pleasance 69 A Dickens Of A Christmas/Scapin Shoestring Players 37 Dylan Moran - Poncing About

Pleasance 4. 55 Ed Byrne: A Night At The Opera

Calder's Gilded Balloon 65 Gawk-A-Go-Go Brand X 10

Greetings From Hollywood

Calder's Gilded Balloon ll 44, 47

Hovis Presley: Mutiny On The Bontempi

The Stand 46

How To Heal Your Inner Hitler

John DOWie and Tony Haase 42

Hung Le - Noodle Frontity

Calder's Gilded Ball00n 32

Jeff Green Observer Assembly 66

Johnny Vegas

Calder's Gilded Balloon 4. 65. 69

John Shuttleworth - If Music Be The Love Of Food...Tuck In! Pleasance 4. 49. 53

Just For The Craic

Calder's Gilded Balloon II 70

Lazlo 8i Parkin Calder's Gilded Balloon 70

The League Against Tedium Pleasance 72

Lee Mack - Return Of The Mack

Pleasance 52 Matt King: Beastly Calder's Gilded Balloon 70 The Mighty Boosh Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding 50

Miss Lou Lou's Tap Dancing Extravaganza With Mr Steve Observer Assembly 66 Morag McLaren: I Never Do Anything Twice Hill Street Theatre 60 Mr Ed And Fulcher

Eddie Bannon and Rich Fulcher 62 My Last Week With Modolia Ben Moor 47 Newsrevue 98 C too 62 Paul Foot. Stephen Grant 8

Veronica McKenzie Pleasance 62 Peppered With Smut Manic Opera 57 Peter Kay Pleasance 12 Phil Nichol Pleasance 50 Richard Morton Observer Assembly 62 Rob Newman Assembly Rooms 36

Ross Noble Calder's Gilded Balloon 58 Rudy Coby - The Coolest Magician On

Earth Calder's Gilded Balloon 17 Scott Capurro - Brain Souffle Pleasance 44 Shelagh Martin And Jon Reed: Actual Size

Calder's Gilded Balloon 62 Steve Frost's Impro Allstars

Calder's Gilded Balloon 52 Teatime Chat With Richard Whiter Pleasance 44 Tripod Are Handsome

Calder's Gilded BaI|00n 60 The Very Best Of Scottish Comedy

The Stand 57

What A Gas! Pleasance

Cape Youth Dance Company

Youth International At St Oswald's 50 Cool Heat Urban Beat

Calder's Gilded Balloon

Donna Jackson - Car Maintenance Pleasance 65 Etoko Dance Company Japan Experience 54 Jeepers Creepers

Members Of The Jivmg Lindy Hoppers 70 A Midsummer Night's Dream

4. 20. 55

Pacific Northwest Ballet 10. 49 Numb Camille Thoman 47 Paperback Kultyer Dance Theatre 20

Shine Of Sincerity Dance Theatre Impuls 42 Splendid Isolation Laboratorium 33 66 True Love And Other Mythologies

Monkey And The Waterfall Dance

Theatre Company 39 Under The Influence Legs On The Wall 52 Under The Kilt And Under The Stars

Scottish International 70 The Water Carriers Theatre Talipot 53 Zumzum.Ka C0mpanyia De Dansa Gelabert- Azz‘opardi 8. 49 Alan Clarke Retrospective 73 All American Filmh0use 20 Baby Angel 77

Ballad Of Fire Filmh0use 2 76 Birth Of A Butterfly 74 Blood. Guts. Bullets And Octane 74 Blood Ink Filmh0use 2 74 Buttoners Filmh0use 74 Comedia Infantil Cameo 3 77 Christine Vachon Filmh0use 1 73 Divorce Iranian Style Filmh0use 75 Dribbling Fate Filmh0use 2 76 Free Tibet Filmh0use 20 Get Real Cameo l 76

The Horse Whisperer

ABC Lothian Road 73, 77 Jeanne Et Le Garcon Formidable

Filmh0use I 76 Kuhle Wampe Filmh0use l 73 La Parole 'Amore‘ Esiste Cameo l 74 Let's Get Lost 77 Modulations Filmh0use 2 19. 75 Moon Over Broadway Cameo 3 75 Orphans 4. 73. 76 Pi Cameo 1 4. 73. 76 Seul Contre Tous Filmh0use 73 Slam Cameo 77 Souvenir 77 Spring In My Hometown 76 Streetstyle Filmh0use 20 Tano Da Morire Cameo 1 76 Temenos Filmh0use 2 74 Terra Nova 74 The Tichborne Claimant 74 Tic Tac 77 Todd Haynes Scene By Scene Filmh0use 75 Trains And Roses Cameo 2 77 The Trio Cameo l 77 Velvet Goldmine Ode0n 4. 73. 74

Dance Base Workshop

FamOUS Grouse H0use 38 Darnaby's Space Race

Chicken Shed Theatre 39 Events For Children Book Festival 99 A Midsummer Night's Dream

Shakespeare 4 Kidz 43

The Paddington Bear 40th Birthday Party The Bank Of Scotland Children's Tent 98


Community Service Honeycomb 20 Mark Lamarr Hosts Best Of The Fest

The Palladium

Sage The Attic 57 Spinback Inflate 19

Ando Drom Famous Grouse H0use 80 Bis Cas Rock 79 Bo Skovhus Usher Hall 34 Don Carlos Festival Theatre 4. 79 The Eliza Carthy Band

None Of The Above 12 Geno Washington And The Purple Aces Observer Assembly 79 Masnadieri The Royal Opera 10

Jesus And The Mary Chain Jaffa Cake 82 Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs aka The Merry

Pranksters Queen's Hall 4 The Lanterns Bongo Club 83 Larry Adler's Glory Of Gershwin

Observer Assembly 80 Mackenzie 83 Malcolm Martineau 79 New York Flute And Harp Project

St John's Church 80 Park Harp Jazz Trio St JOhn's Church 80 The Poozies Spiegeltent 79 Roddy Frame Jaffa Cake 82 Scottish Harps St Cecilia's Hall 80 Spiritulaized and Steve Martland

Queen's Hall 4. 28.79 Tam White's Celtic Blues Connection Spiegeltent 79

Tina May's Music and Mischief Graffiti 82


Acts Of Union

Lows Theatre Company 34. 57 All Strange Away

ASylum Theatre C0mpany 41 Antigone Tomee Theatre 39 Arago Figures Of SpeeCh 58

Autocrat Scottish International

Presents te POOKa Barb Jungr: Sex. Religion And Politics Calder's Gilded Balloon

Beautiful Thing

Absolute Banana Theatre Company 40. 41 Beggar's Belief Trestle Theatre Company 42 Bluebeard's Castle Merlin International 52

Bondage The Pleasance 50 Born To Be Wilde Quadrant Productions 38 Bus Stop! Rush Theatre Company 58 Christie In Love

ASylum Theatre Company 43 The Club T0uched Theatre Company 20 Contracts Outh0use Productions 47 Disco Pigs C0rcadorca 4. 54 The Dumb Waiter

Arches Theatre Company 46 Easy Access Claire DOWIe 42

Emma. By Jane Austen Gilded Balloon Productions Ursula Martinez Presents A Family Outing

Observer Assembly 60 Fire In The Basement

Communicado Theatre COmpany 26 Five By Ives Red Chair Players 50 Fuck The State...ln Five Easy Lessons Hungry H0rse Producti0ns 41 Gargantua

Grid Ir0n Theatre Company 55. 58 Gimpel Mist Theatre 54 Great Monsters Of Western Street

Throat 69

Hitchcock's Bollocks

P0unds, Dollars & Cents 32. 62 Hymn To Love: Homage To Piaf Traverse 66 I Licked A Slag's Deodorant

Arches Theatre C0mpany 47 An Immaculate Misconception

Dianus Theatre 32. 42 The Kaos Master And Margarita

Theatre W0rkshop 50 Krapp's Last Tape

ROyaI Shakespeare Company 4. 4o. 42 Kvetch ArtcOre 66 Labels Company Theatre 53. 49 The Lady Boys Of Bangkok

Meadows Theatre Big Top 55 Lakeboat Pierman Productions 40 The Lemming In The Lifebelt

S0uth Bridge Res0urce Centre 54 Life Is A Dream

Royal Lyceum Theatre Company 4. 49 Lorenzaccio Augustine's Sanctuary 34 Love Upon The Throne

NatiOnal Theatre Of Brent 45

Macbeth Frantic Redhead Productions 54 Metamorphosis Diverse Attractionns 52 Metamorphosis Fettes C0ncert Hall 52 Mr Puntilla And His Man Matti The

Almeida Theatre & The Right Size 4.7.37 Myra And Me Northern Theatre Company 45

Night Town Cambridge University ADC 20 Nothing But Pleasure DaVid BenSOn 40. 41

Once Derevo 65 OJIOthello Observer Assembly 37 The Opium Eaters Brouhaha 44

Play Wisty For Me: The Life Of Peter Cook Perret And Limb

Portrait C Artus 72 The Railway Children The Realistic Theatre COmpany 34 Rehearsed Readings Citizens' Theatre COmpany 49 Richard .il English Shakespeare Co 38

The Robbers Citizens' Theatre COmpany 49 Rupert Street Lonely Hearts Club

Ablaze Theatre Company 72 Russian Anguish Krasnaya Presnya 4. 54 Saturday Night Forever cit theatre com 57 Sexual Perversity In Chicago Artcore 54 Shopping And St“'-Up

Mitchell B. Webb 46 A Soldier's Song

Guy Masterson Producti0ns 37 The Square Root Of Minus One

OxfOrd New Writing Festival 60 Stand

National Student Theatre Company 42 Tamagotchi Heaven

A-Bit-Of-ROugh Theatre Company 46 Target Practice Screaming Blue Murder 43 The Tell-Tale Heart Irquim 45

Transatlantic LookOut Theatre Company43 Unleashed Hull Truck Theatre Company 45

Waiters Observer Assembly 39 Wallace's Women Theatre Alba 50 The Wild Party - Mouse People

Pleasance 37

13-20 Aug 1998 THE usrs