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TSUGARU SHAMISEN - the 3-stringed zither - v

Aug 16-31, 6.45pm £6 (£5)


no”: and jazz - the renditions J1 a pal trating voice $110319 to tame

A dance exploring the inner sexuality ot a woman going from vir-

gin to vixen, creation to destruc- tion, from exotica to unrelenting erotica.

“A wild dance experience not to be

missed.” (What's On - London)


at10.oopm Unexpectedly Yours Frorn

“pot po , oi youn T '- rs sho g you the £8 (£7) Aug 16'31, 30'3". £5 (£4) expression ot“Falling in hope” the:..lapanese way.

lie Garage Theatre

' THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VENUE ox Office: 0131-221 9009 web site: htt ://' lart/

43 ms usr 13—20 Aug 1998