COMEDY REVIEW John Shuttleworth - If Music Be The Love Of Food . . .Tuck In!

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John Shuttleworth: wholesome feast

Shakespeare got it wrong. That’s not to say that he wasn’t a good writer, of course ~- very well regarded is Shakespeare, but you know, he was working to a deadline.

So for the real deal I suggest you head on down to Ken’s Carvery to soak up a genuine South Yorkshire atmosphere in the company of resident organist John Shuttleworth.

Apart from being pOSSlbly the only show at the Fringe where you can both drink and smoke in the auditorium, John Shuttleworth's all-new show serves up a wholesome feast of observational humour, and a new character for starters.

A virtuoso articulation of the everyday and a truly singular comic v0ice. Go. (Ross Holloway)

ll Music Be The Love Of Food . Tuck In! (Fringe) John Shutt/eworth, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 20 Aug, 7.30pm, £8.50 (£7.50).




it we >6: stir

Labels is an ever-so-slightly Wicked tale of the unexpected from the pen of best-selling author Lours de Bernieres (’Captain Correlli's Mandolin’).

This short one-man-play, having its world premiere at the Festival, concerns the fall and rise of one driven by a singular obsession: an obsession for collecting the labels from tins of catfood.

From this frivolous notion de Bernieres casts a somewhat perverse eye over middle England's idiosyncracies and follies. The adept storytelling is sturdily rendered by actor Pip Utton as we progress from pity, to contempt, to (ultimately) a reserved awe, for this not the most sympathetic of characters.

A tasty show. (Ross Holloway)

% Labels (Fringe) Company Theatre, Southside Courtyard (Venue 76) 667 7207, until 37 Aug (not Wed) 7.05pm, £5 (£4).

DANCE REVIEW The Water Carriers w a». are

A tale of water shortages may seem far removed from the realities of a Scottish summer, but Theatre Talipot from the Indian Ocean island of Reunion presents an intriguing saga of the search for a scarce resource.

With Just four men on stage, a huge range of skills is on display, from folk tales to thunderous percussion with bamboo poles, along with movement and song. At times it’s a bit like an exotic South Seas musical, and when they break into close harmony singing, it's hard to believe there isn’t a huge chorus somewhere in the wings.

If the show is a little long and slow in places, the acting is strong, With the skill and humour to carry you through a truly novel performance.

(Don Morris)

52% The Water Carriers (Fringe) Theatre Talipot, Continental Shifts at St Bride ’5 (Venue 62) 346 I405, unti/37 Aug (not Sun) 6.30pm, £7.50 ([6).

Water of life: Talipot Theatre

14th - 29th August 1998

Brunton Theatre Company presents


of a Justified


by James Hogg

Adapted by David Mark Thomson 14th - 29th August 1998 at 7.30pm Tickets £7.50 (£3.50)

BOX OFFICE: 0131 665 2240

i3-2o Aug 1998 THE ustss