The pa e that guaran ees no regrets


Mr Puntilla And His Man Matti Physical comedy duo The Right Si/e team up with London's consistently excellent Almeida Theatre to take on Brecht's class-conscious comedy and prose that old Bertolt could haye a laugh with the best of them. Fringe. 'I'rai-erse. lo Aug—5 Se/t (not .llont times vary. Previews [4 Aug. (Si/5pm. [5 Aug. l/am. Krapp‘s Last Tape The Royal Shakespeare Company turn their classically-trained attention to Beckett's ingenious and groundlneaking play. An old man looks back on his life with the help of a tape recorder and some bananas. Fringe. ()hseri'er Assembly. l4 Aug—A5 .S'ep (not I Sep) times vary.

Life Is A Dream The Royal Lyceum Theatre perfortn Pedro (‘alderon's classic drama of the Spanish (iolden Age. A king imprisons his son in an attempt to thwart a prophecy that he will be oyertht'own by him. International Festival. Royal Lyeeum. l7~29Aug (not 23’) 7.30pm; Thu A'- Sat mats 2.30pm.

Russian Anguish A melancholic post- (‘hekhoyian take on the sombre life of the Russian people. ()ld l.Ps. rain. wind and a samoyar. Hugely acclaimed at last year's Fringe. Fringe. New Parliament House until 29Aug (not lo. 23. 26) 7.45pm.

Autocrat Having been swamped by the (ilastonbury mud. te P()()Ka bring fire and techno-medieyal dragons to the Quad. Sure to be an unforgettable sensory experience. Fringe. Tlte Quad. until 2() Aug (not 17) l()pm.

Disco Pigs ()ne of last year‘s big hits. this two-hander from Ireland's (‘orcadora company returns to a bigger yenue. The cast is new. but linda Walsh's tale of loye between two innocents out on the town should still bring home the bacon. I-‘ringe. ()hsert'erAssembly. until 5 Se]; (not 1‘) Aug. I Sep) 7pm.


AI Murray Pub Landlord - Keeper Of The Pint Cosmic (‘haracter comedy at its fittest as the Pub Landlord tells you a thing or ten about this funny thing we call life. while you get the beers in. Fringe. I’leasanee. 10-31 Aug (not 25) 9.25pm.

Busman's holiday: Ken Kesey

unsusr 13—20 Aug 1998

Johnny Vegas Alleged to haye attended Tlte List party last week wearing a (‘artntan from South Park T-shit't. Vegas is officially the funniest man eyer to sing ‘King Of The Road‘ on stage. llis act is touching genius. blending the confrontational and the conyiyial to deyastating effect. Fringe. ('altler's (ii/(led Balloon. until .t’l Aug (not Tue) [0.45pm. (‘altler's' (ii/(led Balloon a! the l’alltulium. 28-30 Aug. 8. lfiptn.

Dylan Moran - Poncing About Oh. you little. self-deprecating Irish toerag. Moran. With your floppy hair. your funny jokes and your surprisingly good TV debut. you know we like you lots. Fringe. l’leasanee. 1‘) .il Aug (Ito! 25) 9.40pm.

John Shuttleworth: If Music Be The Food Of Love .. .Tuck in! Shet‘tield's finest light entertainer brings his trusty bontempi to the Fringe and knocks tts all dead with classic toons like ‘Pigeons ln l-‘Iight' and inspired banter. Fringe. l’leasanee. until 2() Aug. 7.30pm.


Cool Heat Urban Beat Hip hop. rap. jazz and tap combine to exhiliat'ating effect in this celebration of Afro- American dance culture which should be a big kid in these old-skool friendly times. It's like that and that's the way it is. Fringe. ('altler's‘ (ii/(led Balloon at the Palladium. lo’ Aug—5 Sep (not 24 Aug. l Sept times i'ary.


Velvet Goldmine liddie l/./.ard plays a rock manager. Brian Placebo plays a pop star and liwan McGregor gets his ‘axe' out. What more could you want from Todd Haynes' glitter-tastic exploration of glatn'.’ Film Festival. ()(leon. l6 Aug. 10pm.

Orphans The directorial debut of Scottish actor Peter Mullan. who won Best Actor at Cannes this year. is a tragi-

estival top 20

Slap happy: te POOKa's Autocrat

comic look at a family coping with the death of their mother. Film Festival. Film/louse. l7Aug. 7pm: (iltt.\‘g(m' Film Theatre. lo' Aug. 8pm; ('atneo. 25 Aug. [0.30pm.

Pi Bizarre and wonderful. Darren Aronofsky's film sees sci-ft meet religion and numerology. A young mathematician Uses his home-built computer to unlock the secrets of the uniyerse. Film Festival. ('ameo. 17 A’- 23’ Aug. 8pm.


Spiritualized and Steve Martland Space-rock sound pioneers Spiritualized team up with ayant-gardc classical composer Steye Martland for two performances which should be inyentiye and awe-inspiring. Flux. Queen 's Ila/l. [4 ck" /5 Aug. 8pm.

Ken Kesey 8: Ken Babbs aka the Merry Pranksters The author of '()ne View User The (‘uckoo’s .\‘est’ yisits the

[K for the first time since was and collaborates with old cotmter-culture mucker Babbs for a ‘liye multi-mcdia performance‘ which may well contain unseen footage from the legendary Magic Bus adyentures which helped define the (ills. An e\ ent. Flux. Queen 's Hall. to Aug. 8pm.

Don Carlos The Royal Opera performs (iiuseppe Verdi's famotIs piece by Schiller‘s drama ~ in its original the act l‘t‘ench Version. The work explores the complex relationships between King Philip of Spain. his son Don (‘arlos and his new young wife lilisabeth. International Festival. Festival Theatre. I7. 20. 25 & 28Aug. ()pm.


Modulations Premiere Party To celebrate the first screening of .llotlu/ations. an American documentary tracing the global eyolution of electronic music. Marshall Jefferson gets on an old skool tip with (‘raig Smith. The Soul Renegade. In Demand Recs. Well Stirred and 4th Varmint. Film Festival. The Iloneyeomh. 1‘) Aug. mulnigltt 74am.


Irvine Welsh The ‘poet laureate of the chemical generation‘ who gave the world Trainspotting. reads from his new novel Filth. in which a bent cop talks to his own anus. Welsh will be introduced by Tlte List's assistant editor. Jonathan Trew. Book Festival. The Spiegeltent. [8 Aug.

7. 30pm.


Carl Andre Famous for the pile of bricks in the Tate (iallery. (‘arl Andre shows new work also created in his most legendary medium -— twelye brick works made out of 24 bricks each. It's easy to scoff. but these simple forms giye punctuation to a room and articulate


space most cffectiyely. Iltl‘t’t'lt‘llll House. Royal Botanie Garden. 15 Aug 4 ()et. [0am 5pm.

Shades of Bowie: Ioni Collette and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine