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Our fabulous festival line-up includes-

Madison Page, Brendhan & Radar and Lounge Lizards - plus much more!!!

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Vamshmg Point presents.

the slghtless

a play in total darkness


Venue 188, Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery St Aug 16. 1800/2100

Aug 17-22. 20.00 / 22.00 £5/24

62 "IE usr 13-20 Aug 1998


COMEDY REVIEW Shelagh Martin And Jon Reed: Actual Size

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Size matters: Martin and Reed

Jon Reed has turned out pretty well considering his traumatic childhood. Ravaged by the newspapers and ridiculed by his classmates, Reed's hotch-potch of absurd brilliance includes video footage of his scarred adolescence and a commentary on naff 705 TV ads. Charming us with his self-deprecating, off-the-wall humour, he’s even gutsy enough to challenge Freddie Mercury to a dance-off. Meanwhile, whisking us through a lesson on science and nature, Shelagh Martin comes on like an earnest, overly enthusiastic kids’ TV presenter. Loosely cobbled together under three sub- headings, too many of the random gags don't go anywhere and she’s too easily thrown off the scent. (Claire Prentice) a Shelagh Martin And Jon Reed: Actual Size (Fringe) Shelagh Martin And Jon Reed, Calder’s Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2151, until 31 Aug (not 17) 8.45pm, £8 (E 7).

COMEDY REVIEW Paul Foot, Stephen Grant 8: Veronica McKenzie

ink it Although these three comedians are very different, they are united by their

theatre - dance 0 comedy

gentle approach. Stephen Grant as seen looking clean-cut and enthusiastic on Channel 4's Edinburgh Or Bust plays the sarcastic new boy and is a ball of hilarious energy. Veronica McKenzie gets the fact that she’s a black woman out of the way early on, leaving her free to concentrate on using her dry humour to make quick victims, especially of those saddo audience members whose mobile phones rang. Paul Foot twists and suprises with a surreal and sometimes intense manner. He may be camp, but don’t mess! (Simone Baird)

a Paul Foot, Stephen Grant 8! Veronica McKenzie (Fringe) Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 8.55pm, f 8/f 7 (E 7/E 6).

COMEDY REVIEW Mr Ed And Fulcher as. we 9-

Eddie Bannon is a good, conventional stand-up comedian. He has a hilarious routine that neatly skewers the smugness of radio 015. Rich Fulcher is a different case entirely, his humour emanating from inspiration that is unique to him. Surely no one else would dare to confront an audience with a vehemently anti-Communist, Vietnam vet playing a comedy club? Who else would dare improvise an Oprah-style audience debate on ending a relationship with such success?

Fulcher habitually takes the least trodden path because he knows that is where all the interesting, risky material lurks. His humour isn't tailored for mass acceptance, but he's a talent to be treasured. (Rory Ford)

a Mr Ed And Fulcher (Fringe) Eddie Bannon and Rich Fulcher, Calder's Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2157, unti/3l Aug , 9pm, £7 (£6).


Hitchcock's Bollocks

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An amateur drama group are heading for their debut appearance at the Fringe with a revamped production of

Hitchcock's Rope. All goes reasonably well, despite a pompous director and a

Paul Foot: camp. surreal and intense


stoned producer, until the lad who plays the corpse makes the ultimate expression of method acting. And there the dilemma begins.

This is one show which portrays perfectly how small the leap is from the enthusiastically dedicated to the genuinely talented. Pounds, Dollars & Cents remain in the latter category throughout. The story whips along at a fair pace, the laughs are loud and the performances are spot on.

(Brian Donaldson)

Q Hitchcock ’s Bollocks (Fringe) Pounds, Dollars & Cents, Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 27) 622 7207, until 23 Aug, 8.30pm, f4 (f3. 50).


Richard Morton

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A Fringe favourite back for the umpteenth time, Richard Morton's blend of smutty one-liners and songs continues to play to a full house.

The real delight here is Morton's rapport with his audience - his chumminess and good humoured banter (he encourages heckling) makes a refreshing change from the caustic bitching and patronising put-downs employed by most comedians when interrupted.

But Morton deserves the odd heckle. His 'topical' gags seem neither especially current nor biting enough to be considered true satire. Having said that, with the audience on his side, you’re guaranteed to leave this show with a smile on your face.

(Dawn Lindsey)

a Richard Morton (Fringe) Observer Assembly (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 30 Aug, 8.55pm, E lO/f 9 (E 9/E8).

COMEDY REVIEW Newsrevue 98 ewes

So close to the bone you can almost see white, the talented Newsrevue crew gallop through an hour of speedy satire that will leave you breathless. Few escape their attention. I William Hague comes in for a particularly harsh pasting, while Anthea Turner’s character is mercilessly assassinated. The show comprises the best sketches from their regular London performances and has previously been a Perrier finalist. With such an incredibly sharp team of writers, it shouldn’t be long before Newsrevue are up there on the small screen with The Day Today, Havel Got News For You and the like. (Kirsty Knaggs)

a Newsrevue 98 (Fringe) Newsrevue, C too (Venue 4) 225 5105, until 31 Aug (not 10) 7pm, £8.50/E 7. 50

(E 7. 50/E6. 50).



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