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“Full of raw talent... an original comedic voice "

- Time Out - NY


Demented "

New York Daily News


72 THE usr 13-20 Aug 1998


THEATRE REVIEW Portrait C 3); vie

The billing as a 'fin-de-millennium baroque mosaic’ is unexpectedly accurate, and certainly as good a piece of pseudery as any when trying to describe this piece from Hungarian company, Artus.

A multi-media experience, Portrait C combines dance, physical theatre, abstract painting and video, all conducted in exaggerated foppish costume to a live musical accompaniment.

Portrait C works best when rooted in recognizable experience or when blasting off into pure spectacle. But, for the most part, this is an uneasy blend of farce and profundity like a stink bomb gomg off in a philosophy school. (Peter Ross)

a: Portrait C (Fringe) Artus, New Parliament House (Venue 764) 667 3088, until 22 Aug (not 76) 70pm, f5 ([3).


Rupert Street Lonely Hearts Club

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Nothing as simple and straightforward as your good old-fashioned identity crisis here. Camper than a transit van, Marty is the classic celluloid queen. He lives life through the movies rubbing shoulders with Joan Crawford, Bette Davis et al. Sean weeps with passion


for his girl who isn't really his girl. As for Sharon or Grace or Zoe well, she just can’t make up her mind who she is at all,

Jonathan Harvey’s fast movmg play is ripe With witty dialogue and blIlllQ irony and an entertaining look at how not to create a better world (Robin James)

Rupert Street Lone/(v Hearts Club (Fringe) Ab/aze Theatre C ompany; Bed/am Theatre (Venue 49) 225 9893, until 22 Aug (not 76) IO 75pm. £6 ([4).

COMEDY REVIEW The League Against Tedium e 9: er

Simon Munnery is the man behind last year’s Club Z extravaganza. He is still assuming the guise of the Nietzschean coffee house Ubermensch in a bid to annihilate your delu5ions of adequacy. He will abuse you, he Will tell you that you are scum. You will take it and you will like it,

YOU Will be subjected to a complex torrent of multimedia that Will illustrate his arguments. You will laugh, occasionally you will merely snigger. Perhaps he is using the weaker parts of his show in an effort to deconstruct our pathetic, bourgeoisie preconceptions of humour. (Rory Ford)

g The League Against Tedium (Fringe) The Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug (not 25) 70. 75pm, £9/f8. 50/f8 (£8/f7. 50/f7).

"-"m Munnery: wild boredom