Tina May: music and mischief maker


Tina May has come into her own as an important jazz singer as the decade has progressed, and now has few equals on the UK Jazz scene. Her recent duo album with pianist Nikki Iles, another highly talented woman who has made her mark in a male- dominated field, provided further confirmation of her standing, but no one who heard this show last year will need very much in the way of additional convinCing.

Entitled Musrc And MiSChief, the show was slotted in as a last minute replacement for the indisposed Maxme Daniels last time, but there was never much doubt that a welcome return booking would be on the cards. Tina w'll be ioined by pianist Mike Hatchard and bassist Herbie Flowers (both of whom also have their own shows in this pro-notion, listed under the name Highly Pecornirendcd in the Fringe brochui.) in a set which mixes casual good l‘nlfll-‘gli' ant‘ mu5ical sophist I . equal measure. These show goo-Id be as relaxing as they are entertaining for Jazz fiends and more casual fans alike. (Kenny Mathieson) Tina May’s Music And Mischief (Fringe) Graffiti (Venue 90) 76—22 Aug, 5.45pm; 23—25, 29—37 Aug, 8.45pm;

26—28 Aug, noon, [6 (f5).

edinburgh fringe: uenue 45

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14th August to 3lst August inclusive



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ROCK PREVle The Jesus 8: Mary Chain

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The Jesus And Mary Chain: you still wouldn‘t take them home to your mother

People say that the Mary Chain are just not the same band who exploded out of East Kilbride in the 80s in a feedback howl and an amphetamine scowl. They're dead right - these days. the Reid brothers are a lot older and grumpier. Whoever claimed that age mellows people had obviously never met lim Reid. who still sneers out lines like "i he only way to make music is to say, "Fuck it this is great". Nobody does it better than us - if I felt anybody was. l wouldn't make another record.‘

This kind of soundbiting arrogance served the Mary Chain well when unleashing the electric whiteboy blues of Psychocandy on an unsuspecting synth-popping world in 1985 and they're still talking up their new record. Munki, released on their spiritual home of Creation earlier this year to a mix of acclaim and indifference, is undoubtedly a pretty cool guitar record. it may lack the zeitgeist-defining qualities of an OK Computer or an Odefay. but it still rocks like a caveman on a Harley. Anyway, Jim Reid couldn't give a flying speed-wrap about being trendy: ’it's about music when it comes to the Mary Chain,’ he drawls. And he‘s dead right. (Peter Ross)

Jesus Arid Mary Chain (Fringe) Flux, Jaffa Cake (Venue 7) 668 20 79, 16 8: 17 Aug, 8pm, £10.


frontlme,’ he says. ’This is me, I've got nothing to hide behind. There’s a shield in using a name, isn’t there?’

There is no great agenda behind the switch, but Frame has also changed record companies and deCIded now was as good a time as any. His first single under his own name ’Reason For meg' is also timed to coincide With his first live shows in two-and-a-half years, with an album The North Star to follow in September.

'Moving into my 303 and on to a new

A My 3‘ label and dropping the Aztec Camera vice,» name, it all suggests progress and l k v s... movmg on,’ he says, 'but I find myself

going back to my roots. This album has got a limited palate of sounds, it's all about acoustic instruments and real drums. It's like the old manifesto With some things crossed out and a big NB. please Sing in tune. I think I’ve been trying to write the same song Since I was fifteen.’ (Fiona Shepherd)

% Roddy Frame (Fringe) Flux, Jaffa Cake (Venue 7) 668 2079, 20 Aug, 8pm, £9.

Roddy Frame: following his own star

'Roddy Frame, Roddy Frame loudly we all shout your name', that was our chant. Now the artist formerly known as Aztec Camera has emerged from behind the band moniker to stand as the solo artist (plus backing band) that he has effectively been for the past decade.

'I feel like I'm stepping out into the