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If you didn’t see 00 You Come Here Often? last year, you missed a treat. Rib-snappingly funny, heart- clenchingly poignant and mind-twistineg inventive, it took Sean Foley and Hamish McColl (collectively, The Right Size) to a level of success their long partnership

_t Ffist'val Clubs'paQF 84- had never before enjoyed. Now they’ve joined forces - '2‘ ' for mofedetaflsg with London’s excellent Almeida Theatre Company (S'mone Ba'rd) (which visited Edinburgh in February with The BU‘ka’OO. Government Inspector) and brilliant actress-turned- ; 1‘-‘ 805m" director Kathryn Hunter (see interview, page 37) to (F’mge) perform Mr Punt/la And His Man Matt/I A rarely "'93"? performed Brecht comedy, it centres on a double-act: WO’kShOP a landowner with a Jekyll and Hyde drink problem and (Venue 20) his long-suffering chaffeur. Give it a swerve at your v: 2.25. 5425: peril. (Andrew Burnet) ' um" 30 Mr Punti/a And His Man Matti (Fringe) The A/melda £5 "pm-23m Theatre & The Right Size, Traverse Theatre (Venue

75) 228 7404, 76 Aug—5 Sep (not Mon) times vary, £72 (£7.50). Previews 74 Aug, 8. 75pm; 75 Aug, 77am, £7.50 (£4).

13—20 Aug 1998 THE US! 7