Avenging angel

I suppose it's my own stupid fault, but I went along last weekend to see The Avengers knowing that it hadn’t been shown to the press in advance. Hey, I thought, who cares what the critics think7 Usually they Just stick the boot into Hollywood and get all excited about subtitles

Well, maybe I'll pay a bit more attention to what I read in the future.

Or, in the case of TheAvengers, what I

don't read. For the film's distributors to take our money knowing it’s a pile of (at k is < lose to criminal I've got to plead with your readers don't go, it's not even worth it in the ’so bad it's good' department

Diane Baker Glasgow

Editor We tried to warn you The real cliie was that The Avengers opened in America the .sarne day as here, so not even :vort.’-of—inoiith could travel the Atlantic Still, a bottle of Smirnoff Blue might make the Vievving a bit more painless

Complete Filth

Next-i has a hook been more aptly titled than I.".’ll‘.(“ Welsh's Filth Ever si'i: e lrair;s;>:).'tirig proved lie was a flash in the It<:ileti pan, Welsh has gene steadily downhill The 'poet

Start scribbling, because the best letter each issue wins a bottle of Smirnoff Blue


Crying out for law and order: Irvine Welsh and friend

laureate of the chemical generation'7 Not With the torrent of racist, seXist, macho bollocks that passes for fiction in Filth

From the (heap gag of the piggy policeman on the cover, throth to the speaking tapeworm in the lead character's bowels (he’s talking through his arse geddit7 geddit7i, it's JUSl a poor excuse to cause as much offense as possible

Colin Mitchell Glasgow

Editor Everyone’s' entitled to their own opinion, but it's the character who's racist, sexist and iriarho, not the ivriter It's not ll/ei’sh's fault Trt‘iinspotting became a phenomenon that’s almost impossible to follow


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121 THE lIST .‘ . "5

Praise indeed

Idon't normally write In to magaZines that I buy on a regular basis I tend to treat them as disposable books, something to keep me occupied for an evening when there is little on , TV

Normally I find the Festival a very confusing three weeks of my summer I read The List all the time , and feel that it helps me With : cinemas and theatre and so on, but because there is so much going on Ill:

some excellent performances and, for the first time, I’m grateful for seeing so much advertismg. The Freeloaders have been really great and the Festival as a whole has been very cost- OIIQCIIVO

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I would have been lost Without The List this Festival. I find it much more interesting, imaginative, informative and a little bit more gutsy a fine example of a publication coming with us into the millennium.

A. Stark Leith

Editor. They say flattery gets y0u everywhere, but it would be just too obwous to send the Smirnoff Blue in your direct/On

Edinburgh, I do find it hard choosing g and, I)("II("‘.’(‘ me, I have made some

very bad ".‘istakes in the past

This yeai, The List has ac tualiy proved rt‘y saviour at the festival I have followed the reviews and seen


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Calder's Gilded Balloon II

The IlllmIl Waiter

by Harold Pinter