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Long Sleeve (M, L, XL) Standard Cut (M, L, XL) Body Fit (M, L, XL) £10.99 £7.50 £11.99

Ditch that Dolce & Gabbana, bin that Ben de Lisi, part with those Patrick Cox's . . . the ultimate fashion accessory of this and every season is, as they say, 'pret a porter'.

To propel yourself into the fashion elite of Central Scotland with one of these highly desirable List T-Shirts, stick a cheque in the post or fill out the credit card form below (price includes post & packaging) made out to The List Ltd, stating size (M,L,XL) and colour . . . pure white or devilish black.

The List accepts no responsibility for the untold hordes of lovely young things who might be attracted to you after buying The List T-shirt.



The ~ U I enclose a cheque/postal order made payable to The List Ltd 14 SthEt or U MasterCard J Visa Ed'nburgh Card Number Expiry Date Please send me Tote, Value Please state qua/My Circle as appropriate ' D t D Long Sleeve M L XL S'gnature a 6 £10.99 each Name C] Standard Cut M L XL Address £7.50 each C] Body Fit M L XL £11.99 each Postcode Tel

Go on . . . Spoil yourself, they’ll suit you to a T . . .

115 THE LIST 20—27 Aug 1998