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Love it or loathe it, Blood Brothers is one of world's most successful stage shows. No wonder its star BERNIE NOLAN greets every night.

Words: Nicky Agate

Fans of Willy Russell reJOice, for Blood Brothers ’the greatest musical of the decade', is returning to Glasgow for its tenth anniversary year. What's more, the lead role Will be played by Bernie Nolan, erstwhile lead chanteuse With legendary 70s pop sensations The Nolan Sisters.

For those unfamiliar With the Blood Brothers story, l the show follows a young mother of seven who is deserted by her husband when he discovers that she’s pregnant again. Alone and destitute, she chances upon a JOb cleaning for a wealthy childless couple, but soon discovers that she is carrying twins an unaffordable luxury. However, luck waves her magic wand in that musical way, and the wealthy employer Offers to bring up one of the boys. As the show unfolds, we see the tWins grow up and meet, cementing their friendship With blood.

ObViously, all cannot be flowers and kisses, and soon the social diVide makes itself felt. Russell, in true Russell tradition, is then free to champion the unfal- tering goodness of the working classes.

Blood Brothers has been a tremendous success on t V both Sides of the Atlantic, as longtime star 3nd afi- Keeping it in the family: Bernie Nolan in Blood Brothers cionado of the show, Bernie Nolan, Will testify: 'Every audience I've ever performed for has given us a standing Ovation,' she says. 'lt's ama2ing people's faces, their incredu-

Nolan With over twenty gold, Silver and platinum Broadway run, a fantastically well-received coast to discs to her name —would choose this route, coast tour and was nominated for seven Tony We always loved the show,’ Awards, the theatrical equivalent of Oscars.

l I - n he ex lains. 'Ever Since I was a Even With the 0 li t t i bi stars and criti al ' lousness, their raVing 5 D p DU 5 op C, 9 C T To be honest, If they I tOId S'sters' ' I ever kid. I remember seeing it for the accolades, one might question the extent of Blood (mm stand up mm do a mus|cal' that s the first time, With all the original Brothers' success. Nolan thinks she can explain: 'lt’s a m mgrmkm} ,, cast, including Barbara Dickson story that everyone can relate to somehow,’ she Bernadette first one. When the chance in my role. I turned round to my enthuses. 'lt’s hilari0usly funny, but at the same time

appeared In her role as - I Sisters and said, "If I ever do a it makes you cry, no matter how many times you've Mrs Johnson, mother came up I grabbed 't' musical, that's the one." That's seen it. I went to the tenth anniversary show and

i Of the twms (and Bernie Nolan the honest truth, and when the bawled my eyes out.’ Blood Brothers with a Nolan sis-

seven others) m March chance came up I grabbed it.’ ter? It’s a family affair. i 1997 While it's true that many second-rate pop stars I“ addltlon 10 Its nightly standing ovations, Blood

drlft mm muslcals or pamo as a means to an end, It Brothers has met With huge acclaim in the USA and Blood Brothers, King's Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 24 seems slightly bizarre that as prolific an artist as Ms caMda The Show has had a record'break'm Aug-Sat 2 Sep'

Access. R = Ramped Access. ST 2

Baird. Steps to negotiate. 3" («(3)3 h 1 Facilities: WC = Adapted Toilet(si. i 00 mt ears Mon -4 Aug—sat 5 “.8 : Wheelchair Spuccs‘ AS 2 pAVluou IHEATRE Sep. 7.30pm. -.30pm Wed. 3pm Sat.

TICKET LINK anniversary of Glasgow‘s legendary t h e Tickets for major venues in Glasgow football club. Dave Anderson and are available from the Ticket Centre. 03"“ MaCLCnnan‘S Play TCCClVCS 1‘ KING'S THEATRE listings Candleriggs. Mon—Sat ll).3()am until bftiSlcrOUS rCViVal. Bath 5”ch 287 55] 1. (Access. ppA‘ L 6.30pm iii person or until 9pm by Facilities: WC. W5, H. G. C. Help: A, AA) D o I. . phone on l I. Sunday Thu Aug. alrsiggéstic'gfdbbyvcéafighfonurin opening is noon—5pm. Any Ticket Link Old COGCh Road. East Kilbrldt’. 01355 mom-7‘50 (fam‘ly “Ckel £25)- shows are "styedyat the énd of t 8 box office can sell tickets for other 2S3] 000-. _ Phbmg Xougg Sogg and d3??? groulp drama section. Dance is listed after "enucs‘ Like a~vugm Thu 27—Sun 30 Au-g' iioriiimitiga at Xv ‘Or :Séliipslt'ung C: ypso drama for each city. Touring shows . 8pm 5 (£250) Angela and Mame {30% details 5:” 01:60 8501571;m me‘ sage. are listed at the end of the drama TREAT“ TOKENS Mm ‘0 be pop “a” ' Th” popumr i b I 8, dance section. shows wi|| be TT indicates venues where Theatre Play {OHQWS ‘h? FWO Ems.“ the)’ "y ‘0 listed, rovided that details reach Tokens can be exchanged for tickets. rum] me” ambmon 0f bcmg 35‘ m e d our 9 ices at least ten days before , Tokens can be bought from Ticket SUCCCSSW’ 35‘ Madonna- y publication. Drama 8: dance listings I Centre. Candleriggs. Glasgow, 0M] complled by S'mone Balfd- 287 5910; most branches of W.H. glNhG'gS THUS“ Comggy is listfidbbyI dats. then 3y Smith. John Menzies and James Thin at . treet. .. 7 55] l. Phone bookings. City. ows wi e iste , provi mg TEEN“ N PPA _ Booksellers; or by credit card from TleC‘ CCWW- candlcriggsi “99 TiCkCI that details ream our Office} at.'eaSt Parking. to he l’re- fil‘r‘l‘nng Ll ‘= l ev—el l TOkcnlmc' 017] 2‘“) 8800' Lm!‘ d-CI-a-IIS abovc' 1T(ACCCSS: PPA' ten da 5 {n §dvance of pum'canon. c ' s i - v , l.. inCIIities: WC, W8. H. G. C. Help: come Y I'Stmgs (ompfled by Simone l

Adiacent Seats. H 2 Induction l.oop ' '21 Rent-mid SUCCL 332 1846- £6424 (conCCSSiom available)' Glasgow

e .' . = . .. , _ A s .93; ST. F. «1' we- ws (3 H x] . Bernie Nolan stars in this tenth

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Ciiiide Dogs Allow ed. R = Restaurant 3 AA] unmvcrsary rcv‘m' 0f w'”)' Russell‘s (downstairs). 148 Holland Street.

Accessible. c‘ : Catering Accessible. T l The Celtic Story L'ntil Sat 5 Sep. captivating. moving and surprisingly Chan‘ng Cross, 332 2159. 9.30pm (doors

2 Adapted Telephone. ' Mon—Sat 7.30pm. Sat mats 2pm. POIllical '"USlCil' abOUl (Win brOIhCTS open 8.30pm). £4. Weekly comedy club.

Help: A 2 Assistance Available. AA = £54215. Ten years after its ori 7inal WhO. separated Ill birth. ’rOW U on Toni ht: Bill Dewar. Me IO'ROUkC 1W“ _\ , . , s , , t: p g. y w

At \ isc cnuc in Athaiice. I appearance celebrating the 100th opposite sides of the tracks. and Neil Shackleton.

105 THE LIST 20—27 Aug l998