0 I saw you your bitches love lrn Bru. I may have ROCKED T/te List dance floor but your Suzi Quatro fingers shot me and ROCKED my world. I didn‘t ADVERTISE myself well enough. Let‘s Rock! Box No U/340/ I.

O I saw you shopping in Flip. you dark hair. army trousers. white T-shirt. Do you fancy a romantic date with a graduate? Box No U/340/2.

U I saw you but you saw me first at the laffa Cake. Edinburgh. in the early hours of Sunday 2/8/98. You. very hand- some man with short hair. T- shirt and Chinos. but I didn't catch your name. Me. red hair. short black skin and white vest. You admired my belly button tattoo. now I want to admire yours! . . .Will you let me? Box No U/340/3.

0 I saw you in London at the Armageddon premiere. We were all Odeon scum together. I had a fab time. Come to my party on 22nd. 70s and 80s - No make-up boy. Love D. Box No U/340/4 V I saw you Indigo Yard. Ryans. along George Street. Long blond hair. Saturday I August. You passed me in Ryans. I failed to speak. Please give me another chance. Box No U/340/5.

9 I saw you and your image is in my eye. your invocation on my lips. your abode is in my heart. I join your caravan so fill my heart with love. that my every teardrop may become a star. Box No U/340/6.

0 I saw you I heard you

asking for a Sauza and Lemonade at The Outhouse. You: your voice was smooth and rich. Just like the drink. What a refreshing change. You can ‘Sow

Zar’ me anytime.

U I saw you Thursday 6 August. in Montpelliers wearing a red cardigan. long brown hair. Me. blue top. white stripes. You. left before I could speak. Let‘s get together. Box No U/340f7. V I saw you today probably and most days. I just wanted to say I can‘t wait to see you again. I tniss you. How about the airport on the l8th? Box No U/340/8.

O I saw you Cult clothing man. Me. too shy to talk. Blonde. Spanish pot-bellied vic- tim from heaven. You. tall with rough good looks and a great till manner. Box No U/340/9.

U I saw you Jane in the Maltings at York. throwing back the Platonic Blonde Cider as if there was no tomorrow. Sure I heard you slur your words. in fact I counted the “L” word on more than one occassion. Ahhh . . . love is in the air. can't you just smell it or is it just your squeaky shoe? Good call. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/340/10.

9 I saw you lane on the London underground. you are one in a million. I wanted to cross the passageway. pull the emergency stop button. snog your face off and then announce to the world that I love you. Alas. I was Tango’d. “Mind the gap". The Finger Doctor. Box No U/340/l l.

9 I saw you Buchanan St. Glasgow. checking out Frasers window. I was checking out you - wow! Beautiful eyes and those tight 501 shorts with handcuff buckle!! Arrest this sub guy!! Box No U/340/l2.

9 I saw you Bennetts. 9/7/98. Then: you v-shape baseball cap guy. Me. shy and gave wrong impression with friend at last dance. Us:? Now: you. lucky but don’t know it yet. Me curi- ous to know what I’m missing. Us - . . . ! Box No U/340/13.

U I saw you Nicola. as a sailor in the festival cavalcade. You can play my hompipe anytime. Box No U/340/l4.

v I saw you again Finger Doctor. commanding my pres- ence through the damp streets of Soho. The leather might restrict my movement but not my vision, could have sworn I saw tears. Don't hide your voyeurism behind net curtains. Always willing to enter your strange world of Paraphernalia. Now the nicotine fog has lifted I can enjoy the value of your squeak? Hope your depression lifts soon. Baby Zxxx. Box No U/340/IS.

. I saw you Sunday 9th August on Beinn A'Chroin. You. 5'7". jet black hair. beautiful tanned body. looking out of place with older companions. Let’s hit the next mountain together. Box No U/340/l6.

V I saw you message from Rochelle!d Alisdair!! We saw Comedy Zone at pleasance together. You. had awful night at Mintos. Sorry was out when you called. please phone back! Hope you‘re okay. worried about you. Box No U/340/I7.

O I saw you in the Scottish section of James Thin. Gyle. wearing a denim shirt. I was looking for Filth. now I want you. Make me your bed time reading. Box No U/340/l8.

9 I saw you being fat. Scouse and cheesy. That curry stained vest haunts my dreams. Where‘s my video. Be my little cheese nibble. Box No U/340/l9.

O I saw you smelly headed man. You were very rude and ungrateful. Go and play with your bouncy book. and never darken my door again. Box No U/340/20.

. I saw you Moray at Central Hall last August. Remember me: the small blonde sitting next to you? Dvorak stirred us up. Let's meet again for passionate music with the Youth Orchestras. Box No U/339/l.

9 I saw you James from Edinburgh. We spoke on Monday 3 August. I didn’t cut you off. please phone me back. I still want to do your cleaning! David. Glasgow. Box No U/339/2.

0 I saw you gorgeous. dark- haired postwoman of Polwarth on your round and at my door with large envel0pe. Can’t wait for my special delivery. Me female. second floor and smit- ten. Box No U/339/3.


V I saw you Thursday 30 July. Anitquary. Stockbridge. Tall. dark-haired bloke. eyebrows. sideburns. My dream come true. Dodgy D&G T-shirt. This short- haired.bespectacled babe wants to buy you a drink. Box No U/339/4.

0 I saw you wearing green ball dress on the Royal Mile 20/6/98 with a young gentleman in full Scottish national dress who was having some difi'tculty with his neck apparel and two quite charming virtuous ladies. Box No U/339/5.

9 I saw you bottom of Leith Walk crossing road in front of my white car. You - knitted jumper. big flower! Me exotic bird. You grinned. Let's meet for beer. Box No U/339/6.

O I saw you in Waterstone‘s buying books and sending flow- ers. Where have you gone? I miss your smile. Box No U/339/7.

O I saw you at The List Festival party - Spag and Caroline. I'm glad you had a hangover all day Friday

- that’s what you get

for having holidays!

While I'm here - happy housey! Love Abi xxx

Box No U/339/8.


. I saw you at The List party; thought you had a great look. Haven’t I seen you on the wall at Cheynes? Box No U/339/9. O I saw you Lybbey Knee at The List Festival party and then Newcastle on Saturday. Did I mention I love you? My life is just so much richer etc. etc. Box No U/339/10. '

0 I saw you at The List party. talking in affected London accent. We all laughed. Box No U/339/l l.

0 I saw you mummy on Sunday for two hours. You deserter. I hope you're guilt rid- den for days. Guess what? Fringe Sunday is this Sunday!! I love you mum it was ace to see you. Hope Brewsey's feeling better. Box No U/339/ 12.

O I saw you Bill Wyman. at The List party. Also Richard Marx. Howard Marks. Karl Marx. etc. The years have not been kind. Box No U/339/ 13.


V I saw you 1010 Thomo at The List party. We were drunk as skunks in bunks so what do you think about that Jo eh? Box No U/339/ I4.

0 I saw you Pootle Burger all over - all thru the weekend. Thank you for a smoochy. yummy. lovely. kissy weekend. I do love you. It’s spicy chicken Chico! Kiss. kiss. Box No U/339/IS.

O I saw you waiting on your friends outside CC Blooms. 1 Aug and then in Stockbridge. Fri 7 Aug. You - black leather jacket. blond hair. great smile. but complained that you were not tall enough. I was the tall dark haired guy who you thought wouldn't go for such a small guy...Remember. you grow a couple of inches lying down! Fancy giving it a go...? Box No U/339/l6

i saw you

0 I saw you every day wife of mine - you're mind-bogglineg beautiful. and so am I. A match made in heaven? You bet it is. although my portrait in the attic is better than your‘s. Sleeping in the office tonight. so see you soon. Dorian G. Box No U/339/I7.

9 I saw you Big Bird

at The List Festival party.

You - star maker. Newcastle would've been very dull without your sparkles.

Love ya Caroline. U/339/l8.

O I saw you the greatest friends. I was the scary

looking Crystal Tips character. You were all great. Thanks for an amazing birthday.

Bring it all on again soon.

The Black Wood.


V I saw you at the Sauza sampling night. Fancy sampling something rich, smooth, tall and refreshing? Well that’s Sauza and Lemonade for you. If you want to share one with someone who is poor. short. but awfully sweet get in touch.

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