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Veronica McKenzie

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5 n‘.otor‘.'.'a/s,' she Eanier‘ts, "roar! be abre to catch the at f H 4 W _ , , 4, v those aux/to: cafes | thrnk | recognrse them atl noxa !' are; 311%. r S , m one 8,1 I {(j ,

Paul Foot, Stephen Grant 8 ‘Xeron/ca McKenz/e (Frrnger, P/easanc'e Went/e 33/ 556 6550, ant/7 37 Aug, 855nm, [8/[7 If7/[6r

Mark McDonnell & Steven McNicoll

After ten years aprece !.'T the acting busrness, Mark McDonneIi and Steve LtchcoH deeded to take therr careers Into tnerr or. n hands It asn't that work was lacksng - fans of Rab C Nesbztt mrght recognrse Step/e as the Young Rab C. - rt’s yast that , as [.1cDonneli pornts out, 'v-rrrtrng rs‘ empox'serrng’

They krck-started therr career as a doubre-act at last year's Festr‘.a| \.‘.:tn That’s Enterta/nment .9, l.‘.hrcn earned them giouzwng re‘.'ret.'.s desprte Only piayzng t.‘.o unoffzcra! nrg'tts on tte ange Srnce then, they'.'e become the 'faces' of radro comedy , r:t:ng for and starrrng rn Raoro Scotand's sketch shout ‘/e/vet Cabaret and stzil f:ndrng trme to unhp up a srx-part srtcom for Radro 4.

Not content ~.'.:tn takrng oer the aux-apes, they're retornrng to the stage 21th thelr honxage to sweet {TWO/IE comedrans, Empty Jesters. Bu: these boys are no foois. In fact, gurps Hchcof, ".'.'e’re a SOUHO rnI-estrrtentf 'L ndsay thch e:

Empty Jesters /Frrnger r‘yfark f/7cDonne77 at S te'xen [VIC/NICO”, Traxerse Theatre «Venue 751 228 7404, 25 Aug-5 Sep r’not 37 Aug; 70.30 pm, [9 ’f6/.\

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Lisa Milne

The irne-up of Internatronar stars .ztorkrng they way through the compiete songs of Hugo Woff at thrs year’s Festrgai wouid have the Three Tenors tearrng up therr tuxedos In envy Barbara Bonney, Katarrna Karneus, Robert Hoff, Bryn Terfe! . and Aberdeen-born Lrsa Malne. Srnce her three-year contract nth Scotesh Opera came to an end last year, the 27-year-old soprano has been booked up from Germany to Glynebourne. 'I never want to prgeonhole rnyse!f as jUSI berng an opera srnger,’ Mrlne says ‘I Irke the nakedness of gettrng up when there's just you and a pranrst, In opera, you can't breathe ‘.‘.vIthOUt somebody teHrng yOU now to do rt. It’s nrce to have the freedom to work wrtn a pranrst and there's nobody to blame rf rt goes wrong the responSrbrlrty rs on you, and I Irke that responsrbrl:ty.' (Alan Morrrsonr

L/sa Mfr/he and Bryn Terfe/ t/nternat/ona/ Fest/rah, Usher Hart 473 2000, 26 Aug, 5 45pm, [72 50

If you haven't heard of these people yet you soon will $

12 mausr 23—27 ‘998