When Hunter S. Thompson goes Gonzo, RALPH STEADMAN is the guy riding shotgun. With a film of Fear And Loathing In Las _

Vegas on the horizon, Britain's most twisted artist gets back to his acid-crazed roots. Words: Rodger Evans

IF,TH£‘RE'S GUNS, DRUGS AND MADNESS involved. you can bet Ralph Steadman has been there, seen it. and designed the T-shirt.

He can go on Desert Island Dises and imhress Sue Lawley with his anti-music \-sn‘obbery (William Burroughs rubbing ; "shoulders with The Grate/ill Dead). and he might be better known these days for his work ith Oddbins. But when the going gets weird. a ‘\the n otto of Fear An?! Loathing In Las . Vegas diéutes. the wéird turn pro. Stick that

‘on your coat\of arms. ‘\ .. And Steadman is nothing if not

K. consummate. "\

‘The thing is. no matter how outrageous anything can b¢§ he explains, ‘almost to the point of assassination, somehow you end up laughing. That is the essence of Gonzo.‘

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. the

\. apotheosis of Gonzo, the journey to the neon nightmare at the heart of the American Dream.

was conceived in I97! by Hunter S.

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