Welcome to the thrrd of four specral Festrval Issues of The Lrsr As the only locally- based publrcatron devoted to arts and entertarnments, we are Ideally placed to help you deCIde what to see. Durrng the Festrval, we publrsh weekly on lhursclays

The Ednnburgh Festival Includes several major festivals, all takrng place In August The Edrnburgh Festrval Frrnge, the brggest arts IOSIIVdI In the world, Is now In Its second week, and runs offroally untrl 31 August, although many shows run on |llI() the frrst week of September.

The Edinburgh International FCSIlVdI, the Frlm Festrval and the Book FOSIlVdI contrnue thrs week and are covered In thrs Issue and the next one.

Other events we'll be covernng Include the Flux festrval of contemporary muslc (part of the Frrnge), plus Planet Pop, an Independent rock and pop IOSIIle, and the 1;;<;‘_‘/;_‘__._,d _ " Edinburgh Mela —- a festival celebrating the Crty's muItI-cultural arts

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cfi, Leith Links, Edinburgh Wed 12 to Mon 31 August Daily at 5pm (No performances on Tuesdays) Sats Suns and Holiday Monday (31) 2pm & 5pm

AdUItS £10 Chl'dren (under 14) 8‘ ConceSS'onS 28 TOP TWENTY On page 4 we grve Our gualrty, and grven one to frve stars (Saturdays & Sundays £12 8c £9) hottest trps for the very best Festival accordrng to how good our crrtrc. ) events takrng place thrs week. When thrnks they are, Our prevrews hrghlrght __ _ you're plannrng y0ur Festrval, start here. events whrch have not yet started, but (Open On-Site Daily 10am-1 0pm) ' THEATRE, DANCE, COMEDY and KIDS whrch we thunk erl be worth seeing. , To help our darl plannrn, , our Prevrews are not grven star ratrngs. wan 1 24hrs Bkmg Fee coverage of theaytre, dancg, comedy FREE TICKET OFFERS We have secured a and krds' events rs drvrded rnto srx supply of free II(I<(?IS to see certarn tune-bands, from 9am untrl late at recommended shows Readers can clarn: mght. Each sectron covers the most these on a frrst come, frrst served basis Interesting shows rn that trme-band See pages 29, 33 and 40 for full detarls FILM, MUSIC, CLUBS, ART and BOOKS FESTIVAL LISTINGS SUPPLEMENT Each of these rs covered In a separate lnsrde thrs Issue, and In the next rssue, section, whrch you can fund after the you'll frnd a fully comprehensrve, pull- trme-band sectrons. out gurde to every event taking place HIT LISTS The frrst page In each sectron durlng the week Includes our marn recommendatrons TICKETS 8: INFORMATION Full detarls of for that section. all the practrcalltles you need to know REVIEWS AND PREVIEWS Events that can be found on pages 2 & 3 of the we have revrewed are assessed for Festrval Lrstrngs supplement.

2 THE LIST 20—27 Aug 1998