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COMEDY REVIEW acquiring a remarkable if deeply sad Adam "ms: Life Is Good skill, as revealed in the show) At THEATEE PREVIEW times, his routine gets a bit too clever- Die Ahnfichen clever to be really funny, but you'll keep laughing anyway JUSl 'cause you like him. (Andrew Burnet)

a Adam Bloom (Fringe) Pleasance Wenue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 6.45pm, f850/f750 (£7.50/[6.50).

COMEDY REVIEW Hung Le Noodle Frontity s:- zit When Vietnamese Australian comedian Hung Le returned to Vietnam after 23 years to discover his roots, he came back with a show. Almost sentimental in nature, it’s punctuated With vrdeo and slide footage, one-liners and violin playing. Kind of kooky to look at, Sunshine from down-under: Adam Hills Hung Le offers an alternative View of travel in Asia for people who like to Adam Hills is cute as a button. Like an party. ~

Salvation flies out the window: Die Ahntichen

over-exuberant puppy, he bounds Popular in Australia for ironic There are three witches in Macbeth, three Gorgons in Greek mythology, around the room with a gun as Wide observations on immigration, his and three women in unholy union with the Devil in Die A'hnli'chen. This new as his native Australia, snuggling up to specific cultural references can be lost play by Botho Strauss ~ a leading playwright in his native Germany, though new-found friend Barry in the second on audiences over here. Not high on hardly ever performed in the UK - refers to the Christian tradition of early row, and generally bringing sunshine the belly-laugh scale, but good for Snglish drama. Yet the world of mystery and damnation it unveils has into the hearts of each and every one travel tips. (Tracy Griffen) everything to do with a secular society. of us. a Noodle Frontity (Fringe) Hung Le, ’They are totain independent scenes, which cope with moral problems of

His material is not gut-wrenchineg Calder’s Gilded Balloon at the their times,’ says Peter Stein, a renowned figure of German theatre, who funny, but it does make you feel all Honeycomb (Venue 739) 226 2 75 7, directs this Austrian production. performed in German with surtitles. 'lt warm inside. Love is the main theme, until 37 Aug, 7pm, f 7. 50 (£6.50) concerns the moral and amoral behaviour between men and women. There and he handles it well. If you’re feeling are other themes attached, but this is the main theme! a wee bit down, then Adam wrll cheer THEATRE REVIEW The title - a nonexistent German word which roughly translates as The you right up. For that all-too-brief hour, Morgan's Boys Lookalikes - expresses a crisis in modern identity. 'Strauss is feeling that we life is good indeed (Kirsty KnaggS) more and more become very similar,’ explains Stein. 'We have the same a Adam Hills Life Is Good (Fringe) '7‘ T i‘ experiences. The other meaning of this word is that people are more and Adam Hills, Calder’s Gilded Balloon A middle-aged man wrth a hidden more only resembling human beings. As you can imagine, that is a rather (Venue 38) 226 275 7, until 37 Aug, agenda brings a rent-boy back to his disastrous picture. because the theatre never depicted heaven. Even in the 6. 75pm, £6.50 (£5.50). flat. Both are, they say, straight. This is Christian theatre, they depicted in the first place disaster.‘

the premise for first-time See the show and pass your own judgement. (Andrew Burnet)

COMEDY REVIEW playwright/director Martin Kochanski's Die A'hnli'chen (international Festival) Theater In Der losefstadt, King’s Adam moom brooding and (until the end) Theatre, 24—26 Aug, 7.30pm, [5-02.

surprisingly subtle two-hander about

1" ’i T“ '9‘ redeeming the sins of the father. Say what you like about Adam Bloom Ignore the functional production worth a look. (Donald Hutera) i THEATRE REVIEW (cocky little sod with a poncy hairdo), values. What matters the shifting is Morgan’s Boys (Fringe) Solstice Jordan you'll find it hard not to like him He emotions between two men is l Productions, Garage Theatre (Venue l . obviously adores anyone willing to part absolutely present in truly fine 87) 227 9009, until 37 Aug, 7 45pm, ‘3 ‘i With money to watch him show off for performances by DaVld Harrold and [5 50 (f4 50) 1 Based on a marine case, 1mm” .5 a an hour; and ms warmth and James WeSIaway- Even ado“ th's 900d : ! tragic tale ()l a woman irriprisoned for enthusiasm are what make the act so can't quite steer the text onto the THEATRE REVIEW killing her child As she waits to go much fun. heights of tragic ineVitablity to which it Russian Anguish before the Judge and mom, her Hes a bngm Iad' {00' desp'te h's ‘WO 359"“) The hOmODDOb'a 0f the piece . , sentence, she recollects fragments from 0 levels (he Spent hIS SChOOldayS '5 also trOUbl'ng- 51'”: '13 def'n'tely y .2. a? her life, intertvnning her own story With

Russian Angursh is a shining star in the fairytale of Rurriplestiltskin Edinburgh's Festival night Loosely .’l()lla Buffini is convincmg as the described, it is a series of Slawc singing mother driven to infantICide, and the sketches in which a whole host of minimalist set and lighting ensure that everyday situations are portrayed. A the focus stays on the script This satirical look at the theatre, it centres delicate SUUJCCI matter is handled With around the diva, her accompanist, and a touch of dry humOur, which saves it

the theatre director - a truly ludicrous ~ from being a very depressing piece

little man With a Wicked sense of the Not quite powerful enough to move

absurd i you completely, it certainly manages to The characters play dual roles both stir some sort of emotion

performers and observers -r so each (Kirsty Knaggs)

ridicuIOtis moment is heightened to the 3 Jordan (Fringe) Mona Buff/m, extreme. Natalya Roikova's voice is awe- Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until inspiring and the music is uplifting. 37 Aug (not Tue) 7 50pm, [9/[8

The only anguish you Will be feeling is (EB/£7) physical, from laughing too much and

clapping so hard. (Kirsty Knaggs) STAR RATINGS

a RUSS/an Anguish (Fringe) Krasnaya *hfiu WWth Presnya, Demarco European Art 1. * * * V( W (mm, Foundation (VG/TUE 22) 556 8409, UNI/l * t * \Niiitli ‘.t't'lll() .29 Aug (not 23 or 26) 7.45pm, * * B""~"-'- "-H'Illt'

* Ytill .i‘llt't‘ll‘.'.illlil'li

Russian Anguish: only when you laugh £7055). 48 TIIEIJST 20—27 Aug 1998