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Lounge Lizards - plus much more!!! Please ring for programme details.

BOX OFFICE . 228 3765

VENUE 106 : 21 - 31 WEST PORT. GRASSMARKEI’, 99“? EDINBURGH a)" at g at : - z a story. an .. oalesllma. LOVE, 8E7» DEATH Sex on: miegson are lbs: path to almond heaven and hail. one of this years most exceptional small scale 1588er events 13:: we (1) ,_ {m m n my” m I W

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0131 225 6575


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sorted. - 0131 226 5425. Theatre Workshop 9.3} August W98


.~ 7-31AUGUST 9.00m CALDER’S GILDED BALLOON V iii-low 11TH AUGUST)— PHILLIP GANDEY for Circle Flame Ltd presents



Theatre Big Top, The Meadows, Melville Drive

BOX OFFICE 0131 667 0202 Fringe Box Office 0131 226 5138

Daily Shows at 8.15pm

Admission: Stageside Table Tiered Seats £12.50/£10.00 £10.00/£8.00

20-27 Aug 1998 rususrsr