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The Water Juggler South African per- former. Andrew Bttckland. floods the stage with exciting physicality and sharp comedy in The Water Juggler. Inventive and ingenious. this is good clean fun. Fringe. I’leusunee. until 3/ Aug (not 25) ll. l5/mt.

Perfect Days Siobhan Redmond turns in a sharp performance in the romantic comedy which LII. Lochhead wrote for her. Per/eel Days tells the tale of a celebrity hairdresser who is desperately seeking the sperm that will douse the lire of hormonal crisis. Streaked with high- lights. Fringe. TJ'lll't’I'Se. tutti! 5 .S'ep (not 24. 3/) times vary.

‘I’he Lady Boys Of Bangkok (‘amp craziness as Thailand's leading female impersonators mime along to disco hits. The very definition of showbiz. I-‘ringe. Big Tit/J ()n The Meadows. uttlil 2‘) Aug. 8. / 5pm.

Jenny Eclair - Mrs Nosey Parker That harridan of humour. Jenny liclair. takes a detour into theatre with this triumphant one woman play in which she takes the part of Lil. Parker. slapper goddess. Fringe. l’leus‘unee. until 3/ Aug (not 25) 7pm.

Russian Anguish A melancholic. post- (‘hekhovian take on the sombre life of the Rttssian people. ()ld LPs. rain. wind and a samovar. Ilard to describe btit incredible to experience. Fringe. New Parliament House. until 2‘) Aug (not 23. 26) 7.45pm.

Adolf Pip Iftton's monologue breathes life into the historical figure of Hitler. realising the threat of fascism anew. This is atmospheric. emotional stuff and a cautionary tale to boot. l-‘ringe. Rontun ling/e Lodge. until 3/ Aug. 8.35pm. Gargantua I{dinburgh-based company. (irid Iron have built a reputation for imaginative staging and atmospheric per- formance. Willi (iurguntuu. a Rabelaisian celebration of indulgence. they have excelled themselves. Fringe. T/H’ Utulerlu'llv. until 3/ Aug (not 23). 8pm.

Moscow You don‘t have to love gay men. musicals or (‘hekhov . . . but it helps. Nick Salamone and Maury R. McIntyre's play-with-music is an unlike-

Out on a limb: John Hegley

4THE lIST 20—27Aug I998

festival top 20

this latest film by 'l‘sai Ming-Liang. director of last year's The River. Two neighbours struggle against eviction. alienation and obscure viruses. I-‘i/m tes- l/l'tll. Film/rouse. 25 Aug. 7pm & 2«\'.-lug. 4.30pm.


PJ Harvey Playing Scotland for the first time in three years. I’J Harvey will be letting rip with new material from new album Is This Desire." and. if a recent secret gig is anything to go by. old favourites like ‘Stlft Queenie'. Whatever the set-list. she's bound to be storming. Flux. Jul/u ('uke. 25 Aug. 8.30pm.


Ardal O'Hanlan “lilh his I‘L‘L‘cnl hunls Till/v ()IT/ie linen. the Father 727/ star added novelist to actor and stand-up in his list of occupations. Ardal ()‘Hanlan will be reading from his novel a black- ly humorotIs look at a small-town Irish teenager and talking about the ideas and inspirations that were its genesis. Brut/v l'estivul. The .S'piegeltenl. 2/ Aug. 7.30pm.

Ralph Steadman Ills hook (.‘onm The Art showcases Steadman‘s uniquely cra/ed style of cartooning which has graced everything from the pages of Fear Atul Loot/ting In l.o.\ Vegas to ()ddbins ads over the last 30 years. Steadman will be talking about his work and incredible life. Hook Fey/trill. 'I'lte PUS/ (II/ire Theatre. 23 Aug. ll.3()ont.


Dockers I)ave Sinclair's photographic exhibition poignantly documents the struggle of the Liverpool Dockers. who went on strike from l‘)‘)5 ‘IUUX. 'I'lieutre llorksltop, until 3/ Aug. ‘).3()unt-‘).30pm.

Scissor kicks: Siobhan Redmond in Perfect Days


The Book Of Life ()riginally conceived as a film for French television. American atttettr. Hal Hartley's movie llirts with Biblical convention as Jesus arrives in contemporary New York. PJ Harvey co- stars as Magdalena. the big guy's PA. Film Festival. ('umeo, 22 A’- 26 Aug; Film/rouse. 28 Aug. times vary.

The Hole Millennial anxiety abounds in

Iy triumph. Fringe. Rum/olp/t Slur/in. until 22 Aug. 9.35/mr

Once An emotional. uplifting perfor- mance from accomplished Russian ‘anti- clowns' Derevo. ()nee a fairy tale about heartbreaking love is going down a storm and deservedly so. Fringe. I’leusmu'e. until 3/ Aug (not Tues)

//. [5pm.


Lyn Ferguson: Frank Ilighly recom- mended by both (ireg Proops and The List. Lyn I‘erguson kicks stand-up in the funny bits with a show which satirises the comedy circuit. Fringe. (‘u/iler's (ii/(led Balloon. until 3/ Aug. 7pm. Peter Kay Having admirably covered for Johnny Vaughan on The Big Breakfast. last year"s .S'o You Think l’ou're Funny winner gets the big laughs in with a show about weddings. He used to DJ at receptions. so he knows his stuff. I-‘ringe. I’leusunee. until 3/ Aug. 9.35/mt.

Ennio Marchetto This llllllnltl Italian extracts the ttrine from a wide range of celebrities Using only his origami skills and a ton of natural charm. In theory it sounds dodgy. but hey. it works a treat. Fringe. I’leus'unee. until 3/ Aug (IN)! 25) 8pm.

Scared Weird Little Guys They're .-\ustralian. they’re bonkers and they're absurdly talented. Sporting the best name on the Fringe. Scared Weird Little Guys entertain with crackng musical comedy routines. l-ringe. .S'piegeltent. until 3/ Aug. 9pm.

John Hegley Iiveryone's favourite per- formance poet comes to Edinburgh for a mere three days of verse. songs and Iatighs. Always worth checking otit. Fringe. ()liseri'er.-l.s,veml)lv. 27 2‘) Aug. 8. l()/nn.

Maxi priest: Ardal O'Hanlan